Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 2

These excerpts are all from letters to my mother. My mother is a double Aquarius and you can see the Aquarian themes here. He is making sure she knows he is no impinging on her freedom…and “friendship” is an Aquarian concept.

Henry was born in 1900, so it is easy to track how old he was when he wrote these letters. He is 55 when he can walk on his hands, for example.

Letter to my mother June 14, 1954 (My mother is fifteen here)

“…I thought you might want to visit your mother while they came over. I am not telling you what to do, just asking for information; you just do what you want to do.”

Letter to my mother September 21 1955 (She is sixteen, married and pregnant)

“…You say that you and Tiger are lonesome. Then why did you dispense with all your girlfriends (against my advice) when you got married? Friendships should be valued above most other things as they will go right on in the next life. Most things you can’t take with you, but friendships will endure through the ages…”

Letter to my mother October 29, 1956

“…I talked to (her cousin)’s new boyfriend. He is Italian and nice looking. He is psychic and gets information from spirits all the time. He said that some of his ancestors were gypsies and all gypsies believe in spirits…”

Letter to my mother March 14 1956

“…It may be years before you can understand this but you will. As I have told you many times before, the foundation for the beginning of spiritual development is to have a mind absolutely free from hatred, prejudice and ill will of any kind. In this life, the only important thing is spiritual development (all other things are only temporary).

pictured – Henry with my mother on the beach in Mexico and on the street in the desert city where they lived. Henry was a single parent, raising my mother by himself, from the terrible twos on…

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21 thoughts on “Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 2”

  1. Wow. I’m in _love_ with your grandpa. Is this a common thing for Capricorns to get like this when they’re older (or more common with other things, such as the Sag influence)? I’ve heard Caps age in reverse, but your grandpa realllly did that. He is so neat. I wish I could read all his letters…

  2. I have always SO enjoyed your grandfathers words. Again, I have been inspired to reach to new heights today. Thank you.

  3. oh how wonderful! thank you so much for sharing Henry’s words. i love the concept of friendships enduring from one life to the next.

  4. have you read “glass castle” by jeanette walls? i thought of you and your life as i read it. i dont mean to box you at all, just wondered. i dont know you at all and am always so intrigued by your stories and where you have been. you are so damn interesting. your ability to weave a story out of the memories always amazes me.

  5. “the foundation for the beginning of spiritual development is to have a mind absolutely free from hatred, prejudice and ill will of any kind….”

    These are words I wish we could hear today from the many so-called “men of God” who spew hatred and intolerance. You were blessed to have such a wonderful, wise man in your life.

  6. Your grandfather was indeed very special. How many men think about “spiritual development” which is free from control. I wonder if your mother appreciated her father who was truly ” a Guru in the desert?”

  7. How special that you still have his letters. They are forever guidance to all of his descendants! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be able to take something from what he wrote, because he is addressing the core of being human.

  8. For me his words are tough to swallow in the last quote. Advice about the way to be spiritually enlightened and otherwise correct, even not when addressed specifically to me, has always tweaked out my feelings in some way. Because I want to be spiritually evolved and it’s tough? Because I want to understand what someone says immediately? When I read all the gospels, I thought that Jesus was a hard ass.

  9. I’m a Sadge Sun. The most important thing to me in life has always been to be honest. That seems to come naturally.

    I’ve lived my own truth, always, and it wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have Uranus in the 10th house, so I have a lot of different ideas that might seem outside of the box to some people.

    I loved what Henry had to say about life. He was so disciplined and so right in a lot of ways. I laughed at what he said about Gypsies “He said that some of his ancestors were gypsies and all gypsies believe in spirits…” My family was from Hungary and they all believed in different things like reincarnation, crystal balls, astrology, astral projection, etc. He was so right.

    He was right about a lot of other things too. In one part he talked about being alone vs. being with people. I so agree that other people enhance your life as opposed to being a hermit.

    I am nowhere near Henry’s discipline in life but I respect his point of view.
    I think Saturn in Sadge is a downer so far. This is my second Saturn in Sadge return. In my first return things were a little dicey too, but we bought a house. The one I’m still living in. This time around there are no benefits I can see.

  10. i dont know why i thought of it, when i read Henry’s excerpt about friendship enduring through the ages, and not to abandon your friends even if one gets married; I was watching this netflix series, Frankie and Gracie, starring Jane Fonda who is a sag sun/leo moon, with Lily Tomlin virgo sun/aries moon, and how they got together towards the 3rd phase of their life (in their 70s) after their husbands of 40 years abandoned them. It’s kind of like, you never know what will happen, and when you need to turn to those who will Always be there for you. Anyway, i enjoyed reading his excerpts, about gypsies and fairies and spirituality being the most important in this life.

  11. damn. this was like hearing a stern yet calm version of my higher self. sorry for spamming and e-mailing you elsa. i have the double cap-sag stelliums. i thought i was enlightened, but i have so much anger and abandonment straight up in my chart. i have all my mom’s karma and my dad’s is missing or fused with hers. he made me realize the purpose of the 11-12th house mix. it’s the anime one piece. nakama. i have to become stronger. this world is not what we think it is.

  12. Your Grandfather, Henry, is an advanced, tough,
    dynamic, loving, very dear old soul and it was
    truly fun to learn about him. Your mom and you
    we’re blessed to know him and to be related!
    Thanks again, Elsa! I hope that someday you
    may get to learn about Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet— (whom most of us called Mother).

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