Progressions: How Long Will Your Good (Or Bad) Luck Last?

Virgo goddessI used to live in the middle of the desert. I didn’t necessarily want to be alone, but being free and independent was a lot more important to me than having a partner.

I didn’t want to be hindered in any way. I didn’t want my work interfered with. I wanted to read and study to satisfy my various curiosities, and I didn’t want to be bothered.

My Venus had progressed into Virgo at that time. That’s a placement that represents an “unmarried woman,” so we’re talking textbook astrology here.

I had spent most of my life saying no to men and then I woke up one day and realized that I had changed. I hadn’t necessarily matured, I’d just changed. Relationships became important to me and the next thing I knew, I was moving to the city to look for a man!

Astrologically, what happened was my Venus progressed from Virgo to Libra. Venus (what you value) in Libra (relationships) wants to partner, for sure!

Venus only changes signs by progression approximately every 30 years so this was an huge shift.

If you’re getting started in astrology, progressions are hard to grasp. But it’s worth looking into progressions and I’ll tell you why.

Astrology shows us that some changes in your life are fleeting. For example, Mars goes retrograde every two years. Mars will really heat up a sector of your life during this six month period. There will be a lot of activity in the house that Mars is transiting. Once Mars moves on, things calm down.

In contrast, astrology shows us that other shifts in your life are long lasting. Progressions show you when changes are here to stay, or at least here to stay for a very long while.

Currently, I have progressed Mars in his home sign (Scorpio) and progressed Venus in her home sign (Libra). This is a great fortune because planets function very well in their home signs.

Knowing you have a gift like this is an even greater fortune.

Knowing you will have this gift for decades is the best of all.

Now it’s true, you can have something nasty set up in your Progressed chart. But if so, it’s still good to know. The last thing you want to do is wake up every day with the hope and expectation that something is going to clear, when the influence is going to be around for a number of years.

If you want to see whether your good or bad luck is fleeting or here to stay, check out my detailed Progressed Chart report. If you factor out the mentions of the Moon, which progresses fairly quickly, everything else you read will be in effect for a long time.

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  1. interesting you write this, i was playing around with the progressed chart on over the weekend. i read an article that said that princess diana’s sun had progressed to 29 degrees cancer when she had her 1st child, and william’s sun had progressed to 29 degrees cancer when he had his. just ordered a report!

  2. Wow! It works, my Venus progressed into Saggitarius when I was 19 and that’s when I first moved abroad and since lived in 11 different countries and learned 9 languages.

    You made my day Elsa, now I see there, is still 11 fat years to come!

    But…Last year mars has progressed into Scorpio and I am not wearing it that well. Ehh

  3. My marriage ended with Progressed Sun moving into Virgo, thinking I’m going to be an unmarked woman for another 30 years (rest of life) makes me sad

    1. That is not inevitable at all… the two sexiest women I know have Sun in Virgo. It might be a time when your standards go up, because you know you are worth it. Venus also rules money. Maybe its an opportunity to create a blueprint for financial clarity.

  4. my partners progressed venus went retrograde when he was 4 years old, at 4 degrees cancer (his natal venus degree). it changed from cancer to gemini when he was 20. im sure he was quite the ladies man. wonder what that felt like for him. it will go direct in 6 more years, when hes 47. his venus wont change signs to cancer until 2047, when hes in his 70s. so for most of his adult life, its been in his sun sign of gemini, retrograde.
    my venus changed signs when i turned 20 too, but for me it was from gemini to cancer (my sun sign) as my progressed venus is direct. i dont think i will experience progressed venus rx in my lifetime. by 2083, my progressed venus is still direct lol.

  5. my natal venus is in virgo. i call it my idiot gene because throughout my life, i always said no to men – i always had a reason why they weren’t good enough. i needed the *perfect* looking guy that all my friends would be jealous of. funny thing is, i always ended up falling for the guy that was less than perfect looking (much to my dismay) – usually because i had one cocktail too many & one thing led to another. after, i’d pretend like i didn’t like him & would push him away until he eventually did. then sure enough, i was hooked. you’d think i’d have learned, but no. i did it again to a guy i dated last year, which i’m regretting.

    i’ve spent my life very unhappy in the relationship arena. not a good spot for a libra who has MANY planets other than her sun in libra.

    now, after reading this article, i checked my progressed venus. it’s in scorpio. makes perfect sense for this time in my life. i’m **obsessed** with changing my ways & finding a lasting relationship that i won’t manage to screw up. i’m done with my idiot gene & i don’t want to die never knowing what it’s like to not screw up every good relationship – or not realizing that it was a good relationship until it was over. it took going through 17 degrees of scorpio for me to get here, but i’m here.

    1. wow, i never realized that “venus in virgo” types are searching for perfection to the point of overkill. And they have to be “acceptable” to other people’s eyes? Approval? so friends could be jealous? That sounds more like your friends are more important than the man himself.

      sorry couldnt help it. Just was shocked at the article, because “venus in virgo” is supposedly in the “fall” placement and has the most difficult time in relationship and love. I dont know anyone personally in those placements, except my sister’s husband.

      1. actually elisa, for me at least, it’s not so much that my friends are more important than the guy, it’s that i feel like my partner of choice is a direct reflection on me. it took me a long time to realize it because i was always so worried what friends and family thought. but after peeling back the layers of the onion, i discovered that i was truly most concerned with how it might impact others perception of me. and honestly, i shouldn’t say “was” because i’d be lying if i said that i’m no longer truly concerned with it. but i’m trying. maybe it’s my 10th house libra sun & the fact that my mars is in capricorn in my 1st house (even though my rising is sadge & technically i should be more easygoing). my partner is a direct reflection on the public face i put out to the world. and in both instances that i referenced above about falling for someone uncharacteristic for me, the were both extremely well educated, successful guys & they proved they would do anything to make it work — but gee, couldn’t they be better looking or if only he had a full head of hair.

        it KILLS me that my brain is programmed this way. and i’m trying to kill that part of my brain. but it’s not easy. definitely nothing for me to be proud of.

        1. my sister is the pure epitome of a good woman, good career lady who has all her husband’s family members look up to her in pure awe. So, indeed she is an awesome reflection on her husband (he’s venus in virgo). If i’m really honest about this, she is the kind of woman that a man would be proud to have. So indeed, his venus in virgo is happy since she is a direct “reflection” on his reputation and family’s well being. Btw, my sister’s husband’s sun sign is in Libra ironically.

          1. omg 8 years later, and my sister divorced, and she’s with a leo sun now and happier, (she’s aries sun) but it’s still just living apart so it’s harder on her with one income and the rent she’s paying is so much expensive along with the food prices going up and gas too.
            my other sister, the sagittarius who is with the virgo man with libra moon leo mars is very happy and they bought a 2nd house so their children will each have a room of their own. it seems to work because although she’s fire sun; she’s virgo dominant like i am, with a 12th house and he’s virgo sun with leo and libra dominant. i think changes right around the pandemic really hit hard on many couples. it’s like it will break them or not. Now another type of trauma is hitting the world (war affecting europe) I went grocery shopping today and saw all the sunflower oil gone. and the ones left were just one brand and its expensive and you can only take one. I read that sunflower manufacturing is from Ukraine. 🙁 And other items too.

  6. Like fire crab, my marriage ended when my venus progressed into virgo, and 13 years later I’m still single. I loved being married most of the time (25 years), and with moon in cancer in the 7th house and four planets in gemini, I like being in relationship. Does a progressed moon in virgo (in the 8th house) always mean singletude? I’ll be in my mid-80s when it goes into libra! I’m learning independence, which doesn’t come naturally (transiting Pluto has also moved to my ascendant), but I sure do get lonely.

  7. @Soda. I sure hit somethin. And not an easy process. Am thinking alot about my progressed venus in virgo. Have to check the dates and events and temperatures, but the second decan of virgo is cap, and I do feel some release as venus has progressed into the 3rd decan of virgo. Not alot of slack allowed, but have to give alot of slack to others. A real honing process. Mind on business and what’s essential, yes. And I am honed down to what my business is now. But I only did it because no one would play with me. Boo hoo for party girl!! 😀

  8. My Venus does not progress out of Virgo my entire life. Fortunately I have a chunk of years as a progressed libra sun!

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    curious wanderer

    Oof! My progressed Moon just entered Capricorn. I can barely tell the difference, probably because I have Saturn conj. Moon natally. I will say I’ve had a massive “drawing in” of my life; I’ve given up all sorts of activities and studies to focus on just me and my immediate environment.

  10. Once read Venus Rx in a birthchart sometimes indicates one who doesn’t fall in love easily. Does this mean for a longer period in the progressed? or one’s ideals in love are turned inward?
    One woman I know w/Venus Rx in progressed chart stayed in [what appeared to me] a loving marriage for 20 or so years, only to learn after that she was living in a very strained marriage but stayed because the $$ was good.

  11. My progressed ascendant went from Libra to Scorpio–I was super worried about this, thinking I’d be, I dunno, paranoid or power-trippy. Instead, it’s made me really confident–I ended up feeling smarter, but mainly, confident in my abilities to dissect stuff, including people! I went from sort of intuitive to “X-RAY VISION.” I feel now like now one can fuck with me (as I was fucked with quite a lot as a kid). AND my Mars progressed from Aries to Taurus a year after–though you’d think that might not be great, as it’s Mars in detriment, it’s really grounded me in a great way. I think the progressions just build on each other positively (or, gulp, can… 😉

  12. Well…. My Progressed (Scorpio) Venus has gone Rx and is a degree past it’s natal position. Love seems like it’s going to be harder to find. Also a guy friend I was seeing for a while has Venus Progressed to Virgo 29 and with that seems to think it would be better just to be friends. Hmmmm… Wonder how he will feel in a few months when Libra gets a hold of him… ; )~

  13. I also have had a progressed Venus rx in the same sign for what seems like forever, and in the natal 12h, so I’m interested in how others find prog Venus rx. Mars has progressed into the natal 1h which was a shift, except that by doing so prog Mars is conj tr. Neptune. I just can’t put my finger on what the shift was. I think also that progressions are one reason why I can’t relate to the standard sun-in-10h description of being ambitious in my career etc. If the sun is at the end of the 10th natally, then sometime in the 30’s it will be in the 12h by progression. And there it will be for the next 30 years, for me; along with merc and venus. Meh. Ambitious is not what it feels like.

    1. I’ve had it retrograde forever too, not looked back when it was actually direct ever and it’s in Virgo…I did everything late…marriage, kids, divorce…! My prog mars has conjuncts my prog Neptune forever too…so have a sense of that energy too..I have harnessed that by learning hands on energy body work and massage 🙂 I’m seriously into yoga, meditation and all forms of alternative body work, I think this is how it has manifested for me, that prog conjunction is in my 10th 9 degrees from my prog MC which is Scorpio (so again depth, healing, etc) I feel if I had not taken on these learning and tools I’d be seriously ill by now.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this, Elsa! I hope to order a progressed chart soon. I can only learn so much on my own when I look up my progressed chart. But seeing that I now have Venus in Cancer in the 4th house explains why I’m such a homebody.

  15. I’ve never really got into progressions much at all, too busy understanding and interpreting current transits influencing natal and global charts. Then there is esoteric astrology, like as in the “Why” of yours and others lives….

    Let me get this right, you simply consult the ephemeris and for every year of life you move your whole chart up 1 degree at a time?

    1. It’s a day for a year, Rodney. (search Secondary Progressions)

      So if you are 40 years old, your progressed chart is for the day 40 days past your birthday.

      It’s super interesting!

  16. Progressed Venus is in Virgo since 2005. I’ve spent the past 9 years mainly alone, which doesn’t mean I will spend the upcoming 17 years (that’s when Virgo will progress into Libra) alone. It was my decision to be picky with man, to hold on to my independence – I’m looking still for a relationship that won’t make me feel like being in a prison of routine behavior. The one’s I’ve had as relationship material thought me some very interesting things about myself and how human psyche is working (progressed Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra in the 7th house). I don’t think I should fear Virgo Venus or think it gives me bad luck, but think I should learn what she is trying to teach me. Life is about learning. And she is about what I like. So, if I like being picky, analitical and critical, maybe it is time to love myself as I am (natal Virgo Sun/Jupiter in the 7th house).

  17. Oh no, my Progressed venus is in Scorpio. No wonder my normal Venus in Libra is having relationship problems. I love him, i hate him, I like him, I despise him. It’s started after my birthday in October last year and is continually getting worse. Everything I like is either ending, closing down or moving. My lucky life has been unlucky since my 44th birthday. I have never wanted to say this..but im excited to see 45! The number 4 in Chinese represents death. I think it’s the year of double death for me..

  18. Yes – as another poster wrote – its very interesting you should bring this up.
    From the mid 1990’s and through the 2000’s my life was FUBAR. The proverbial was hitting the fan and would not stop. At the time and for sometime I blamed it on pluto t-squaring the big opposition in my chart. I really believed this. More recently I chanced to peruse my progressed chart and I noticed that jupiter was by progression sextiling and applying to the merc/sat conjunction in my babylonian natal chart. 3 degrees takes a long time to get through in the progressed chart. Anyway in 2011 I became interested in financial matters (I’m getting to be something of an economist in my own small way). This coincides with jupiter finally moving into taurus.

  19. Very true. My progressed Venus had been in Virgo for most of life. I had little interest in marriage or intimate relationships. Too much to learn and do and study and see. When it tripped over to Libra my focus turned to relationships, i went from a fairly confirmed bachelor type to a loving smoochy partner. People who had known me well for a long time were shocked. Still haven’t found my Mr. Right but i’m very focused on it. Venus progressed at 6degree. This is very true. Nicely done Elsa.

  20. Venus in Virgo now I know. I loved relationships but hated commitment. Great girlfriend but horrible wife. Looking for perfection in a man. He has to look a certain way, talk a certain way, be a certain type of artist. And have money too. Thank God my mars in scorpio makes me,”me” & my ascendant in libra or I would’ve been single forever. I’m still faithful because of my leo sun but damn I get bored & restless a lot. Mid life crisis anyone? Worst part is I look a lot younger than I am. Temptation all around but not interested because they’re not perfect.

  21. When I started studying my progressed chart it blew my mind. I had not been serious about relationships until my progressed Venus moved from Aquarius to Pisces. Bam – independent sagittarian turns wife and mother. 3 years ago my Venus progressed into Aries and out of the 12 th house and into the 11th for the first time in my life. I divorced 8 years ago, I haven’t settled for anyone and am a very slutty 55 yrs old. I have many dear friends with whom I find my support . My cancer Mars has been retrograde since birth and progressed From 15 cancer to 29 degrees of Gemini where next spring it will turn direct . I’m on the edge of my seat. In addition my natal Mars is opposed by Pluto. I’ve just missed my Saturn sextile Venus relationship opportunity. The old me is sad that I didn’t find anyone. The new me is glad I’m snuggled alone in bed with my three dogs. Maybe I will manifest a healthier love relationship when Mars goes direct . Recently when studying my progressed chart I noticed my progressed Venus retrogrades when I’m 98. Hmmm – if I make it that long , and I might, it could be an exit point, I’m guessing.

  22. Interesting article Elsa!! ????

    My progressed Venus moved into Cancer when I was 14 years old and had just started my period, kicking off my reproductive era. I suddenly went from being friend crazy to boycrazy. ? I wanted to have the “happily ever after” fairytale and home with a white picket fence and baking cookies and having babies. (Can you tell Neptune is in my 5th??) That era led me down a crazy road that has been fraught with turmoil caused by the ex I had children with right as t.Pluto entered my 5th a few years later. Now that Pluto is entering the 6th and Venus is 2 degrees away from entering Leo, that chapter is ending. I closed down the baby factory a few years ago and the children I mentioned from are very close to graduating high school and Venus is entering Leo right after they turn 18. Kinda wild, huh?

    I already feel the Cancer in me hanging up the apron and putting on a ballgown, primping her hair, and demanding some respect! ?

  23. My progressed Sun will transition to Pisces and Uranus to Sagittarius in like 5 years. I’m so interested to see how that plays out. I read your post when Uranus changes signs in your progressed chart. Wondering how substantial this will be since it rarely happens to many people!

  24. I feel like I have seen an answer to this somewhere but I can’t find it:

    Do you look at the progressed chart on its own or against the natal? Just wondering how to read the houses (progressed houses or just progressed planets in natal houses), or if you just look at planets changing signs and aspects to each other? Also, how about when Asc or MC progresses to conjunct a natal planet?

    My gut tells me you look at all of it and weigh it all together.

    1. I don’t. The progressed chart stands alone, in my view.

      I mean, it’s progressed from the natal, but I do not consider aspects between the two charts or try to apply any kind of synastry technique to them.

      1. Thank goodness! I like that better. More straightforward. Thanks for clarifying – especially before I wasted a ton of time trying to grok it.

      2. I look for close aspects to the natal.
        They are important.
        Even more freaky. Converse progressions.

        I got married. Converse venus conjoin my ruler of seventh.
        I was shocked when saw that.

        So ladies look up your converse. As may be something different. Then it becomes complicated. 3 charts. Natal. Secondary progressed. Converse progressed.

        Just subtract your age from year your born. Do just progressed chart. Like. Mine is 1890 right now. Just put the year in.

        It amazing.

        Met someone. Could not figure. Converse venus opposed and mars too. Wowza.
        Anyway. This a fated . Converse.
        Secondary.a more reasoned choice.

        Love progressions

  25. My progressed Mercury will leave the 29th degree of Pisces later this month and enter Aries. I am so looking forward to this much needed shift! I hope it brings what I am hoping it will.

  26. Can’t say I squeezed everything from progressed venus in gemini because it was in 4th. But silly crushes happened, small flirts here and there. Don’t even know how because it seems like I never leave the house. Having it progressed soon ,in cancer 5th house is going to be weird. And progressed mars in taurus was a shock! The anger got more powerful. My natal mars in aries doesn’t hold a candle to el toro sign.

    1. Maybe you’re not used to repressing your anger or slowing it down, so it was more powerful. Or it felt weird so it was more noticeable.

      As to Venus, I know this woman who makes puppets that are pregnant women 😀

      1. I forget where I am leaving comments and I don’t have the notif on, so that’s why my late reply.. I have mars cusping 2nd/3rd house in the natal so I could be used to mars in taurus energy at least but ? In the progressed chart, it’s in the 2nd and taurus and I am very clutching onto my possesions = that’s mine/ also anger was so powerful that got me taken aback..Venus progressed into my 5th now and had more photos taken, initiated more plans, and made some cat friends, also downloaded a singing app, screeching around the house in between doing stuff, so that’s fun at least 🙂 but it will change from gemini to cancer soon, so I don’t know venus/cancer and 5th combo will go. How are your progressed mars and venus? Do you like them vs their natal positions?

  27. My progressed moon is in Libra which is interesting and weird. In Saturn in Libra I learned a lot about the rules of dating and also got bitter. It took some time to get away from that. I wish I did more with moon in virgo that wasn’t worrying. Could have been learning.
    Moon in Libra has me hitching my boat to other people’s not that I wasn’t in a very different other way.

  28. In fourth grade, Pr Venus (seen by others) was conjunct my natal Libra Sun and I (Sun) was voted (popular/Venus) class president (Libra – fair representation).

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    Angelika Vetter

    elsa, really? you know that i am unhappy with being single since 10 years. i just want to die. and now, looking at my progressed venus in virgo… until i am almost 80…

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    Too Much Libra

    As a public service, I’ve created an account specifically to assuage everyone’s fears of Venus in Virgo.

    I have my natal Venus in Virgo, in an early degree. My natal (and progressed) Virgo manifested itself by a certain amount of pickiness. Other women would flirt and date men they weren’t really interested in. I never understood why. I would date a man once, then, after determining that we weren’t right for each other (I would feel that our energies just didn’t meld), I would tell him we weren’t compatible and send him off to find the woman who was exactly right for him. It just didn’t make any sense to waste both of our times on a “sort of OK” relationship.

    When I met my soulmate, I knew our energies were right. He felt the same way. My Venus was at 18 degrees of Virgo on that date. We married when my Venus was, of course, still in Virgo.

    We were blissfully happy together for 37 years until he recently died of cancer.

    Venus in Virgo does not condemn you to a life of solitude. But it does insist that you choose the right person.

  31. My Venus progressed to Libra a few years ago. I was just thinking recently about how after that happened, even though I’ve only officially been in one relationship, it was a really pleasant experience, like something had finally clicked for me. If I had another opportunity, I know it’d be great because my attitude about relationships has changed and I’d want to make it work just for its own sake.

  32. I was writing how I like the top half of the chart, the 9, 10, 11 houses because they get things done for other people. This is the first time I can recall that my progressed chart has an emphasis on the top half of the chart.
    I tend to skip between the personal houses and the 12th house and get nothing done, usually. This feels different and really refreshing. It’s nice not to be so distracted that just maybe you can have a complete thought you can sometime put into practice for other people. My brain’s naturally a farty engine. I think I really struggle with bringing things from words to getting things done.
    Progressed Libra moon feels weird, but I tend to learn from this sign because even though it’s my south node, its concerns don’t feel natural to me. Generally I don’t worry about being polite. And I have issues with curbing what I want to do or my comfort for relationships. I’m also scared of them, that my ego will interfere and they won’t work out. I think I’ve been more scared that good ones won’t work out than into pursuing them or thinking I could collaborate and there’s something attractive in that. Idk it’s a learning process.

  33. Good morning,

    Just realized will have progressed venus in fourth rest of my life.
    Does this have much to do with rulerships?
    Venus rules fourth and ninth house. Will these themes of Jupiter appear.? My home becomes a philosophers home .
    Looks like national geo. Jupiter rules 11th 12th.

    1. Also, progressed sun 29 Taurus. Right now. Year of endings.
      Gemini sun rest of my life.

      Venus taurus 4th. Gemini Fourth and fifth.

      Aries rising progressed. In 5 yrs. Taurus. I get fat???

      Prog mars will be a grand trine with my neptune and mercury.
      Gem. . mercury natal aqua. 28 degrees. Neptune 28 libra.

      Any thoughts.

  34. Can we read the house signs on the progressed chart as a ‘new inner me’ ? I need some change. It would be exciting, this is what I am gonna do this evening. Read all about my progressed houses cusps signs.

    1. My venus will progress into cancer and stay there for 30 years or so. It was good to have a venus in gemini. I’m not ready for all that emotional side to emerge. I wish 10 more years of venus in gemini. It was good while it lasted. It was progressed rising in aquarius and venus in gemini all these years that helped me know and socialize with a lot of people. Isn’t south node where you aren’t supposed to be? -in cancer- And my 7th is also cancer.?

      1. You might want to consider your Solar Arc chart. Noel Tyl was an advocate of Solar Arc charts. (Note: this is not the same as a solar return chart.)
        I consider my progressed chart to be the long term workings of my development but from Mars out they don’t move much. I feel the Progressed moon changes every 30 months quite a bit. For instance: My prog moon in Taurus, trine natal Saturn & Sun which was having Saturn & Pluto transit to it, was my secret success to long lockdown. But w a shift to Gemini which aspects all 6 of my air signs I can barely sit still or stay off the phone. I’m getting better at managing/using that energy after first 5 months of it! The moon changes around every 30 months while progress Sun changes every thirty years. There is another learning curve! I think of them as chapters but still in the story arc of my natal chart. A change of sign – which also means element & mode- or house, especially on angles, or change from direct to retrograde are notable. But Solar arcs are rather fun. Also use super tight orbs in both progressed & arcs. I use 1* incoming & out going. Hope that helps!

        1. Hi & thank you for the advice! I saw some astro programs with the solar arcs chart so I will look at it from that angle too. Sounds like progressed moon in gemini is a bit restless, different vibe from the patient taurus. Have you ever had a planet in the progressed or solar arc that went retrograde? My progressed mercury is gonna be rx for 20 years or so in the distant future. And in a short time my sun will go into cancer. A new chapter indeed. 🙂

          1. My natal Venus was barely retrograde so it just (!) came back to conjunct natal Venus which is in a major opp to 1st house Pluto at age 72 & Right after transiting Saturn/Pluto conj my natal Sun. It’s fascinating to see how that opposition between Pluto & Venus is resolving itself!! The bane of my existence. 😉
            I’m looking at ephemeris re your interesting question. Yes. Mars turned retrograde at age 35 & shortly after I went back to college for masters/applied communication w interest in intra- & interpersonal communication. Later a 6 yr adventure in psychic healing/development. (Natal moon conj Neptune in Libra).
            W Venus crossing descendant in retrograde I married for 1st time & in direct motion had cancer w prog Moon on Sun (new beginning!) I woke up & took the steering wheel for my life…now I’m working from inner world to outer.
            Also at that time Uranus turned direct.
            At this point, if I’m not interested in something or someone, I CANNOT even pretend. W 6 air planets – 3 in 7th & another 3 in Libra plus a Libra moon conjunct Neptune…I gave myself away too long to too many because I didn’t know I didn’t have to. All my life I’ve done heavy healing work. Why? because I needed to. But prog Sun is in Aries/9th & baby, I’m flying.
            Our charts are a long game w many players/planets. No single aspect or change makes you or breaks you. Hold the wholeness of natal chart in mind while working the evolving pieces/planets. I believe our charts are holy, the face of God we are given to express in this world. It holds the majesty of being human & THAT is our sacred work!
            Thank God we have a heavenly map!!

            1. Fascinating! So there’s nothing to worry about planets going retrograde. Glad it all worked out for you, it all aligned in the end. Inter& intra personal communication is such an air dominant thing, haha. And moon/neptune and inner healing sounds spiritually delicious, yet I am sure that was quite a ride because it can’t be very easy to accept and heal our wounds very fast, but you can enjoy the fruits of your work now. Your progressed sun is thriving! I am looking forward to being an aries progressed rising with a dash of leo mercury/venus in my maturity years, could be more fun. And maybe a touch more creative and less self-conscious, one can hope. 😊

  35. My Jupiter changed signs few months ago, it went back to Sagittarius. Now it is making An exact Square to my Pluto. that Square is present in my natal chart anyway but much wider (5 degrees) so will I feel it more now that it is exact?

  36. I’m really excited about my Ascendant progressing into Aquarius in 2023!The most of the rest of my chart has progressed into Pisces so its transcend or detach lol.

    1. Progressed ascendant in Aquarius is good- can confirm! 👍 There’s gonna be something refreshing about it.

  37. I like this. I have seen progressions work in my life. For everything going on Progressed Moon is getting ready to conjunct my Natal Pluto in Virgo – and I am ok with that. I need more Virgo. I know that progressed Venus will be conjunct my Mercury in Gemini, so I am hoping this will be helpful to me. More Mercury – again – getting above the water line of Pisces. Progressed Sun is in Cancer in the 12th house. I have five more years in Cancer, and 10 more years in the 12th house. Explains a lot. I moved to DC when Progressed Sun entered the 12th house. It has been lonely and locked up.

  38. By the time my Venus goes into Virgo, I will be 76, so yes, quite possibly I will be unmarried by then, just because of the passage of time – many women live longer than men. On the other side of the coin, I met my husband when Venus progressed into Cancer. We had our daughter under progressed Venus in Cancer and made our home(s) – in various places!
    I was four years old when Venus first changed signs by progression, changing from Taurus to Gemini, making me a child who grew up loving to read and write, making up stories in my head, TV shows and learning languages – so that works out.
    Looking forward to seeing what Venus in Leo brings!

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