Saturn in Pisces: Illusion Of Reality

Pisces fish girlSaturn is headed into Pisces, I’ll be tracking this closely, as always. This transit will be difficult for most. I am sorry if other astrologers are telling you otherwise – I think they’re wrong. It’s sort of endless. Burden that no one can see. But you can slip away sometimes.

It’s a Saturn Neptune exchange. I’ve written more than 100 posts on this combo – hell yes, I know what I’m talking about.

In line with the Saturn Neptune theme, I was deleting old posts today. It’s my body of work (Saturn) disappearing (Neptune).   I have this signature (repeated) in my chart.

I came across this post from 2014. It’s a good example of how a Saturn Neptune person can defend (Saturn) themselves by erasing themselves from the situation causing them harm. You might also call this, “transcending”.


Web Of Lies, Told Over Many Years

I’m also pulling it up because all around the world, people are waking up to realize they’re living in a web of lies… so many lies, clouds of lies, endless lies.  It wouldn’t hurt to begin to familiarize with Saturn Neptune tricks of all kinds.  It’s not the easiest thing to grasp; the handle is obscured!  But I have a lot of experience (Saturn) with this, and you can learn by osmosis, Edgar Cayce style.

How do you feel about Saturn in Pisces?  How to you handle reality when they veil drops?

9 thoughts on “Saturn in Pisces: Illusion Of Reality”

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    Jeanne D Cavanaugh

    I am a pisces sun in 10th house..the last time saturn transited my sun I went to nursing school. Talk about a dosage of reality. I’m not really looking forward to this transit, although it will steady me, I hope.

  2. I have Saturn in Pisces conjunct Chiron and they both conjunct my MC so yes Napthine is passing over my MC atm still yet to find an astrologer who can explain and help with this
    Elsa can you do consults I live in Australia
    Wishing you a very Happy new year

  3. Well it’s supposed to a positive for me. It will be transiting my 4th house. During that time I hope to find my home. I want to live on the. Coast near the Ocean but I have to be realistic and know I can’t really afford that. I just hope I get an honest and decent Realtor! My S.O. has Moon, Jupiter and Chiron all in Pisces. I worry about that.

  4. Saturn in Pisces is my second Saturn return, very early at 6.

    Anyway, when the veil drops…well, I think it’s has morphed over the years. And it also depends, as always, upon how invested I am in the thing/person/belief. It can go through the stages of grief, but I can compartmentalize. At its best, I am mildly shocked, disappointed, humorous, and it goes into “the way of the world”.

    I think a mix of Aquarius, deep-diving moon, and Capricorn helps not to make me fold and think the earth will swallow me.

  5. I can feel this coming on. I remember it well from years ago. Awful to think people have your back when they don’t. How do I handle it – disappointment and deep detachment. Venus is conjunct my natal Saturn today. Chiron is square Sun for the collective. This is about my survival as well. If I am going to be treated like this by my brothers I am going to make sure EVERYONE knows – the extended family and all the neighbors. Everyone will know who they are – so fact telling as well.

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