Hard-ass (Saturn In Scorpio)

I hate feeling like a hard-ass! There are a lot of people who have been able to somehow suspend reality. Reality is fixing to hit them when Saturn enters Scorpio.

I do not lack compassion around this. I was devastated myself, 28.5 years ago when Saturn entered Scorpio. But that’s not going to do either of us any good. We’ve all got to deal with reality now, it just can’t be swept under the rug.

I am surprised at how many people think (or used to think) that the rope they’re holding onto will be extended into infinity and that actual consequences will never touch them. This is just not true.

Can you see this playing in your life?

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  1. I was a kid when Saturn entered Scorpio. 28.5 years ago. I have a friend, Gemini with Libra Rising. His natal Saturn in the 2nd house. All his life was an incredible and unforgivable ‘fight’ with money and personal power. His money came later, much later in life. And for many, much too many years he had no idea which are his skills(2nd house).
    With Saturn in Scorpio you MUST dig in deep for ‘smelling’, feeling, finding whatever you’ll have to….’Cause you’ll have to! Like those people working on oil platforms.

    But I’m asking myself, why you, Elsa are not so enthusiast about this Saturn in Scorpio? Umm…you told us about those years when you met Ben. Maybe still some unsolved ‘remains’ from those Saturn in Scorpio years?…

  2. ‘I see a number of people who I believe are in for a hard time’ Totally agree.
    Saturn in Scorpio will be ‘a surprise’ for those having a superficial style of living. Saturn in Scorpio won’t be difficult for those ‘feelers’ who knew during their lives how to ‘transform’ and to re-born again.

  3. I was also a child the last time Saturn transited through Scorpio. My father died during that Saturn Scorpio transit and I had a very unhappy childhood after his death. Saturn in Leo, Virgo, and Libra has hit me very hard over the past few years since each of those signs are very prominent in my chart. I have learned some pretty difficult life lessons. While I am hoping for reprieve as soon as Saturn leaves Libra, based on my childhood experiences with Saturn in Scorpio, I really don’t know if it will be any better this time around either. It was such a sad period in my life the first time around and that sadness lasted for many years.

  4. I don’t expect this to be a breeze by any means, as I have Sun, Mercury, and Venus in mid Scorpio. My fear-factor is on alert, but not excessively…perhaps I’m being falsely comforted by my perception of the mutual reception of transiting Pluto in Capricorn. This ball game will be much different than 28 years ago:

    1982-1984 were particularly difficult years for me. Transiting Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in late Libra, 1982 and 1983, just after conjunction with my natal Neptune, in my fifth house, then they both began their transit of Scorpio in 1983; transiting Saturn was conjunct my natal Sun, Mercury, and Venus, 1983 and 1984, in my sixth house, square natal Pluto; transiting Neptune was conjunct my natal Mars in late Sagittarius, 1983 and 1984, in my seventh, square natal Saturn.

  5. FYI astro trivia:
    The Moon’s transiting south node was conjunct Saturn in Scorpio at 26 degrees, sextile Jupiter, Jan 12, 1985. This time, north node will be transiting Scorpio conjunct Saturn at 9 degrees, sextile Pluto, Sept 17, 2013.

  6. I’m kind of looking forward to it I guess. Since about 2004, I’ve been in a period of transformation. I’ve pushed myself, seeking the most difficult challenges I could find, uprooting myself, starting over. In 2007, when this all finally felt like it was beginning to work, things crashed at what was a magical time in my life and began another series of starting over and reevaluating, which lead to 09. The years since have taken this all to another level. Learned that I had been postponing what I’m passionate about, had to go back to a place I said I’d never return to. I faced about all the fears I knew I had, often purposely, was betrayed twice in pretty much the same way by people who just refuse to “get it” (there were others as well), and now I’m building a foundation for myself in a city I set out to move to back in 07, doing a job I told myself I would do in 09, and providing a way to fulfill what I’m passionate about. So I mean, if this transit is about depth, I feel I’ve been in a plutonian state for years. It’s actually pushed people away, who feel I’m just ‘too serious.’ So yeah, I’m ready for a new cycle.
    I also want to clarify that I have made plenty of mistakes. I do know, however, how hard I have worked and with what intentions. I’ve had chances to pay forward lots of negativity, but instead I find my vow to be a vehicle for good renewed. So we’ll see what it brings as it passes through the rest of my 4/5th house over Merc-conj-Pluto early and Venus in the middle.

  7. @Mike: what happened then?
    This will transit my Neptune, Mars, NN then be on my Sun. All in the 11th and 12th houses. Elsa, should I be worried?

  8. @Dawn: As Elsa states, anything that wasn’t on good foundation went bye-bye. It was more my failure to let-go of negative situations that caused the angst…all indications were there previous to Saturn’s arrival, but it took Saturn’s arrival for the make-over. I did have several re-do situations…recognizing a bad situation, then acting on it, only to have that fall apart and start from the beginning. You’ll probably have more concern for your 11th house planets…goals, hopes, friends, groups…these may change as you cling. I understand that planets in the 12th house are usually less impacting to the outside world. Conjunct your sun will be sobering, but not necessarily detrimental, unless you have ego and self-identity concerns (like who doesn’t!). Conjunct NN may bring an evaluation of your “master plan”…if you’re paying too much attention to SN, this may be shut-down. Again, as Elsa has stated, if you’ve done your homework, are well-grounded, have a decent grasp of reality, then all is OK. There is usually something missed in that personal evaluation, however! If you know now that you are in a negative or failing situation(s), then act realistically to resolve. Saturn rewards for hard effort, but in a very practical way. I had many good outcomes from that difficult time of 1982 to 1984. All of us are going to go through this together, so you aren’t alone.

  9. @Dawn: This time there is more transiting planetary support: Jupiter will transit Cancer mid 2013 to mid 2014, trine Saturn; Neptune in Pisces will be in early degree trine with Saturn, Pluto will be sextile Saturn and in mutual reception; north node is considered more benefic than the south node and will conjunct Saturn.

    Transiting aspects to Saturn 28 years ago were harsh compared to now, but allowed for a rapid hastening of experience. The more pleasing aspects this time may hinder development, but I suspect that, for the aware individual, will allow a kinder, gentler transition.

  10. Having Saturn in my chart and I’ve been slowly becoming aware of the fact that I’m a saturn figure in the lives of a few people around me. It’s taken me quite a bit to deal with this idea, as like you, I don’t like being a hard-ass. It’s like learning any new skill, it’s just taking me time to learn & adjust (but I’m working on it and not just denying it).

    As for seeing saturn play out in the lives of some around me, absolutely.

  11. Saturn in Scorpio natally. Yes, I’d be considered a hard ass by some. Actually, by more than just some. But, I do feel that I’ve used the last 28 years to absorb and own the lessons of my first Saturn return, and I hope that my second will bring the fruits of all that hard work/pain. I sit here and watch as others in my life don’t own their shadows, and one of my lessons is that for the most part, I just keep quiet. You just can’t save people from themselves.

  12. Being ‘hard-asssed’ (Saturn in Scorpio)I am learning through Saturn in Libra that lesson of getting along well with others, means listening and responding to the stories I tell about myself (to myself).To whom am I explaining.
    @ James, I think you’re on to one of Scorpio’s mysteries … smell, feel, and experience for yourself. ‘Mystery’ the English word comes from the Greek word meaning “close the mouth” To be initiated is to experience not explain.
    @ Ruth. ‘I just keep quiet. You just can’t save people from themselves.’ Yes.

  13. Thanks mike! This really helps. I am going to work on my grounding very shortly. Have I done the work? I don’t really know. It is not really clear to me (Neptune) what it is I am to do before Saturn reaches Scorpio apart what you have suggested.So I guess I need to do the evaluation of myself and figure this out. Thanks again SO MUCH!

  14. My dad has Saturn/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio. Yes, he was a total hardass. He is also very kind and compassionate, and tenderhearted (his conjunction opposes his Moon in Taurus).

    He could be too alert about who was trying to screw with him and was often heavy-handed and authoritarian while we were kids. Honestly I think (and he’s said) he was just scared. He took parenting and our safety in particular very seriously. I appreciate this, deeply.

  15. Elsa, do u think someone with plenty of Pluto aspects, including an Sun Sq Pluto would have an hard time? harder than the usual he is used.

  16. I’m not fearing the Saturn in Scorpio transit at all. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m a Scorpio who has gone through several deaths and rebirths and although each cycle has been painful, I’ve come out a better me. So with that I say, bring it on.


  17. Scorpioandproud

    All I can do is take it a day at a time. That’s all anyone can do if you live to be a good person and do the best you can on a normal day. I have already experienced so much loss and betrayal in this life but I have had nothing compared to some. My Mother’s best friend lost her son to an accident when he was 30. That is far worse than anything I have been through and I have been through the wringer. I have no clear idea how they have lived through it. I am so thankful to have my husband, children and g-babies. I know that could change in the blink of an eye. I take nothing for granted. I am aware of my shadow. I work on that thing every day. Still its there and comes out to play when I least expect it. Working hard on it….that is all I can do

  18. Last time Saturn was in Scorpio, it was conjuncting my natal Neptune – AND I married my first husband. That fiasco lasted 2.5 yrs – 1 year was good…..
    I was definitely not ready for marriage, had grand illusions of what to expect, and boy, did I get the handbook AND a rude awakening.

    This time it’s gonna be about my stuff and cleaning house..not worried too much

  19. Avatar

    I was a child last time it was in scorpio. Those were both the happiest years of my childhood, I did things and ran free in ways that society didn’t allow later. However, it was also the years of the bullies. So, mixed bag.

    I do know that there are some relatives that seem oblivious to reality, expectations are of an ability to get money and help that isn’t there anymore. I worry they will end up on my doorstep asking for a handout.

    I don’t know how I’ll react, I feel obligated but these are the same ones that don’t know a day of work in their life and would rather be on the government dole than get up and go to work. I work my body and my day HARD, I don’t know that I want to spend my hard earned pieces on them. Harsh, I know, that makes me look unkind and unforgiving but I’d rather help the young kid down the street who shows an amazing willingness to work his ass off, learn and grow. I know I only have so much time and “extra” in my life. I know this will come home to roost and maybe I look in the mirror and am that unforgiving SOB.

    Hrm. Must think on this more.

  20. Avatar

    I’m looking forward to it. Too many Scorp planets in the second and Saturn in the 2nd too. I’m a bit of a hard ass, I’ve softly been on the Virgo’s case to sort out finances. I’m trying to sort mine too, things won’t function if proper steps are not taken. We’re living together but lets get in reality, we can’t be earning money and not knowing where it’s going if we both just wants to spend it all without real up keep of what’s going out and coming in. 1st of August already, my month to get serious.

  21. @ someone else: that was a good question since even I have a lot of pluto in my chart I was wondering if it would be hard or easy to me since I have 7 years of continous saturn influence in the way I had my saturn return in my fifth house then saturn in libra in my packed sixth house and now saturn in scorpio in my packed seventh house. That is too much saturn at one go. Saturn in libra tortured me though my saturn return was very rewarding. I wonder saturn in scorpio will fall in seventh house with my venus,mars and uranus sitting there. Dont know how it will turn out.

  22. As usual I agree with Elsa when it comes to Saturn. I’m older than dirt & this is my second time around for Saturn in Scorpio and had no problems with it the first time. [natal Sun-Saturn square, Moon sextile Saturn/Pluto, Venus trine Saturn]

    Saturn in Libra was/is tough but fair . . . Saturn in Scorpio is just tough. All our trust issues will come up for review among other things.

  23. My first Saturn return is coming up (Natal Saturn Rx in my Fourth house) while I know the this year in particular as well the recent transits of this summer are causing me to cut away from the bs, I almost feel that with Saturn going direct in Libra recently that I had that aha moment showing how all these Saturn lessons build on each other. Already have signs of family, foundational, betrayal issues etc coming up BUT I am doing some work to support myself and rebuild as I see how my relationships and early familial stuff impacted the way I communicate and express myself in relationships (Saturn in Libra, 3rd house). Hard and fast realizations but feeling better. Hope Uncle Saturn appreciates my effort.

  24. I like being a hard-ass! I am so tired of my Virgo Sun trying to dim itself.

    Money will be a big part of my SR in Scorpio. But I am not attached to the material world – Saturn in my 12th – so I think as long as I remain compassionate and serve others, I’ll fare ok.

  25. Actually, I’m going to get three times by Saturn. It will square my moon, Venus and conjunct Pluto. I already suffer from depression so it’s going to be a double whammy and the Saturn squaring my Venus doesnt help my social life since it’s one of the main things that is helping my cope with it. Fortunately, Uranus squares Sun, mercury and Neptune, all in Capricorn so it can help add some excitement in my life.

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