What Happens When You Piss Off The Universe (Or God)?

titanticHere is a Jupiter in Sagittarius question regarding your beliefs. Carielle wrote about a series of traumatic events during a Pluto transit and wound up with this:

“…and have gotten better, which is probably a good thing, as people were starting to ask me what I did to piss off God that badly.”

This was interesting because I was going to post on exactly this topic. The soldier feels he pissed off God quite severely at one time and he is now living a series of lives… many, many, many, many lives meant to teach him a lesson. We were talking about this more extensively this weekend and he said…

“I am here to tell you, that you just don’t want to go around pissing off God. For example, take the Titanic. That guy said, God couldn’t even sink this ship! So what do you think God is going to do? God is going to teach that guy a lesson, that’s what. And not only is he going to sink the ship, he’s going to do it with an ice cube! There! There is your ship, God can’t sink! I sunk it with an ice cube, you bastard!”

Do you think it’s possible to piss of the Universe?

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  1. Yes, it’s possible. I thought God was responsible for all karma, making sure it gets back to you. Through the universe or through rotten people. Mostly because humans always want to take something into their own hands, instead of releasing it to God. We are a breed of animal, the most dangerous kind. Though there’s good karma also.

  2. I have no idea the answer to this question but soldier says, “If you piss off God, you’ll know it,” and claims to speak from experience.

    Personally, I don’t think I have pissed God off so I wouldn’t know.

    I generally check with God before I do one of my little exploits just to make sure I can get away with it and I almost always get a thumbs up. And my exploits aren’t really all that little, come to think of it so I guess I’ll not think of it. 😉

  3. I think people need to be careful with the idea of karma, as it can be used to blame someone for the pain that happens around them, as if they MUST have done something terrible in order to suffer. Because if they were genuinely good people, bad “karma” wouldn’t happen, right? It’s really not that simple.

    I asked many times what I did to “deserve” losing everyone that mattered to me when I lost my family. I asked what my ex did to “deserve” suffering with brain cancer for years (he died this past June). And you know what? The answer is nothing. People didn’t die around me because I did something to piss off the universe. Life happened in all its horrific complexity, and I found a way to deal with it.

    So my answer is, I don’t think it’s possible to piss off the Universe (Or God, or Whoever). I think that the Universe is not bound by human emotion of which anger is one. I think we have to learn to deal with all that life is, in its infinite variations and complexities. The learning is oftentimes through difficulty (though, really, sometimes people learn through being blessed with abundance as well).

    Then again, maybe that belief is the only way I could get through what happened without losing my mind. 😉 Who knows?

  4. I agree with Carielle. I don’t personally think it is possible for the universe or god to be pissed off. Although the scriptures have a different view.

    My feeling of the universe is that of tough love 🙂

  5. No, I don’t think so. The Universe knows what it’s doing, it doesn’t need to get pissed. You can definitely do bad things (or good things) and end up reaping what you sow for many lifetimes if need be. I remember when I studied weather in school as a kid my teacher told me that all “bad” weather is just an attempt on the part of the atmosphere to balance everything out again and if you think about it, you can apply this belief to karma. “Bad” karma is just an attempt for the universe or soul or whatever to right itself again. I’ve done a bit of past life regression and I truly believe we all have lessons to learn in each life we live. Our souls seek these lessons out through which family we’re born into and which burdens we bear. Maybe that’s a bit esoteric but…well, it just is.

  6. Sorry to turn this into karma haven, but I don’t think the soldier, or elsa meant literally the earth was shitting on you and you have possibly done something wrong. I’m talking about when you know you’ve done it and know its coming back to you. So not only are you making ammends for previous lives but you are adding to the list in this lifetime. Though I agree karma was just an easy example. I feel that you can piss the universe off for there would be no book of life if it wasn’t possible. Shit it has feelings too and we should respect it for it can wipe things and people away when it’s scorned. Yes it is going to naturally evolve but it’s evolving a little fast (pollution), but I guess it’s pre-destined so that makes it okay. Right on!!!!

  7. Er, no.

    That would be too egotistical thinking, for me. And I don’t particularly believe in “good” or “bad”, either. Those are simply subjective viewpoints, and I’m not especially fond of judgments–although I will admit I am as apt as anyone to spout a few in moments of emotion.

    I’m just here to enjoy the kitties and the flowers, and a game or two of hockey. Anything else is just a means to an end…

  8. I don’t think people can piss off the Universe. I simply don’t believe in a punitive God in any shape or form. But then again I don’t believe in The Devil, or Hell or Damnation etc. either.

    I do believe however, that people can piss off their own soul. And that our lives are simply the attempts of our souls to know who they are. And when we do something which is intrinsically wrong for our souls, then we are informed of that and we spend some time trying to find out what is right.

  9. Maybe we are our own gods and ‘karma’ is our way of subconciously punishing ourselves if we think we’ve stepped out of line, thats why some ‘bad’ people get away with stuff cos they dont believe they’ve done wrong and some ‘good’ suffer badly for seemingly little. Maybe God is just a projection..the big daddy, a parent to scold us when we’re naughty, but really its all in our heads. Just a theory..

  10. Z, I support your theory. There are so many projections of God or Gods, and by looking closely, the God figure of the monotheistic cultures does represent the archetypal father in a saturnian way. So if we believe in that form of God, we expect to be punished for what we did wrong, and we SEE things that way. And everything in life depends on how we see and interpret it.

    I once had a vision about reality being a pattern with oh so many layers and threads, in my vision it was a vivid river as well as an endless carpet of interweaving threads and colours, and everything was included, the worst and most gruesome as well as the most beautiful and beatific. I still remember part of me – the human part – objecting against that sight, that part could not take that “all was included” and all was part of the whole. It was way too heavy to take. But the Higher Soul part of me knew it was so. Plain truth. Good and bad and right and wrong are defined by ourselves on this level only, and it takes several lives to figure out the theme.

    But in general, the universe is far far bigger than our little minds, and there´s no intent on punishing people or put statutes of moral on them. We´re just part of the pattern, and only see in one direction like an ant on a rug.

    (Uranus and Pluto in 9)

  11. I don´t think God or the Universe get pissed off at all, they are totally impartial and we have been given FREE WILL to choose to live our life however we want. But I think if you are not aware of certain natural principles or truth within nature then your body & mind are the ones that get pretty pissed off and react through creating some illness or major crisis. But these difficulties are just blessings in disguise that are meant to help you find your way back to your true nature. It is just finding the key to interpret their real message that has gotten lost in our society, like illness or problems are some kind of curse or something, when they are not at all. It´s interesting, I was taught that if you don´t come from the highest level of judgment, whatever you want to create, actually the complete opposite ends up manifesting!
    But the worldly powers that be, have made sure to disempower the masses. Like Bertrand Russell said “Diet, injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible”. Interesting that he mentioned food.

    I for sure think that astrology is one of the keys that can help people get back on track, but there are a few others that are essential. Maybe an astrologer would have advised on a different departure time for the Titanic and the tragedy could have been prevented. There must have been signs at the time that were ignored or people did not know how to interpret them.

    It is probably no coincidence that the word LIVE, spelled backwards is EVIL. It is in the LIVING and DOING and THINKING that we create our own destiny and are responsible for it and no one else can be blamed. We just have to get those crucial keys back to get ourselves and our society back on track.

    Here is something for Halloween,

    Trick or

  12. I’ve tried to figure that out. I’m not sure but i beleive it all depends on what we beleive about it.
    If we think god is punitive then we feel afraid and guilty and unconsciently drive ourselfs into “punitive” situations.
    I beleive we are, at least, a huge part of “God”.

  13. The opposite does happen too, the universe “revenging” you if people treat you unfairly. I haven’t seen this everytime of course, but a few times it’s clear and feels really nice.

  14. I think there are consequences and they are there ready for you to run smack into if you make that choice. In the instance of the titanic that’s what it was about. All the people in charge of the titanic had to do was steer it away from the ice cubes.. but if not paying attention then there’s a big consequence to wake you (and everyone) up.
    Not anger though. More like a chess game.. if you do x and y then you get z. So then free will comes in.. As for things we can’t predict until we hit then consequence, that’s nature. And when following astrology we can see what areas have been an issue and what areas are becoming an issue. In trying to juggle all the areas of life some aren’t of immediate importance but can lead to being important down the line. Such as the environment. We have known we were forming a consequence and now we have to change or we threaten our ability to survive.
    To view it as an angry God is to not acknowledge what we did to create it.

  15. Another thought -> this is a very polarized way of viewing God, I mean the punishment and all. Life and death are equally divine, bad and good are equally Godly. One doesn’t exist without the other. God isn’t polarized. God is all. neptune.
    this polarized God idea is simple to understand and useful because of it, but it’s not realistic in the age of aquarius. The piscean era is gone. no more need for guilt and suffering to get into God’s good graces. God is available for the masses now, guilt free.
    There are lots of laws about how the universe works, karma is one of them, the law of atraction, whatever else. Also it makes sense to me that there are other sources of power out there that aren’t totally godly, though they’re good, and some are bad, really bad. And people attract through their own vibrational level.
    All plutonic people I’ve met have had bad experiences with the spirit world, heavy stuff..while neptunian people have good experiences, being conforted, seeing angels, etc. people attract what is like them.
    the more a beleif resonates with you, the more it will be true in your life.
    why else would saturnine people atract saturnine experiences, jupiterian people atract luck and expansion, etc..?
    So I guess this is true for the soldier which doesn’t mean it will be true for someone with a less polarized or updated view of God.

  16. This kind of thinking i would say is egotistical.
    In our pain we always try to find something to explain the reason for our problems!
    We try everything we can think of to rid ourselves of the pain we have so we blame others(universe,God..) for our problems.

    Unfortunetely many people come to blame God for their sadness. In my opinion this is selfish and i will tell you why!
    I don´t think God or the Universe get pissed off at all. People have been given free will to do whatever they like! Let me ask you a question. .
    When someone has an accident, would you always blame it on their parents? If that person is old enough… definitelly no , because he is an individual with his own thoughts ! He already learned how to live by himself with the consequences of his actions !

    Its not God(or Universe) who is making wars.
    Its not God that gave us all these Diseases!

    Its mans fault ! I strongly believe that We are living the bad karma that our ancestors made! Its something like DNA! It comes from generations of bad choices, and we will still give it to our children!

    So instead of trying to blame someone(Universe) , we should start trying to fix it with our actions! Its nobodies fault but we still have a responsibillity for our children to change it

  17. There is a view that the reason your life may seem to be so hard or difficult or so much more full of struggle than other peoples, is not that you have to repay bad karma, but rather that you did so well in previous lives that you have been given the really difficult stuff this time around to work on behalf of the human race. Think about it, if you are a boss and you need a really hard job doing, who are you going to give it to? Exactly, the person you know has the qualities to do it successfully. The soldier?

  18. I believe that when you assert “always” and “never” the universe views it as a teachable moment and fulfills your subconscious wish for a lesson.

  19. LOL I agree Satori. Whenever I have used those words I find myself in the situation I said I would “never” be in. Yikes!

  20. I am with Marianna on this one….God gave us free will….to make our own choices and live by them, through them….I think, it is the only way we learn and grow as the children we are in HIS eyes.

    As in the words of many spiritually based groups….”Let Go, and Let God”….once we take our hands off the wheel, learn not to force our will onto others and situations, ….that is when we grow and thrive and benefit from the true wonders that God has in store for us.

    Sorry if I sound too preachey…..not intended…..

  21. Pixie… I think it’s about control. when a mortal says always or never it’s like saying you have the final word. that you are so sure of something is an element of control. I’d say such pronouncements are what would be called hubris.

    I don’t see the universe responding with a pounding as a pride/anger thing, more as a parental/this is for your own good thing.

    actually I just looked up the def of hubris and it is exactly what I mean. yikes. I’m guilty of it too, often enough.

  22. Well…I think I did something in a past life that was so bad that I don’t think I should exist any more. Like whatever it was was that horrible and that unforgivable. Which is why I thought it seemed reasonable that I used to be Hitler.

    When I got the past life regression done, the lady said that everyone has done something really bad at one point or another. So…*shrug* I don’t know. But I do kind of agree with the soldier that some people probably did piss off God. I am probably not getting as much shit as I should, but I feel guilty as hell.

  23. Yes, because it’s like pissing off yourself.
    I think the Universe is constructive and deconstructive, how each individual chooses to use the energy is the outcome, which can be positive or negative. God/dess is you and me. We get what we put out, and we put out what we get.

  24. No I don’t believe it’s possible to piss off the Universe / God. That would give us way too much credit in the grand scheme of things.

  25. I think we attract bad karma when we do naughty things, and if you want to say God sent that ‘good’ or ‘bad’ karma then I guess you can.

    But I think the Titanic was just an accident. Again, my opinion.

  26. There are a lot of reasons why things happen. I do believe in Karma in that what you put out eventually comes back to you. Karma is not good or bad, it just is.

    I also believe there are past-life reasons for things, and sometimes we agree to go through situations with others based on cosmic reasoning we don’t remember now. I also believe in God’s Grace where he intercedes in our Karma.

    I believe we helped plan the life we are in. We just can’t remember what the hell we were thinking before we came to Earth!

    Just in case, I don’t believe in tempting fate.

  27. If the person feels guilty, he sees punishment everywhere, in every little misfortune. Often seeing is not enough, he attracts the punishment by programming himself. It’s a well known fact that human’s brain uses 20%, the rest is subconscious that materializes all kind of events. Once I read story about guy who was on trail for genocide in Africa, he killed thousands. He didn’t feel guilty because he believed that they’re not really humans. He was very rich, won the trial, died of natural causes around 100yo surrounded by loving family…!

  28. :). I know it’s a serious topic but;

    “There! There is your ship, God can’t sink! I sunk it with an ice cube, you bastard!”

    Lol, Elsa, your husband is hilarious.

  29. The tests of karma/fate, and the eventual destiny of a person can be pretty subtle and convoluted. Ive read a lot of stories over the years from different cultural backgrounds, and in some of them even great saints have cursed God only to find themselves in His lap, singing His glories; sometimes all in the same life. Like the sage Valmiki. He was a thief and a serial murderer and used to curse at God. Then he came across a saint and got initiated into repeating the name of God. He did this so intensely that he became a great saint in his own right. Then theres the story of the man who hated the Buddha so much that eventually all day long the thought of the Buddha revolved in his mind. Eventually he self-identified with Buddha to the extent that he became a like him.

  30. “Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men [and women, of course] are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the Divine.”

    – Sri Yukteswar

  31. I think its exactly as Satori stated. In fact I find that when people are humble … they are more likely to get the thumbs up Elsa mentioned. I don’t mean – oh I am so small I can’t manage my life – humble. Strong-self-confident humility. I think we can all recognize it. It’s not always there in practice but its something to strive for. This is an excellent topic for the New Moon! Thank you Elsa and Elsa’s Soldier. So many great responses…

  32. I think the idea of pissing off the universe, implies that offerings come back in the form of a curse. And if we please the universe, will it send us blessings? I don’t have the level of understanding of past lives as The soldier does. But from my own experience, and in agreement with what Elsa has said on this blog before, I feel that every blessing *is* a curse, and vice versa.

    I believe a person can rub the wrong way, but I guess the phrase “pissed off universe” doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe I can make sense of it, as if people can catalyze the universe to evolve…

  33. I think the universe is what we make of it individually. Frankly, if I had to worry about who I was gonna piss off when, my life would not go smoothly. You’re always gonna piss off someone somehow, I’ve come to learn…

    As for the ol’ Tite, it hit an iceberg due to negligence. And it sank because it hit the iceberg hard enough to cause significant damage. And the amount of people who died died because there weren’t enough lifeboats on board to save everyone, and this is due to arrogance. More lives, if not all, could have been saved that day.

  34. for sure.
    starting with one’s own subconscious. we’re really good at teaching ourselves a lesson or two, it seems.

    or maybe that’s just me…

  35. For me it comes down to one simple truth- the world is what you make of it.
    Perhaps people feel they piss God off because they feel like they deserve the bad things that happen to them, deserved to be punished. I know I can, especially raised with the fear of God and gods wrath and too many spankings.
    Logically a benign universe is the only thing that makes sense to me.

  36. I agree with joie604
    I think God is within us – that part of us that connects to the whole (universe/other people/greater consciousness)
    Like the tree in Avatar – there’s a thread a culture, a shared humanity that we all call God
    And this same other (and self) shapes our conscience – some of us have really harsh conscience – a little pride in our work is perceived as arrogance, and all harsh treatment from the world seems somehow deserved
    That’s when it’s termed as I must have pissed of God (after all we are our own worst enemies)

  37. Kundrie I had the same vision as a dream… the carpet was not a carpet but it fabric getting woven as music played and the musical notes would float in the dark sky/sea with their golden and silver hue to make up the fabric which swirled into many colored ether that looked like the astronomers telescopic view into the center of the universe.. It was all very sublime.. I can tell you the temperature was cool – pleasant weather is how i describe it and smell was a very faint distant waft of tranquil (whatever that smells like)

  38. Yes. I know I pissed off God at one point – hubris, you know…and boy am I paying for it. Hey, at least I know now that someone is watching!

    But in all honesty, I have learned that we have gifts, legacies, and experiences we are here to maintain and live out – no going off on side adventures or else!

  39. anonymoushermit

    I think I pissed off the universe once. It was a seven year punishment. Very harsh.
    If the universe was a person I think he/she would have wanted to bash my face in the pavement! He/she was THAT pissed off. I could feel the universe’s anger, like it was boiling mad!

    Six years in, I got a sign that my punishment was almost over, but it was harsh and severe in its humiliation and its energy.

    1. i’ll tell what happens when you piss off universe your pissing off the whole planting earth and the gonverment is going to feel the punishment but still they started the war and someone is going to finish it grr i am about kick somebody’s ass

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