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I heard from Maddalena of heliocentric-astrology.com today. She’s a building something over there with a very special feel. I like her understated writing style. Actually, I like her! This after just a couple brief emails and a spin around her site. So here’s some of what appeals to me.

She wrote about Muhammed Ali, calling him “the most famous boxing world champion of all times…” I agree with her on that and liked that she tipped her hat – acknowledged this man who entertained the hell out of us, while he kicked ass and stood up for what he believed.

Then I clicked her bit on the aspects (and houses in her system) and thought the writing very strong. She writes with command and clarity but you can still tell she’s a girl. She’s got a mom gene or something. Because she’s trying (successfully) to help you understand. You can feel the caring in her writing and this is a hell of a trick.

And then I clicked the planet link. And if you do same, you will see how she does not waste words. She offers delineation that simple and consequently elegant. And this is the kind of stuff that really helps a beginner.

I mean, I’m over here blathering and if you read, you will absorb. But at some point, you’re going to want a cheat sheet, and this is damned good one. And she has managed to be both succinct and accurate which I can tell you is a major chore and challenge. So I have to think it’s a labor of love. And what she’s got here is something you can print and put on your fridge if you’re studying. Let it go into your head when you’re not looking. 😉

I also like her name too, don’t you? So check out Heliocentric (Sun-centered) Astrology! Here!

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  1. I ~like~ that her site is devoid of all the ‘flash’ (and ‘trash’) of so many other sites. No bullshit, serious stuff. Works for me.

    Interesting this shift in viewpoint from earth-centered to sun-centered.

    Now I want to know how one goes about casting such a chart!

  2. You can erect helio charts on astrodienst, under “zodiac” selection. You may want to note their suggestion. “Change this selection only if you are an expert.”

    T Patrick Davis was an important contributor to heliocentric natal astrology during the 80s.
    -Interpreting Geo-helio Planets
    -Revolutionizing Astrology with Heliocentric

    These days Philip Sedgwick does a lot of helio work.
    -Sun At The Center

    Helio is great for statistcally reliable prediction of weather and financial cycles.

    1. Avatar
      solomon othollo

      just saw your comment about helio and financial cycles. can you point me in a direction to find out more about this?

  3. I want to really thank Elsa for the wonderful review she has given for my website.
    It goes to show her kindness and also how open-minded she is. It’s not often you find astrologers willing to acknowlege other astrology systems.
    Thank you Elsa!

    For Lise:
    thanks for your nice comment! In a few hours I’ll upload a page, under the lessons section, with explanations on how to cast helio charts

  4. Cool, Thank you Elsa!

    In my heliocentric chart I have Earth,Moon,and Jupiter all in Taurus and conjunct one another in what could be considered my 2nd house. Chiron is conjunct what I guess is my Ascendant in Aries.
    It’s really interesting because normally Taurus people don’t like me for some reason.

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