Henry Rollins’ Natal Chart And Unknown Birthtimes In General

Henry Rollins“I don’t believe in fate or destiny. I believe in various degrees of hatred, paranoia, and abandonment. However much of that gets heaped upon you doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of how much you can take and what it does to you.”
–Henry Rollins

When I look for a celebrity’s chart my first stop is to google “(celebrity-name) natal chart.” When I did this with Henry Rollins it was pretty clear that his birthplace is Washington D.C. but his birthtime is unknown. The charts that showed up on Google were using a noon birthtime, which puts his Moon in Aquarius. While I can see it, I can also see the Capricorn Moon I get when I put in midnight on the morning of his birth.

That’s part of the problem with trying to cast a chart for someone when the moon changes signs within the day. Knowing Henry Rollins’ public reputation an argument could be made for either Aquarius Moon or Capricorn Moon. The thing is, not BEING Henry Rollins, I haven’t the remotest idea how he FEELS, so I’m not going to guess.

A person stands a better chance of guessing someone’s rising sign. The rising sign can manifest externally as appearance. That is still a shot in the almost dark, though, as planets aspecting the ascendent can have an impact on appearance as well. At midnight, Henry Rollins’ supposed ascendent would be Scorpio and that’s better than a shot in the dark since he is very plutonic, clearly. You don’t have to use a birthtime at all; you can select unknown time and just see how the planets relate. However, I am most comfortable seeing the little lines I’m used to seeing. I just have to remember they’re arbitrary.

Henry Rollins Natal Chart, midnight (not correct time)CIick image to enlarge

So what can we see about Henry Rollins from this chart? First of all he’s an Aquarian, an innovator, with his ruling planet opposing in Leo. He may rant and he may seem egotistical to some but his core ego is humanitarian. His method of communicating is that of Mercury in Pisces in opposition to Pluto. He is a forceful and dangerous communicator; what he says is deep, but it is also ethereal and inspired. He is also prone to having his communications misinterpreted, particularly because of their ferocity.

Another truly seminal part of Henry Rollins’ makeup is his zero degree Cancer Mars. It aspects the Aries Point, cardinal, and it picks up that extra charge of being a solstice point. While Cancer Mars is not the most martial Mars, that zero degree gives it oomph. It also benefits from its relation to the Mercury Pluto opposition. His energy is amplified when it pours into his communications. In his purely physical actions I would suspect he may be more refined.

Henry Rollins’ Venus in Aries is not part of any major aspects unless the Moon is further along in Aquarius, so it’s harder to assess. It does make a quincunx to Neptune in Scorpio, however, and creates a Venus Neptune energy linkage. With the quincunx this could be divine yearning or pining, an urge to merge in partnership which must find balance with one’s individuality, or countless other manifestations of these two energies which are challenging to merge.

Henry Rollins is one of my very favorite public figures. I can see why when I see his planetary placements. Who is one of your favorites? Have you looked at their chart?

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  1. As far as his Mercury goes, I wanted to add: his speech reminds me of iconic war photos, beauty and brutality linked, violently ephemeral, viscerally gripping yet uplifting.

  2. from a jazz genre Id bet moon in cap. as great as his music is it does not have the phraseology of a moon in aqu., too structured. think al demeola versus carlos santana

  3. do you mean the chart itself or the tables that usually accompany an astro.com chart? if its the latter, I cropped them out.

  4. Ah, boo, my comment was eaten. The first song of his that came to my mind when I contemplated his moon sign was Black Flag’s “Family Man” – “family man, I wanna crucify you to your front door, with nails from your well stocked garage, family man, family man. family man. Saint dad. Father on fire. I’ve come to incinerate you I’ve come home.”
    Sounds pretty Cappy moon to me. 🙂
    Satori, you and I apparently have similar tastes in music, so I always enjoy it when you post lyrics, or incorporate them into your posts…because if I don’t recognize the artist, I know I’m in for a treat when I go check them out!

  5. OK… I made my own chart for him so I could see the bottom. I’m not at all familiar with Henry, but I’ve a feeling we would get along! We have some interesting similarities going on…

    Scorpio Rising (his 17 deg, mine 12 deg)
    Neptune conjunct AC (his at 11 deg, mine at 13 deg)
    Venus in Aries (his 10 deg, mine 17 deg)
    Mercury (his 9 mine 14) Pluto (his 7, mine 8) opposition
    Chiron in Pisces (his 1 deg, mine 8 deg)
    Uranus and MC conjunction in Leo/10th

    WOW… I’m gonna have to check this guy out!

  6. now, remember, the ascribed birthtime is of my making; the angles and house system are grabbed entirely out of the air.

  7. i’d also vote for cap moon. he’s got strong cap somewhere, for sure. moon jupiter makes a lot of sense, too… he’s very “big” in the cappyness… it kinda’ pours out of him.

  8. Ahh, Satori;
    Your topic’s pulled me out from under the rock (briefly).
    From my trove of quote files-just a very few classic HRollins:
    “How it hurts me to know that I will never be able to give you everything I have.” and,
    “Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”

  9. oh, wait…just one more!
    “It’s hard to get along with people. As much as you try to like them and accept them as individuals, it becomes difficult because they keep getting out of line and wasting your time.”

  10. its nice to see music finding a symbiosis with astrology considering its the second octave of mathematics the root of astrology.

  11. One of my favorites is Gaga. Aries Sun with a Scorpio moon and a Mercury in Pisces. No birthtime, but I think her Asc is in Cap, because that would put her Mars on the rising in the 12th, Dsc in Cancer (“Mother Monster”), progressed Asc in Aquarius, etc.

  12. But what you said about “not being him, I don’t know how he feels” is very apt.

    I would guess Cap Moon for Henry Rollins because Cap Moon people bury their emotions deep… like a volcano. And that energy can be mighty twisted when it finally comes to the surface. Aquarius Moon people I have known have always been much lighter.

  13. I vote cap moon too. He came to speak at my campus graduation not too long ago, and his words struck me as very cap- like, full of talk of responsibility in living your life. He seemed very humble and honored to have been invited. Plus I’m cap moon, and it takes one to know one!

  14. I’d still like a good cheat sheet for guessing Asc based on physical appearances. Astrofaces doesn’t quite do it for me. I want someone to tell me what characteristics go with what rising sign.

  15. kinda helpful to me…not because of Henry Rollins but because my bf has an unknown birthtime too… and the moon moves from cap to aqua on his date of birth. Pretty sure now he has a cappy moon based on everyone’s comments here 🙂 thanks guys.

  16. Avatar

    Cool post! I’m sure no one will see this by now but I’m gonna toss it in anyway. I completely agree with Scorpio rising, too much of that energy right up front (along with certain looks and the body transformation) to overlook it. Much in common with several I’ve known. However, I would argue that the birth time might be closer to 1am; Sun in 3 (writer/poet/singer/speaker) with that industrious little Moon cluster ‘making it’s living’ in 2. And I just don’t see him as a 4th house Sun, imho. But I do see Pl/nn/Merc as possibly more angular, esp Pl/nn really, *really* embodying it’s collective/generational influence in/as career. Uranus works in either 9 or 10 but in terms of his creative applications in terms of ‘getting out there’, I’m apt to agree more with 9. Just MHO, any thoughts or opinions welcome.

  17. His asc is cancer, and nothing else with such eyes can be.
    Mars on an ascendant. Because of him at such folds on a face, and such sports constitution.

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