Healthy Level Of Daily Stress?

stress Hi, Elsa.

What is the key to maintaining healthy levels of stress per day, for a Mutable Earth sun, Mutable Fire moon & Fixed Air rising?

Anonymous in Malaysia

Hi, Malaysia.

Key here is what level of stress is healthy.  If you define this word the way I do, the answer is none.

I’m not talking about Mars and challenge or Saturn and pressure you go up against. I’m talking about mental anxiety, which serves no purpose other than alerting you to a disturbance in your force.  So in my world, stress is not something to cultivate at any level.

As an alternative, Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon, is a great place to start.

Mutable Earth sun – Virgo
Mutable Fire moon – Sagittarius
Fixed Air rising – Aquarius

Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon. You’ve want to converse with a broad variety of intelligent people so that you could learn and develop your ideas and beliefs as well as spread them around.  Your rising sign is not a factor here but Aquarius has no problem with this pursuit and the computer allows you to maintain your space as your explore.  All in all, you seem in good shape!

How do you feel about the stress in your life?

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    Aquarius Lurker

    Oh I like this post very much, it fits me to a Tee! ☺️

    By the way, I just read somewhere that cortisol aka the stress hormone serves a good purpose, which is to help calm you down after a time of physical & mental exertion (i.e. stress). Theoretically, cortisol levels then go down. If cortisol levels get out of whack and is constantly steady or rising, then it gets into ‘bad’ territory. If there are any scientists out there reading this and I’ve got it wrong, please correct me!

    1. This sounds right to me! Too much cortisol absolutely messes with your mind AND body. *Disclaimer – not a scientist, just discovered this whilst going through crazy stress.

    2. I have read that in women, if there is an increased need for cortisol in large amounts due to stress, it starts to deplete progesterone, as progesterone starts being “borrowed” to make more cortisol. Progesterone is a relaxant hormone which balances out the effects of oestrogen, so you need to keep healthy production of progesterone especially as you age, because you can easily become oestrogen dominant and that leads to inflammation. So yes, keeping cortisol levels down is better all around.

      1. Absolutely on the progesterone!!!!!!!

        Progesterone is anti-inflammatory – stop growth
        Estrogen is pro-inflammatory – grow, grow, grow

        BALANCE is key

        Two scenarios that that contribute to lack of sleep.

        Not falling asleep initially and waking up in the middle of the night ready to go.

        The later is due to a surge of cortisol levels in the middle of the night. Cortisol can be mitigated with magnolia bark ~ a (TCM)traditional Chinese medicine remedy. Plenty good supplements USA made available.

        We should all strive to keep our cortisol levels as low as possible. It gets complicated for women starting in perimenaupause.

  2. reading lots of books really calm me, especially if you’re a mercury dominant person. that was back in the day when i had libraries of books and boxes of them still in my parents backyard, shed, and hidden areas of the house, i’m afraid that was my hoarding. (i gave alot away)I think too, these days, i have alot to do so i dont have time to read gobs of books. So i watch good tv series, and write alot & draw, imagination and mental.Something to do with mental energy, i dont know why it is so calming. the sagittarius part is good for exercise and sports too. but if you’re not athletic, walking and doing physical light work is good, especially walking around nature. your stress levels will drop and you’ll feel super calm.

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      Aquarius Lurker

      Have you tried juggling? I mean juggling balls? It’s mental too.

      Yes you are right. I do feel calm while doing light physical work, or when going for a walk after dinner. I wish I were more athletic. I didn’t do enough sports as a kid to become good and now have no time or sense of dedication to practice, for example tennis.

      1. hmmm not really. but i like dancing and was a dancer during my college days. and i loved roller skating though not good anymore. lol you can try do some light sports, even table tennis really fun. ^^

      2. i just realized, when you mentioned juggling that’s with hands (gemini energy) mutable, maybe virgo? i do alot with legs (sagittarius) i notice, like a horse (dancing, roller skating ect). lol but i like reading (virgo). my husband’s cousins, the pisces with sag moon and scorpio with leo moon, they are athletic and profesional athleticism runs in their family.I wonder if it’s the fire energy. I remember reading about Tennis player pro, Aquarius sun/ Gemini moon gemini mars (lots of gemini energy) and libra rising/pisces venus. he married a cancer sun/aries moon? Anyway, i was reading how geminis are fleet footed and dexterious and good with hands. How interesting his chart is dominant gemini and was a professional tennis player. ^^ good food for thought. maybe great for de stressing, since you mentioned tennis.

        1. oh sorry forgot to mention the pro tennis player John McEnroe. and he married that 80s singer icon Patty Smyth ( cancer sun. she’s actually gemini moon too) lol with leo mars

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    Madeline Kasian

    There is a great podcast called Huberman Labs about neuroplasticity. So many good podcasts on hormones,stress, anxiety,mood. Worth a listen.Definitely “nerd “ territory- – Andrew Huberman gets into the nitty gritty..but I learn so much while on my treadmill, listening.Lots on there about cortisol and all other brain chemicals and what we can do to maximize our mental health and happiness.

  4. Walking outside in nature can help destress so much. A shower- water at your preferance. Petting a friend with fur, sometimes their purring or snoring will be at the same frequency as your breathing because they are cute like that, taking a nap in a clean, aired room with washed sheets. Closing off your phone or on silent and shutting down notifications, Doing something fun and engaging for your sag moon.

  5. I have too much of it–between the 2020’s and work being awful and everyone telling me I suck rancid donkey balls (especially at work). I’m very afraid of getting busted by medical professionals for being stressed, it’s that bad.

    1. Who are these people? Are they unhappy clients/ customers, your supervisors or ‘well meaning’ colleagues? You sound really exhausted, sorry things are that difficult right now. I hope you don’t tell yourself you suck too. You deserve some rest and to shoo away those negative people. No one was born knowing everything and people do mistakes, sometimes big or costly ones but it isn’t something so easily preventable. So don’t do what you’re doing now, shortening your lifespan for what some known or unknown faces tell you. You live with yourself, if you’ve done your all and the outcome is still bad or people are unhappy with whatever service or product, or consultancy then it’s not on you anymore, they won’t be satisfied with anything. Don’t take what’s not yours- it’s not your burden to carry. And tell them all to suck an onion. 🫡

      1. It’s all of the supervisors here. They don’t like how I interact with humans. I’ve probably been written up 150-200 times by now ranging from genuine fuckups to them claiming I “close the blinds” when I do not. I don’t get why they haven’t fired me already when I get straight ones every year and am a constant failure. And I depend on them to live, so I have to believe their truth. I can’t just blow them off and ignore it.

        1. I see. Well you can’t go off on your bosses and supervisors so the onion advice doesn’t apply here. But just because you depend on the money, you don’t have to believe their words. So it’s not All your mistakes, reading between the lines, it’s more like a habit now, to put some of it on you. Do they give any advice or direction that you can follow like we want you to be more polite or it’s just I don’t like this, this. Just criticism without anything to go from and improve? Hope your situation gets better.

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