Minor Aspects: Quincunx and Semisextile

“To be old can be glorious if one has not unlearned how to begin.”
                                                             –Martin Buber

I’ve previously spoken of my understanding of the quincunx aspect. I think that given the right circumstances it can be highly relevant. I think that in defining what something IS it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is NOT. A quincunx by degree is halfway between an opposition and a trine, thirty degrees in between to be exact. It does not contain the opposite nature of the oppositional relationship or the ease of the trine, where things are usually similar by element.

One way to understand this relationship is that is between opposition and ease. Here is where the semisextile aspect is relevant. The semisextile is 30 degrees difference. It is the embodiment of the relationship of emerging growth. Thirty degrees is the movement from one sign to the next. Aries precedes Taurus, 30 degrees, Taurus precedes Gemini, 30 degrees. and so on. Throughout the whole of the zodiac one moves from the simplest self to the total collective… then back to the self. The semisextile is the relationship of one step to the next, moving incrementally toward an understanding of the whole.

Virgo to Libra is where energy shifts from inner to outer. Pisces to Aries is the shift from the collective to the very personal self. A semisextile denotes small movement forward, budding growth. Each sign builds upon the energy of the previous sign. A semisextile is a minor aspect in that it is subtle. A semisextile is half a sextile. It is past the simple agreement of the same but not yet the opportunity of the integration of growth. It is movement toward growth. These minor aspects contain the energy of working toward integration. It is not to be expected that the work is completed. The work here is just that of working toward.

Major aspects imply the possibility of integration and completion. Minor aspects are the indication that there is energy there to be explored, though not necessarily to a conclusion. It’s like making your bed or cleaning the toilet. You’re going to mess that bed up again tonight, and, well, I think we all understand what happens with the toilet. You do it because you’re supposed to do it, not because it really accomplishes anything. It does, however, overall contribute to the organization of the bigger picture. And hygiene. Ew, toilets.

Do you have a semisextile in your chart? How does this play out for you?

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  1. I have three but the only one I am now beginning to recognize the effect of is Neptune ssxtl Sun – and only because I recently read Astropost’s phrase definitions of Sun/Neptune aspects. Although, I had identified with things Elsa described, like not being seen sometimes.
    Also, I have Pluto sextiling my Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. What that signifies beats me, but Jeremy Neal says whenever Pluto’s involved it’s heavy doodoo, so the aspect doesn’t make much difference. Do you agree? I mean, where Pluto is concerned.

  2. Saturn to my mercury, and Saturn to my Neptune. Are you really sure you think that, are you really sure you want to say that, are you really sure about that dream. Neptune textiles mercury, so why does Saturn win sometimes?

  3. My aqua moon/mars conjunction is quincunx my sun/ venus conjunction in virgo.
    Virgo venus semisextile uranus in libra (venus ruled).
    As far as my virgo pluto, its sextile jupiter in scorpio (pluto ruled). Interesting that some of these aspects involve a planet that is the ruler of the other. There must be some significance there… still contemplating that one.

  4. I have three semisextiles…
    Capricorn Moon/Aquarius Venus
    Leo Pluto/Virgo Jupiter
    Aquarius MC/Pisces Sun
    Seems to me that the spoilsports of the zodiac are trying to get Leo and Aquarius to pull their heads in lol

  5. Yup.. Sun pisces semi sextile Chiron. Chiron Semi sextile mars.

    Seems like in discovering my true self (sun) there is wounding and healing (chiron) in my journey to action (mars)..

    That sound about right?

    Since both mars and my sun are also involve in quinuxes to my uranus to form a yod I will hop on over to your quinux link :0)

    Thanks Satori

  6. l have Saturn Leo and Pluto Libra semisextile Virgo Ascendant have no idea how that plays out for me, the fact that growth is involved is good

  7. Yes Venus Scorpio is semi-sextile my Sun/Merc in Sag. Not sure how it plays out but I’ve always felt it was a helpful aspect in my chart…somehow makes the challenges of my Venus more palatable or supported.

  8. SO hilarious. And I keep learning.

    “It’s like making your bed or cleaning the toilet. You’re going to mess that bed up again tonight, and, well, I think we all understand what happens with the toilet.”

    You see… That fact, that very fact, has ALWAYS pissed me off. There’s no logic to it. Whn I make that bed or clean that toilet I want it to be FOR GOOD. For ALL TIME.

    That was amazing info. Thanks, Satori!!!!

  9. I’ve been exploring planetary orbs instead of aspect orbs (classical method v. modern method). What I found when I wrote down the area of influence for sun-X (whatever planet) is that when you throw in the semisextile and quincunx, there is not a single degree of placement that the two can NOT be in aspect.

    Kinda fascinating! 🙂

  10. I have Moon in Leo in exact semi-sextile to my Sun in Virgo. It got easier for me when I started to see that my self-absorption and my self-effacement are both valid and balance each other (Mercury in Libra).

  11. I have five semi-sextiles in my chart, with three of them being at 0-degrees. Three of the five involve my Venus, which is my chart ruler and the ruler of my sun sign. Venus’ semi-sexing ways reinforce the ‘theme’ of my chart, which is repeated in so many ways.

    I don’t really know what to make of it. Right now, it just feels like being trapped. Trapped cleaning toilets.

  12. I have Mercury semisextile Mars and Jupiter semisexstile Neptune.

    I’m not sure how they really are supposed to work. But, my Mercury is often the cure for my Mars when it is expressing poorly (you know..going the heck off). If I go digging for information and try to find the truth (9th house) behind what is going on, I’m less likely to kill someone (8th house Mars in Libra).

    It sort of works like that with Jupiter and Neptune. If I’m terribly confused about the world (Neptune in Sag conj MC), I can focus on my own integrity (Jupiter in Cap) and ground myself with good works and positive people (11th house).

  13. Venus in Gem (11th) semisextile Chiron in Taurus (10th). Healing myself of the residue of fast-forming flakey friendships that I poured waaaay too much energy, money, and love into only to end up with them not only turning on me but also attempting to sabotage my public reputation? Yeah, homie don’t play that! So the positive on that growth aspect are not only calling them out (Mars also in 10th) but also steering clear of those types and sticking with a carefully selected small circle of loyal friends. True to Taurus –I built these bonds over a long stretch of time. This has benefitted me greatly. I think this semisextile aspect shouldn’t be overlooked. Thanks for this article!!

  14. thank you. this is one of the most helpful explanations I have ever found!! i think i finally understand it well enough to interpret it on my own, in synastry or composite, or whatever!

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