Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Believing Things Into Reality

So about these older African men, after all these years of this happening, I got to thinking about it. Because it never fails. I have had an older black man supporting me, and I mean absolutely accepting me and everything about me without equivocation all my life.

And when I move or they move, another man shows up. Someone just pops up to take this position and place in my life and here I go again with another African father figure.

And there is always a motorcycle involved! But never mind that, at least for now. The point is eventually I had to think about this. Why does this happen?

And I thought about the psychology and all kinds of things deep and meaningful. And I am aware this phenomenon is rooted to my core. But bottom line, I think this happens because I have some kind of imprint. You know. When I see an older black man, I just totally expect we’re going to hit off, have some fun, understand and appreciate each other and the whole nine yards.

And my face and my body language must convey this, right? Because these men I meet don’t have my background. It’s my script. But this constellates almost immediately, without fail so there has to be something in my demeanor.

And the point is I have this strong belief (Neptune) that older black men are incredibly freakishly cool to know. I believe this is real (Saturn) and it appears that what I believe becomes real because I believe it.

And I so seriously (Saturn) believe this (Neptune)… I’ve taken profound action. I have made life decisions based on this and I’ll tell you about them in my next blog. Meantime, you tell me.

Do you think you can believe something into reality? Or no?

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7 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Believing Things Into Reality”

  1. Absolutely. Without question. Great post. 🙂

    I was lucky enough to get a tarot reading when I was 13 years old and very impressionable. This awesome woman knew the magic and power fo this very thing, and told me I’d always have enough money, some day would become very rich. SO, I’ve always had enough. I’m still awaiting the ‘very rich’ part, but I know I WILL always have enough. I’ve never worried about money, and depsite it sometimes not always being easy, I had ‘enough’ somehow.

  2. No.

    “Thinking it” or “wishing it” don’t make it so.

    But you can ~help~ (i.e., *push*) yourself in a given direction. (Good or bad – your choice.) Definitely.

  3. Yes, yes I do. But you have to believe it all the way to your core.

    Maybe it’s just cause I’ve got a lot of fairy dust in my chart, but when I really truly decide I want something, and put a call out to the universe (give voice to -exactly- what I want, that is) it happens, usually out of left field, and it usually turns out much differently than I had originally anticipated, but the core thing that I asked for happens.

    I’ve only ever done this a couple of times in my life, for good reasons. First off, gifts shouldn’t be abused. Secondly, I only rarely truly know what I want, and what I want tends to change all the time. The last thing I want to do is conjure something into being which it turns out later I didn’t even really want, and I’m not sure it would work if I tried anyways.


  4. there’s are a couple of wonderful movies on this very subject [what the bleep do we know?, what the bleep do we know? down the rabbit hole, and the secret]. the last one is a bit almost infomercially for me, but they all revolve around this concept. they have made profound impressions on me. i believe whole-heartedly that we manifest our reality.

  5. yes, completely. ‘I believe this is real (Saturn) and it appears that what I believe becomes real because I believe it’
    this is so true! believing something gives you the power to see it from a particular perspective. you see all of its potential to succeed. and alternately, not believing gives you the ability to see all that is wrong/limited…its potential to fail. but being selective about your beliefs creates the best scenario…things can and do come true when you believe/know something down to your core 😉

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