Help Dealing With Heightened Stress At This Time

earthquakeMost everyone is stressed at this time. I’ve not seen anything like this in my lifetime.

I suppose you may have some area of life where you are “zen” or comfortable; but when you’re hanging in that realm, something else is happening. Something deepening, erasing, degrading, expanding, imploding, whatever. Depending on your chart; the stress in your life may be narrow or full spectrum.

Mutables are struggling with the stellium in Pisces. They just don’t know what the hell is going on – it causes a problem. The problem is hard to define and consequently, it’s almost impossible to resolve. Gemini and Virgo, in particular, are prone to anxiety in these conditions. I’m seeing a lot of this. Mars will ingress into Pisces on Thursday. This won’t help.

Fixed signs have Saturn and Uranus to deal with. These planets are far apart but this will be changing soon. People with a lot of planets in these signs can feel it, like an animal sensing an earthquake.  If you’ve never seen this phenomena, here you go.

Cardinal signs at early to mid-degrees are in the best shape at this time.  If you have planets at a late degree, you’re dealing with Pluto in Capricorn square the sun in Aries and the full moon, looming.

Unfortunately, there are real reasons for the stress and the list of them is quite long. As for what to do about it, I think there is a single answer. But we do have astrology which can really help.

Astrology can provide very reliable time frames for how long you might be caught in an operation or challenge of some kind. It can also show you the best way to deal with it.

Specifically, look at the energy of the the planets transiting your chart to see what you’re working with.
Secondly, hone your skills!

That last is very important. People get caught up in what they don’t have and what they can’t do. I’m not suggesting you deny realities of this type. I am suggesting, once you have this information – move on!  Move on to what you can do, with particular focus on what you are good at.

Also, please try not to dog on yourself. The last thing you should do when you’re frazzled or sinking is to beat yourself up. Try being your own best friend!

Are you stressed at this time? What’s happening and how are you coping?

22 thoughts on “Help Dealing With Heightened Stress At This Time”

  1. Thank you for this. My loved ones are going through it, while things are finally looking up for me. Your advice is very helpful!

  2. This Jupiter-Neptune thing is in my 8th house, and I am very sad. The death is finally hitting. Can’t see things clearly.

  3. “Try being your own best friend!”
    Sound advice, as always. This is something I remind myself of on a daily basis and it’s truly gratitude that I feel for being able to do so. blessings to all

  4. Yes stress has found me , This red flag
    I will not ignore question is how to change this work, answer with grace and determination open to new.

  5. I have a lot less stress than 2 years ago, when I was recovering from surgery…In fact, I have very little stress…,

    1. This interpretation surprises me, because the other mutable signs are in TRINE to Pisces, which is probably the most harmonious aspect of all.

  6. You ain’t kidding. This past Friday, my Gemini brother had a freak accident. (Uranus just went into his 6th house of work and daily business.) He sawed thru his right index finger and lost his finger tip.

    On Saturday, a good friend of ours that reminded us all of my brother, died.

    The Mars/Saturn conjunction opposed my brother’s own Mars/Saturn, too. 3/9 houses involved.

    It’s been freakish. Uranus is moving into a square with my Ascendant/Descendant.

      1. Thanks. My brother has reconstruction surgery Friday. While we are at it, the solar eclipse on the 30th hits his Moon exactly at 10* Any prayers will be appreciated.

    1. Update: I said the 9th house of long distance travel and 3rd of extended family, siblings was involved.

      Well, the mother of our extended family member who passed sent her son’s body from Kentucky to New York for funeral services and burial and no one can attend.

      Astrology in action.

    1. I have a lot of my mutables in my chart. My Virgo Mars got into a heated debate with a Pisces Mars man who happens to have a lot of Gemini.(Not my brother.)

      I decided to let it go, because I could not change these past two years. All I can do is hope the child involved will be taken care of properly. (Husband’s sister’s son.) This ties into the passing of the family friend.

      Let’s just say it has been tough. The Astrology is there in all of it, too.

  7. My chart is mainly fixed, but also quite cardinal and mutable. The stress is impacting every area of my life, and the stellium in Pisces is practically paralyzing me. Something that’s helping me is to try and do one small thing at a time, then walk away for a while. Come back later, do another. It is frustrating to me, but doing this is better than doing nothing, going out of my mind with worry!

  8. I feel like the picture that you linked above Elsa from the newsletter. Our move is turning into a nightmarish situation- logistics, potential injuries that make it hard to move heavy things, heavy wind advisories and rain coming while needing to drive a moving truck 400 miles- then if we are lucky to get it all done in two trips, where do we put all the stuff? I will be a stranger in a strange land and my friend will be going back to his childhood home he left at 18. We feel like we are moving backwards from our original life plan. I go to bed with anxiety and wake with anxiety. I meditate daily but fell off the wagon the week I retired. Need to get back on. I have a 0 degree Virgo Moon conj Pluto, and Mercury in Sag and Jupiter in Libra which the Full Moon will be conj with in my 11th house. Dreams dying or changing at the very least.

  9. Great advice.
    Neat clip with doggy knowing something bad coming.
    But in California constantly repeated never go outside during an earthquake…falling bricks (which I experienced in 1990s) downed electrical wires. Watch out for swinging door if you stand in doorway. Get away from all windows. Stay out of the kitchen. I knew of one woman paralyzed when her refrigerator fell on her.

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