The First Saturn Opposition – 14-15 Years Old – Puberty

saturn old cardI’ve been thinking about puberty lately. I think is because there is a story in my book where I’m hitting that edge. I’m snotty and infuriated all the time. I’m fit to be tied and very interested in taking my father out, though I’m still a very young, super naive girl.

If you have my book, I’m talking about, “Beating W.” It really covers the whole arc of my “formative” years.  Let’s just say, at the end of that rigamarole, I was pretty pissed.

Saturn opposes natal Saturn at about 14-15 years old. I suspect you could look at your child’s chart and have a pretty good idea how it’s going to go.  If Mars is involved, as it is in my case; you might want to stand back. I used to get on my bike and ride 25 miles, for virtually no reason at all, other than the rage, coursing through me, propelled me.  Mars in the 9th, I wanted to get out of there!

This period culminated in my leaving home for good, at fifteen.  Saturn looks ‘cross at Saturn – I fully rejected authority at that time.

I’m writing this for parents. If you have a child in this age frame, or a grandchild, you might want to consider their chart from this angle as this period can be dangerous, as children push back.

What do you remember about puberty?  How is Saturn aspected in your chart?

8 thoughts on “The First Saturn Opposition – 14-15 Years Old – Puberty”

  1. When Tr Saturn and Tr Venus were in my 5H and exactly opposing my natal 11H Saturn, I had my first monthly cycle. In addition, Tr Pluto was conjunct my 8H Sun; Tr Ceres (women’s fertility) and Tr Juno were conjunct my natal Saturn; Tr Mars was conjunct my 1H Moon; Tr Uranus was conjunct my natal 8H NN.

  2. Oof, I have a beautiful grand-daughter. The Saturn opposition will be on her 1st (Scorpio) and 7th axis (Taurus) and trine her Pluto in 3rd (Capricorn). Meanwhile, Mars in 9th (Cancer) will Square her 6th House Aries Sun. She’ll be 15, and with the retro-grade, it’ll hit her 3 times. Poor baby. I need to put this on my radar for 2028.

  3. I met my first boyfriend at 14, was in a relationship until I was 16. Of course, my parents tried to break us up as they always meddled in my relationships. So when I turned 17 I got into a relationship with a young black man. {it was 1972}, now they really tried to break that up. So as soon as I turned 18 I moved out. The relationship with the young black man only lasted a year and a half but it truly was a learning experience, about culture, a racist society and my so-called Christian parents.

  4. Saturn is currently squaring my Saturn, Mars and Neptune. Feel like I’m on Willy Wonka’s boat ride. I know you said stay in the boat, but I’d rather swim in the choco-river and get sucked up the pipe. Just boil me and turn me into fudge already. I wanna go home. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I’m a Libra Sun with Saturn in Aries, so at the time of the opposition it was also conjunct my Sun. In typical ‘deprivation’ style of Saturn I was very lonely and isolated. We had moved to a new town just as I started high school, but my high school was back near our old town so I had little opportunity to make friends in the new town. I too went on long bike rides! But it was also the most prolifically creative time of my life. By hiding away in my room I focused on my art, music, creative writing, and astrology! I absolutely ‘laid the foundations’ for my future.

    When this same alignment came around 30 years later, I was looking forward to another wave of creativity behind closed doors, but it never came. Instead I faced yet another redundancy, another relationship ending, and a couple of close family estrangements. It was brutal.

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