Holding The Reins On Your Dark Side

With Saturn in Scorpio, many are stumbling across shadowy parts of their character. When Mars meets Pluto later this month, deep, dark drives will surface.

Some people feel responsible to rein themselves in. Others, clearly do not. As an example, a woman may feel an attraction to her friend’s husband and set aside, rather than act on it. A different woman will feel she must act on the drive since it exists.

Taken to an extreme, a man might want to rape and kill a teenager and so he does. Another man might feel a similar impulse and manage to control it.

We all have antisocial drives to one degree or the other. If you’re the you’re type to rein yours in, why do you do it?

29 thoughts on “Holding The Reins On Your Dark Side”

  1. Because I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror. Because I wouldn’t want someone to do it to me. Because I don’t need the skull-thumping I’ll get from the Universe if I proceed. It’s one of the few anchors I have in my life…living with integrity.

  2. Because I’d rather use this darkness in my writing and art. It’s a good way to experience those drives without having to harm anyone, and sometimes the work that is produced is often healing for others who read/view it. They get a kind of synchronistic exorcism as a result.

  3. I agree with elizabethe, I need to be able to look myself in the eyes in the mirror in the morning. Living with integrity is the only way I know how. If I try anything different, I lose my way.

  4. Ditto on being able to look myself in the mirror. I have a conscience. A well developed one. Music, movies,dancing, writing, among other constructive actions are great channels for this energy.

  5. Because it’s not always right, I’d feel guilty, and I’d also end up in jail or dead. :/

    I just save it for anyone who wants to physically harm or kill me. :] ‘Course I might be charged with using excessive force…

  6. I keep a rein on my dark impulses. Mainly because I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am deeply connected to the collective and it hurts me to hurt others. Moon in Scorpio in the 11th house.

  7. For me, no choice but reinin’ it in. Libra moon, just want people to like me. Lying is so exhausting, more stress than I’d like to manage (sun in Leo).

  8. Why don’t I act on dark instinctual forces? Because I think there’s an invisible force that makes checks and balances, if not on the outside world then certainly within myself.

  9. decided when i was 21 that the only way i could manage to keep living with myself was to live in such a way that i could stand to look in the mirror every morning.

    second saturn square was ugly. but i guess it’s a good thing i learned that stuff young. so i don’t mind having the saturn tsquare… in some ways it gets me (comparatively) ahead of the game on this, i guess. (there’s a planet in scorpio involved.)

  10. which also means i likely get to revisit this soon. but looking back to when i was seven… well, i’m thinking the lessons might come with different faces… though i can pick some things out.

  11. I keep a rein on mine most of the time. I think because I’m pretty conscious of a moral order (I have a lot of Sadge and 9th house).

  12. As human beings we all have terrible pain inflicted on us and wish to lash out and inflict the same pain that we have been put through. But if you really think about a situation where you have seen someone in terrible pain it hurts you to see this and you wish you could do anything to stop the persons pain – I have seen this pain in someone who inflicted so much trauma on me, but after seeing this all hatred dispersed and all i wanted to do was help them no matter what they had done to me.I guess its easy to get carried away when you have been hurt but the truth of the matter is if you really saw your worst enemy in pain you would forget all and want to help them – i think its called being human

  13. It isnt just about being human though, it means you have a hell of a lot going for you than the those that caused you serious trauma and pain

  14. @ Teresina and BurnedBridge

    “Course I might be charged with using excessive force…”

    Third this. Plus, witnessing a child (who is now an adult) who has a mars-pluto aspect become a freedom-fighter and voice for the underdog – meaning she has and is doing the right thing in this world with a level of astounding empathy – is testament to “holding in the rage for when/if it is necessary, or for re-directing it to studies or passing on profound lessons to offspring”.

  15. This brings up issues related to my 12th and 1st houses. Also as sun is passing my 12th in Scorpio opposing my 6th house Chiron. And mars in my 1st another few weeks I think.

  16. Today, Satori said “Take care that your communications come from a need to improve on matters in a healing way and not from the pain of your primal damage. ”

    I’ve done the most damage with my mouth, and even when I’m trying to improve something. I need to be really careful, because through my life when the pain hits from the old wounds is when I am likely to go dark; primarily I will feel violent and angry. And this is just as likely to turn in on myself, because I will myself not to hurt anyone else if I can help it. I can relate only minimally to having to rein myself in from dark “drives” other than the occasional wrong attraction,

  17. I rein it in:
    – Because when I don’t, I can feel that it is wrong, and I don’t like the way that feels.
    – Because I don’t like giving up control of myself.
    – Because, on a practical level, it could easily start a downward spiral.
    – Because I don’t learn anything new from it.

  18. Dear Elsa – have you been reading the British news? The child abuse scandal that involves British politicians is about to blow up – or continue to be concealed. I noticed in this week’s head’s up you mentioned a “sea of lies”, and that is just what is happening here.

    Names of various professional high profile mp’s etc have been concealed for over thirty years, despite many verified testimonies from victims. Do you think Saturn in Scorpio will uncover some of these secrets?

  19. “Do you think Saturn in Scorpio will uncover some of these secrets?”

    Yes. But when the secrets are told, the masses don’t believe or deny and it’s just craaaaazy. 🙂

  20. I reign in my dark urges because I feel the obligation to act as a positive role-model for others who may experience the same awful experiences in the future, just as others have been positive role-models for me.

  21. I suppress my urges ’cause if I didn’t people would die, and modern society kinda frowns on that.

    ^That’s not hyperbole. *dimples*

  22. I don’t know what to do.

    If I come forward with my side of events (and *some* evidence, while not exactly damning, will prove that he behaved like a dick) when I’ve been badly disparaged, is it getting justice for myself, or just getting even?

    If I keep my head down and my mouth shut while people think I’m bat shit crazy and know nothing of the events that precipitated the “dispute”, is that taking the high road?

    I don’t know if one day a friendship can be salvaged, but sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth the bother anymore.

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