Interpretation Of North Node in Gemini or the Third House

Earlier in your life you learned a lot. You took in the knowledge of those that taught you. You read books, soaked in belief systems from philosophies, whether of old, or new. And you made your own belief systems, and conclusions, based on the knowledge that you obtained, and were given. You were opinionated and had a strong conviction in the systems that you made for yourself.

South Node in Sagittarians are smart. There is no doubt about that. They base their opinions on facts, theories, systems, and information, rather than feelings. Not only that, earlier in their life, or in past lives, they might have traveled far and wide, experiencing places and situations that shaped their perceptions, and world views. And from earlier in your life, or past lives, all these conclusions, knowledge, and experiences, helped shaped your opinions and theories. You had opinions and theories on everything, whether it was mathematics, writing, what you believed truly happened in history, your political beliefs, or just how everyone should eat the same candy as you for lunch.

Truth was the centerpiece in your life. ‘Please tell the truth’ was your philosophy. You liked telling the truth, or at least what you believed to be true. You also preferred that others told the truth, or truths, too. But there’s a problem with this philosophy, and system, that you’ve built for yourself. Which truths are the most accurate, best, and which truth is closest to reality? For example, someone could believe that the moon is made of cheese. Are they lying to me, or everybody else? No, of course they aren’t. It is because they genuinely believe it, and they don’t have any intention of lying, or deceiving, anyone. But does that mean that their truth is necessarily universal? No. Is it the most agreed upon or the most valid? No. Sagittarius South Nodes must realize that their experiences, truths, philosophies, and opinions are not the only ones. That if they desire to become a whole person, they must learn to listen, and observe, other people and their truths.

This may sting South Node in Sagittarians, because they were so sure of their own points of views. This lifetime is a lifetime of being more open to others’ views, political beliefs, philosophies, opinions, and beliefs in general.

Talk that walk!

Earlier in your life, or in past lives, you were honest to the point of being blunt. Sometimes you even chased away, or offended, your possible allies, or supporters. You didn’t lie, but your presentation, and delivery, was a bit too strong, blunt, fiery, or strong, for other people. Try not to become too impassioned, or shrill, with your performance. People want to listen to your views, but don’t push them away with your overly passionate, and in-their-face, energy. You must learn to manage your energy if you want to win anyone over.

In this life, you must learn to communicate better. Learn to enunciate your words instead of warbling them all together in a jumble. Make sure your intonations are correct. And please, don’t yell. Trying not to get into people’s faces and pushing them to agree with you, is important in getting your point across. All these things will help you along the way to winning over many supporters.

Communication isn’t just words, sentences, talking, and sounds. It’s your energy, your vibration, the way you stand, the way you walk, a wink of the eye, your tone of voice, etc, etc. Making the mistake of thinking that communication is just words will lead you, and your views, towards a state of being unpopular.

From Vagabond to regular life

You’ve spent so many past lives traveling, and garnering up experiences, that in this life the universe might force you to stay in one place. Pick a city, neighborhood, or state that you like, and stay in it for a long time. Live your city, don’t just skim and scan the surface of it. Go into detail, or details. You have a knack for missing the details in life, because you’re so used to looking at the bigger system. Missing a detail in this life will make your arguments, and presentations about your experiences, seem vague, and bias. Details will show that you are attentive, that you are a bit more objective (depending on how you use your details), and that you can discern between things.

In this lifetime, or later in your life, you must learn to merge with your environment, instead of just having a quick look at it. Merge with your neighborhood, your city, and your surroundings. You have a tendency towards thinking you know a place just because you had a quick whiff of a smell, an abrupt glance, or just had a trip to a place for a few days.

There is nothing wrong with your Sagittarian, or Gemini, mutability. But it should be used for going into details, ‘feeling a place out’ over time, and going deeper into information. Sagittarius South Nodes may learn that life is more complicated, once you learn more about the trees in the forest, than if you just study the forest. There are many angles to a situation once you look deeper at the information. Perspectives and truths may rely more on the many angles that a person can look at.

The truth may be more complicated, and met with more perspectives, than you thought in the past. You shouldn’t compromise your beliefs, or points of views, Sagittarius South Nodes, but you could do well with keeping an open mind with as little bigotry as possible.

Do you have North Node in Gemini, or the third house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Gemini, and/or the third house?

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39 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Gemini or the Third House”

  1. Learning to go into detail!I’ve been living in this place for 16 years and only last year I started to show interest for the village’s life (I live in a country house ,a bit secluded)Gemini N Node conjunct Nessus and the descendant (Aldebaran).Saturn and chiron loosely conjunct in pisces 3rd house,opposed Uranus/pluto Virgo alongside IC/MC. I have to travel 30 km to my job.

      1. Yes , but I don’t know if it’s the best kind (Nessus,Saturn,Chiron) and mercury is very afflicted (Sag, 1st house,square Uranus/Pluto/Saturn/Chiron)

        1. Although it’s true that I used to be more blunt and direct when I was younger, now I try to be more diplomatic and shut up much more. Even too much. And I’ve been an English as a Foreign Language teacher for 29 years! (Tired of the job,though)

  2. I know someone with their North Node in Gemini and I was once told by an astrologer that truth is difficult for them. I have witnessed this. This person convinces himself of the truth he wants to believe. What may start as a lie gets repeated to the self until the self believes it. It’s quite sad.

    1. Very interesting! There might be other things in his chart too. Also, expert astrologers will tell you that Sagittarians can tend to over exaggerate the truth!

      1. He’s got a LOT in his chart. I just checked his chart and actually, his north node is in Sagittarius (sorry for the mistake above). It’s like you know him and are writing about him!

  3. This is an excellent article! I have North Node in the 3rd house, in Virgo. I relate closely to what you’ve said regarding the South Node. Even in this life, I’ve travelled the world over, but now I’ve settled in a small town close to my childhood home. I’ve also honed my communication skills. My way of communicating was chaotic when I was much younger. Now, I craft every form of communication at my disposal.

      1. Interesting! I also have Jupiter in Sagittarius exactly square my nodes, in the 6th house. I wonder if this placement reinforces the above?

  4. Elsa, you are spot on and thank you this is very good and timely advice! This aspect of my chart has confused me and I’m still trying to understand it. There is a distance I sense between me and other people that is entirely on my part. And sometimes I’m aware I use my words to create that distance when clinging to a belief or ideology. I have a tendency to think I’m always right, even though the universe frequently brings my attention to the fact that I’m not.

  5. Really interesting article, thank you. Always wondered about this. In my second half of life so hope to be applying what I’ve learned at long last. Training as a counsellor/therapist and have worked in that kind of area for many years. Previously very nomadic life, though settled (some might say, stuck) for last 10 years. Small village life takes some getting used to 🙂

    NN Gemini in 10th, conjunct Jupiter, Vesta, Nessus. Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune in 3rd. Mercury/Venus in Leo in 12th.

    1. Thank you.

      Wow, and one of my brothers had this South Node in Sagittarius/North Node in Gemini, and boy did he like to travel! It’s nice to get clarification, Kat!

  6. Good post. I have 3rd house NNode in Cancer. I’ve been teaching Communucation at university for about ten years which I started in my mid 40s. Its a good fit for me. I hope my students know I care about them. Always try to give some positive feedback even on the most poorly written papers. The traditional lecture (Cap/Saturn)from the podium is got to be the worst way to teach it and have tried to change the format and improve the learning environment. Aside from class, I write on Motherhood and how nurturing is so undervalued in western societies. Go 3rd house cancer.

    1. Thank you for teaching the importance of strong motherhood, Alison! Once others learned that I chose to leave the workforce to raise my children, I felt I was viewed as lesser and, frankly, dumb. Career stay-at-home moms are slammed.

      Another great researched topic, Anonymoushermit!

    2. “The traditional lecture (Cap/Saturn)from the podium is got to be the worst way to teach it and have tried to change the format and improve the learning environment.”

      Well, you have to add some spice to your presentations! LMAO.
      Yeah, Cappy/Saturn energy can be very boring. Maybe some Leo drama would help! Ha.

  7. I have NN in Gemini 7th house. I lived abroad in Italy for ten years. I have been stateside for the past two years and feeling stuck! I am getting antsy for travelling and adventure. But, maybe this is forcing me to embrace my NN and stay put. Also, waiting and curious how I will fulfill the 7th house side…I’ve been single forever!

  8. I have N Node in Gemini and 3rd house. Communication has always been difficult for me. As a child I was very shy. As an adult I still struggle to communicate. It’s difficult to express what I’m thinking / feeling. Find non verbal communication challenging too. Maybe later in this lifetime it will get easier.

  9. Avatar

    I also have the north node in gemini and the 3rd house. Reading this article really struck me. I resonated so strongly with Henry David Thoreau’s quote : “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” It took me so long to understand that I could not impose my truth to others and I still feel like I know more about truth than most. Your article really helps me to understand what I need to do in this incarnation. Can this placement help one with communcating ideas? I feel like I’m a good communicator but still I easily become dogmatic. I am a teacher and I always have to retain myself from trying to “convince” but rather “educate” the students. It’s a tricky placement isn’t it? 🙂

    1. anonymoushermit

      It’s a journey. I read a comment on a forum once that said that 90% of people won’t ‘reach’ their North Node in this lifetime.

      I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Also, it’s interesting that you’re a teacher because South Node in Sagittarius/9th house can be a teacher or professor. Talk about astrology at its most literal!

      One way to oversimplify the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is this. Sagittarius is human instincts, Gemini is information, books, facts, and thoughts.

      South Node in Sagittarians tend to be too instinctive/intuitive and ignore facts/information and then they run into a branch and slip in the metaphorical forest! I’ve seen it. It’s because Sagittarians tend to like to push their luck too much! Add in that Sagittarius can misread their intuition/instincts as wishful thinking or ego!

      It’s kinda like, “Have faith (Sagittarius), but not too much faith (Gemini).”

      1. Oh wow thank you for the very interesting reply! “Have faith but not too much” seems to be a super good sentence to keep in mind. I’m such a south node sagittarian that pushes it’s luck too much! 🙂
        90% not reaching their north node is reassuring and discouraging at the same time. lol. I guess it’s more about being than about doing!

  10. Rereading this one again. I have NN in Pisces in the third house. You say,

    ““Sometimes you even chased away, or offended, your possible allies, or supporters. You didn’t lie, but your presentation, and delivery, was a bit too strong, blunt, fiery, or strong”

    When I was younger I worked at a newspaper for a time. When I decided the newspaper wasn’t telling ‘the whole truth’, I called all the management into a room and told them exactly where they were afraid to tell the truth – not just in their work, but in their personal lives! Can you imagine the ego?! But I was telling the Truth!! Of course after I went around the room, I explained that that all was why I was quitting, on the spot. No surprise: they didn’t ask me to stay on.

    Still cringing now, decades later. ?

    Such a great post and series. Thank you!

    1. It’s partly ego, but also youthful naivety and inexperience. When we’re young and passionate, we sometimes aren’t taught that there’s a chain of command, society structures, and politics involved. We also aren’t taught about human nature and the twists of life.

      We look at the people on top, the man, and society as ‘evil’, so we feel justified in screaming our truths. We also feel justified in it because we feel that they are in the wrong and we are right, which may be at least half true. But this can cause chaos especially when we haven’t learned about social chains and how people operate!

      I don’t think you should call yourself arrogant or egotistical, but just naive and inexperienced at the time. Live and learn, you can learn to stand in your truth now, but without the negative aspects of communication!

  11. Great article, thanks Elsa! 🙂

    I have North node in Capricorn in the 3rd house. I’m going through my Saturn return and have been fighting the wanderlust in my soul that is calling me to go travelling again…as I spent most of my 20s doing! (It was always going to take a national lockdown to keep me in one place!)

    I’ve finally accepted what I’ve know deep down, but have been ignoring…this is the chapter where I should be finding somewhere to put down roots, settling into a community and creating my own business.

    I’ve just started a wellbeing podcast and after our first recording I’ve noticed how I need to work on my verbal communication! It’s a fun way to learn.

    Thanks for the confirmation I’m on the right path for this lifetime!

    Kirsty x

  12. I think about my NN actually very often. I’m all water, and I don’t find many things in common with my NN in Gemini, or my Chiron which is also Gemini. My mother had Gemini Moon, my bf has Gemini Moon and ASC, and my ex was Gemini Sun and ASC and those were and are pretty strong bonds. I attract it and I assumed it must have been my NN. I remembered these articles and decided to dig deeper. And now, it had more sense. All of my life I wanted to live alone (it’s actually really happening now), and I had a constant wish to live somewhere else. @shopiab pointed to my SN in one of our talks here on the forum. I want to move, I wanted to live anywhere else but where I’m now, but, besides occasional traveling to other countries, I’m completely stuck in my hometown. Whatever I tried to do to move, it never worked and maybe for the first time in my life, I’m sensing, this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I do live by myself now, and secretly I like it, but maybe for two-three days I enjoy it, besides that, I have a constant need, an urge, to live with someone (my bf). I have a feeling I’m not my own purpose and that this life is not something I want to do by myself. I guess, a need to be alone comes from my SS, and my bigger need to be with someone comes from my NN in the 7th house. This article helped me to make a bigger picture about certain things. 🙂

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