Have You Met True Evil In Your Life?

ElsaElsa ask the collectiveMy husband made a remark last night, he’s not sure that I’ve ever dealt with true evil.  I thought about it a minute and I think he may be right.

Most of the people I meet are quite good. I also meet people who aspire to be evil but they’re not very successful, in my opinion.

To try to be clear, “screwed up” is not “evil” in my mind.  It’s not even close.

What do you know about evil?  Can you tie this to your chart?

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    1. Does ‘just barely survived due to luck and happenestance’ count?

      [‘Oh the fun I didn’t have.’]

      1. I’ve had several ” hard earned for” (and yes things can be precious) valuables taken from me by thieves throughout my life as well as having three friends who were murdered. I was mugged at gun point once, beaten up once and had an abusive mate for a while ten years prior to this. I have experienced this kind of evil…Emotionally devastating, gut wrenching, grief stricken, heart breaking. As I write this I need to say that I survived it all, healing up well. That kind of spiritual, psychological guidance was there for me every time (real life Angela). I’m now in mid life, in a blessed place in my life. Some, myself included, confront evil as a healing crisis for the soul. I wouldn’t have chosen this path, but my lessons around self awareness and self care were in my face before I could really “get it” and gain a healthy protective outer shell. As a matter of fact I am just this week coming out of a Mars transit to my Uranus and I was kind of looking out for some sort of “Danger Will Robins” but the transit proved to be a tell tail sign that I’m over it.

  1. Yes, I feel that I have. My maternal grandmother was a Scorpio psychopath who did everything possible from day 1 to kill my Mother without actually doing the physical act. At age 84 she conned my Mother in to letting her MOVE IN, then get her fired from her job, ran up her bills, got the utilities shut off, reported her to the IRS, and nearly got her house foreclosed on and car repo’d. I fought the banks to keep the house and car for my Mom while the case went to court for ‘unjust enrichment’-once my Mom wised up she threw the bitch out. I hired the attorney, I was Mom’s rock, I got her out of that with enough left to not be in a homeless shelter. My grandmother lied her ass off to the court and got found out. It was her ONLY defeat in a life of walking over the bodies and laughing about it. She died not that much later. I had a stroke from the stress, at age 35. I still have some numbness on my left side.

    My Father was another, abusive alcoholic. Cancer in the wrong liquid. They got a divorce when I was 18, way too late. Ten weeks later he drove by the house with his brother in the driver’s seat. I was at the front window when I turned around and saw his hanging out with a shotgun. Yes, he pulled the trigger, We picked buckshot out of the walls for weeks. NONE of it hit me. I call that divine intervention.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Holy crap, your maternal grandmother is wild! Oh my God! I would be scared of her, and moved out.

      1. Most people WERE scared of her, including her own brothers and sisters. As far as I know I was the ONLY person who ever stood up to her.

    2. Your Dad sounds like my evil quasi-step-dad and maybe his evil sons. Mine never tried to kill me, although I think he was maybe involved in one and perhaps two (or more!) murders. Instead he sicced his son on me – the step-father was always keen to take great care not to get caught.

      Random gunfire in one’s general direction for no reason certainly livens up the day.

      [‘Sorry that stuff happened to you.’]

      1. Thanks Max. I had a pretty good case of PTSD for a few years after that, even got murdered in my dreams. Flunked out of college because of it. Of course back then we didn’t know what PTSD was.

        1. PTSD? Oh, yeah, I got that. And yeah, I was always getting killed in my dreams. Over and over and over and over again.


          [‘They had figured out, but even then it still took a bunch of work.’]

  2. I would imagine, Elsa, that your husband saw humans perpetuate unspeakable horrors on other humans, seemingly without remorse. Like the aftermath of Jim Jones. I consider him, and and, oh, Hitler, to be truly evil. And others that have no regard for human life, even seem to take joy in the suffering of others. I don’t know what the astrology would be for that, and I imagine it is a very potent, toxic mixture of nature AND nurture.

  3. As a psychic I have seen evil, hexes, spells, you name it that are placed on innocent people, and maybe some who deserve it. We have to know evil in order to know good. My spiritual connection to God is what guides me to help, and to share my healing and teachings to as many as I can. There are choices we make in life, and I choose not to be evil. But I have not walked in everyone’s shoes. Blessings!

  4. Unfortunately, i have indeed been in the presence of evil a couple of times. The one time in particular that comes to mind, was when my car broke down with a flat on an interstate on my way home from work late at night. A man stopped behind me and told me that there was an all night gas station on the road by the off ramp if I could make it. He tried to be friendly , but my spider senses were going crazy. He pulled away and my logical mind kept arguing with me that I was being ridiculous. So, I tried to drive to the gas station. Believe it or not, on the way, my “Angel” told me to get away fast” sure enough the “man” came up behind me and tried to run me off the road and it was desolate.The “Angel” guided me to another road and sure enough there was a store and someone was outside at that moment! I hit my horn.He glanced up and the guy behind me raced off! The man at the store pumped up my tire and I got back on the interstate and waited for a Trooper. After giving my report, He helped me change my tire. The next day, I got a call from the baracks Lieutenant who told me I was extremely lucky. Someone else had not been as lucky as I had been. Years later I saw a picture of Ted Bundy, It was him.

    1. Oh wow! You actually had a run-in with Ted Bundy. I watch a lot of the ID channel and the documentaries on serial killers and he was very violent. It’s good that you got away from him. Yes, true evil does exist. In 2002, there was a murder where I worked and the man that did it was such a quiet person that it really shocked me to find out that he had killed anyone.
      I think Uranus in bad aspect to Mars, and Pluto has a lot to do with violence. Ted Bundy had Mars opposing his Uranus and he claimed that he felt an “Entity” took him over when he killed. Disturbing and I am glad that you were one of those to escape him.

      1. I had been told that our family had powerful angels protecting them, however, I took it with a grain of salt. It wasn’t until I was older and began to get and recognize the messages that I knew what I was told was correct. I think many of us as we have advanced as a species have lost the basic ability to sense danger and many other of our original animal senses. Thank you for your good wishes. I was quite shocked when I saw a picture of him and realized it had been him! Gave me quite a start and I offered up quite a few more prayers again!

        1. I have a guide that steers me away from danger, too. And I am very grateful to him that he has kept me safe. I had an encounter with a person that had intended to rape me but didn’t get a chance. The next day, it was all over the community that he had succeeded. This guy ended up getting killed later. But you are welcome and yes, a lot of times people ignore the warnings and it leads to danger. I ignored it once in 2003. My guide told me to not open the doors after work and I did not listen and well I got robbed. From then on, I have listened to his voice. At the risk of sounding insane, I believe in things that can’t be explained. And like you, I am grateful for the extra help.

          1. I was walking to the grocery store one day and had a thought that I should go a different route. I didn’t. I saw this man aggressively leave an empty lot and grab something from the ground. Intuition told me he was going to get violent. Luckily a group of teenaged boys came and I was able to get the eff away. My body screamed run. There is way too much violence where I live to not listen to subtleties. I learned a lesson that day.

            1. When you ignore the warning, you usually end up regretting it. One of the times that got me was when I had just came home from work around 2AM and was laying down, my husband went back to work after bringing me home. Suddenly, I heard my guide tell me to get up and get a knife! I ARGUED with him! He shouted in my inner ear, “GIRL! GET UP AND GET A KNIFE NOW! Your doorknob is about to turn.” I ran to get a knife and sure enough the doorknob started jingling. I froze and did not dare move! Whoever it was left, thankfully. When my husband got home the next morning, I told him what had happened and he was grateful that I had not been harmed. And I was thankful that I was warned.

          2. I normally don’t discuss the fact that I get periodic signals/ warnings or when I get a message or a premonition. It’s not like I get them every day!I will say that they have increased over the years and I get more kind of validations than anything else since I have accepted it.As I said, I don’t talk about this to people except my family. I just recently found out that it’s now happening to my daughter….

  5. The ex has Saturn on his Asc and had made mention of Anton LeVey in the early days and seemed overly interested in Nazi Germany. I thought he was being ironic. He dragged our eldest daughter by her hair across the floor on the one occasion I was allowed to paint when she was 7 and I’ll never forget her screaming. He killed next door’s dog ~ I didn’t think he did it because no one could do that and not show any flicker of emotion, right? It took me too long to realize he’d deliberately placed our children in harms way.
    He’s a Libran and I’ve too many planets in Scorpio not to be a more likely suspect (stellium in 5th apposed by Saturn). I was called evil as a child while he was his mother’s golden boy. Only a few days ago I met someone who knew him many years ago and his “one abiding memory” of him was of cruelty to animals. He has more recently described two of our children as “devils” (they are all lovely).
    His dirty tricks during the contested custody case (etc) had me so stressed most of my hair fell out. How do you counter someone who is, as he told a friend some years ago, intent on destroying you? As well as Saturn opposing most things, I have Pluto on my IC.
    If anyone has got any handy tips for foiling evil please share!

    1. If anyone has got any handy tips for foiling evil please share!

      Avoid it. And get ready to fight when needed.

      [‘There is no other tip that I’ve seen.’]

      1. Situational awareness! Don’t walk around with your earbuds in not paying attention to what is going on around you. Don’t ignore that gut feeling you are in danger if you get it. Don’t go to parties where people are doing drugs and getting screwed up.

        1. I agree about situational awareness, KaD! I’m not saying people who walk around with their earbuds in deserve to have harm come to them, but you have to keep your wits about you! Reading all these comments I realize how blessed/lucky/guarded I have been. I have met some real bit*hes and a$$holes in my life, but I don’t think I’ve encountered evil. I am always amazed though, by (usually young people) who ride bikes in traffic, walk after dark in areas of the city where they should be aware, while listening to music with earbuds or glued to their phones.

          I’m not sure on tips to foil evil but, prayer, gratitude, carrying some sort of medal for protection, I keep a St. Christopher’s medal on my keychain and wear one on a necklace every time I travel out of town, sage spray in your home or on your person, surrounding yourself with good people, that’s a start. I don’t know how to account for innocent people who are killed or harmed randomly.

      2. Yes, the best advice I was given was one word: ‘fight!’ but it’s harder when the courts uphold the father’s rights no matter what damage to children. Even though he has form and a psychologist identified he has a profound lack of empathy.

        I’m sure they prey on the innocent because of lack of retribution. I hope people get what they deserve but I can’t say, the worst of them seem to be teflon coated. Psychologists couches and psyche wards on the other hand are full of those who ran into these people.

    2. The one I knew was cruel to animals as well. But really he was anti-innocent. He hates innocence so will be driven to destroy it whenever he sees it.

      1. I’ve read about serial killers and I notice that if one is in a presence of another evil, they get together, as if they know eachother well– like an affinity, which gives the meaning ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

  6. Evil exists always worst than before just run don’t look back there is no figuring it out very bad seed

  7. Real evil has an impact that you will never forget, Elsa. You will never post something like this in uncertainty or confusion once it has entered your life. Most of the people here posted about evil exes or relatives; everyone of those people had a chance to walk or fight back or kick the cunt to the curb. When I was 26, I witnessed a brutal Shariah killing, a man who whipped another man to death for thieving in the middle of an airport to set an example for an entire country and its culture. The Stars certainly supported this potential for agony on that day someplace on this earth. Evil doesn’t have to help you to change your life, make you feel helpless, make you turn against the beliefs of 1.5 billion people on earth, etc…

    1. Monica, I can’t imagine watching someone die like that or how you would begin to change that situation or cope with witnessing it.
      Evil does happen everyday: drone strikes, death sentences for those who turn out to be innocent, slaughter (murder rate spikes near slaughterhouses).
      Concerning violent exs ~ the women often know instinctively what the stats bear out, that a woman and her children are more likely to be killed during and following an attempt to get away. In a recent 2 year period in the US 175 children were killed after courts ordered abusive fathers have access.

  8. I have met one. I think he would have killed me if he felt he could’ve gotten away with it. I think he was kind of scared of me too. Evil can be weak. It can.

    And fwiw I don’t think evil is very common. At least where I live. I doubt if I’ll ever meet one again. I don’t know what I would do if I did meet one.

  9. I barely escaped being killed in TWO different mass shootings.

    The first was when I was stopped at a red light and a red car pulled along side me on the driver`s side – the man in the passenger seat had a gun and motioned for me to pull over. I speed off doing about 80 mph and lost them. I read in the paper several days later that they had been right in the middle of a “kill for thrill” killing spree when I encountered them -4 dead. ( Lesko and Travaglia case )

    The second time,I had just left a coffee shop and was sitting in my car in the parking lot when a psychiatric patient ran right in front of me in parking lot waving a gun, he shot and killed 2, wounded 3 in the immediate vicinity. ( Ronald Taylor case)

    I have a lot of Pluto in my chart – Pluto on the ascendant, 12 house.

  10. Are you talking about the individual that enters the room and I feel the temperature drop to cold? I don’t know if that is evil. It is cold. And then there is stone cold empty? I’ve sensed that. Bat shit crazy vindictive? That’s obsession. I can’t let it in my space. Don’t wanna be attracting any of that.

    There are people who have zero emotional intelligence when it comes to others. They are mindless and self serving, or cause serving, with no thought of anyone else. And then there are people that have emotional intelligence and use it to intentionally harm others. I’ve seen them laugh when they hurt others. I think they are called sadists.

  11. Avatar

    Yeah i think i fell victim to this . i regret this i loved someone who doesnt love me but has been intimately involved with me i was just used to kill time for this person while he was waiting on his exgirlfriend to finish university .I grew to love this person accepted all his flaws my love was unselfish but now i realize that God made me go through this because i should not put no man infront of him its God my baby, myself, and my man. Im accepting in the situation its emotionally draining and depressing. I wish i could do it where i dont make that mistake snd the right person comes in my life and treat me like there queen because i know i am beyond unique.

  12. I am curious as to why this topic is the subject for this time period? Could it be for the religious conflicts of the times or the celestial manifestations at present or what is coming in the future?

  13. Once. It was in the French Quarter in New Orleans right by the river & after a gig – like 4 or 5 am. We were walking down the street & walked through a drug deal or something going down. Our band practice house was in Brightmoor Detroit, where 4 of us also lived, so drug deals/crime weren’t unfamiliar to see (and lots of automatic weapons fire).

    But the feeling walking in that street was so profoundly BAD negative EVIL we all just kind of looked at each other wide-eyed and started running.

  14. In Dante’s inferno…the circle second closest to the center of hell has a guy with his face buried half in the ice and half out. Yes, Dante describes most of hell with fire metaphors but, as it gets closer to the center of hell, the landscape becomes ice. The guy stuck in ice couldn’t cry with regrets over what he had done because his tears would freeze. The crime associated with this metaphor was killing his own kin. This, however, wasn’t the center of hell!! There was actually still a cold wind blowing, which meant somewhere off in the distance there was warmth in the air (an inkling of remorse). That this person even wanted to cry, but couldn’t, I guess is one step above the center of hell. The center of hell was not violence (which requires passion and heat of some sort). It was betrayal. A three headed (liar) gnawing on Judas and other folks pretending to be your friend and benefactor and, all the while, betraying you by consorting with your enemy. I can’t think of anything more evil than having someone you love in cohorts with your enemy. I think that is true evil. To smile and spend years of personal time learning your weak spots only to expose them and offer them up to someone else whose whole existence is invested in hurting/humiliating you. The “traitor” I think is real evil because it hurts deep enough to drive a person insane. All these serial killers become what they are usually by a deep betrayal from someone who was suppose to be protecting them (usually their parent but sometimes a lover).

      1. ‘Sociopath’ is mostly a new way of saying ‘psychopath’ as psychopath gets confused with ‘psychotic’, which is mental illness and something else again. ‘Psychopath’ is classed as a personality disorder and the psychopath generally doesn’t see they have a problem but an advantage. They function on a different basis ~ the key to their condition, if you can call it that, is lack of empathy and there are measurable differences in how the brain functions with something ‘missing’ as it were in the frontal cortex.
        That’s my understanding from what I’ve read of Robert Hare’s work and similar. One book I read described mannerisms they have and it put chills through me. Some are thought to be like this from birth and the other type others perhaps switch in response to neglect and abuse coupled with adoration. They are often the golden child. They seem to be drawn to those with empathy seeing a resource they can study and utilize to their advantage. Unfortunately many are drawn to politics. Not all psychopaths are violent but all are liars.

  15. I recently encountered an area that seemed evil. It was unfamiliar, to me, and seemed straight out of “house of wax”. Anyway driving down that road, never knowing who was behind me was scary, I didn’t feel safe at all, the road was so dark as was the night.

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