Mars, Mercury, Saturn T-square – Timing A Plan With Precision

barber shop frontA number of people have written me over the last week or so. They admire how I can get things done.  It may be think about this. I realized I learned this skill from my husband.

If you don’t know already, my husband is a retired Green Beret. He certainly knows how to plan a mission!

I found this out when he moved here so we could marry.   He had a lot to do in a narrow time frame. He planned the operation, literally, in fifteen minute increments.

He had everything neatly written out. I laughed out loud when I saw he’d scheduled a stop at the barber in the middle of this. But it was not a joke!

“You’re going to say goodbye to your barber?”

“No, I’m going to get a haircut.”

“You’re not going to tell him you’re leaving?”

“No, I’m going to tell him to cut my hair – he’s got fifteen minutes to do it!”

That’s exactly what happened, by the way. As a matter of fact, everything he planned went off without a hitch. I was astonished and impressed.

Today, I can do this too, sort of. I’m not quite as meticulous, but I’ve learned to come up with a schedule that’s doable and get everyone to stick with it.

This is related to the dominos falling, I mentioned here: How To Interrupt A Chain Of Events Leading To Catastrophe.  Except in this case, I’m the one setting up the dominos…and then keeping an eye on them, so they fall as planned.

I’m posting this for people who would like to be more effective in their lives. And because Mars will conjunct Mercury in April.  I’ve got my eye on this.

9 thoughts on “Mars, Mercury, Saturn T-square – Timing A Plan With Precision”

  1. Thank you indeed! It is my quest as I reinvent myself in my second act to be more efficient. As in so many things the past 14 years, you inspire, encourage and instruct and I am grateful to have learned along the way. Happy moving!!

  2. I am just recently learning how to use my Aries Mars energy properly instead of letting it run wild. I do have Saturn square Mars after all, so I have to use this to become more effective, instead of allowing it to restrict me.

  3. Elsa, we have very similar chart wheels being affected by the Uranus Pluto Square, but my life just plods along, inspite of Mars, Mercury, Saturn and all my angles being affected. I know everyone’s chart is very different, but did you ever see transits with no affect? thanks

    1. No, I have never seen that.

      I have heard people say that, but invariably if I look at their chart and talk to them for five minutes, it’s apparent what is happening.

  4. Avatar
    Darion Martin

    Talking about Mercury and Mars is like talking about Aquarius to me. -(Mars and Mercury in Aquarius)- I may as well expect anything! April is supposed to be all cheese and grits, but we’ll see if I can get an omelette beside a steaming skillet containing a medium rare steak, and raw shrimp in unlimited quantities. Hey it could happen…

  5. A year from now this will be the last day of February(just like when this post was written) and tomorrow(which will be Monday the 2nd) will be on a Tuesday.
    Venus and Mars are still making waves in social astrology talk along with the Moon in Cancer today. The Mars conjunction is refreshing but the kind of confusion of the weekend seemed to pull me back to looking at Mystic Rectangles and the current Grand Trine.
    The thing about the Mystic Rectangles of the day is that they hinge on the MC/IC and The Asendant and Descendant.; there are no planets at one of those points(axis) …
    Whirlwinds of disoriented people and people everywhere that kept turning back for second efforts ; kind of confused flows.
    My guess is that the influence in the sky is more like an insinuation or false recognition, imaginary… As opposed to so many people likely to have planets in there personal charts to close the patterns.
    This link was helpful, but if you noticed , or notice more later, I will watch for this reply too! Thanks!

  6. I truly envy your husband. I have never, ever been able to plan my life. But then, Uranus is sitting on my midheaven in T-square to Saturn and Jupiter. I gave up about 23 years ago when Uranus (and then Neptune) crossed the nadir. What a messy messy chaos! I can laugh about it now, but if I hadn’t known about transits I might have committed suicide. It’s too bad more people don’t know what a beautiful road map astrology is.

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