Getting Beyond Blocks To Solve Difficult Problems

Continuing to carry on about helping people with difficult problems, I have been treated with concise instructions like this, many times in my life and nothing is more valuable.  In fact, I’ll give you a quirky example.

When I was a teenager, I wanted a credit card.  Credit was hard to get back then but I’d heard it was something  you should establish in your life, a so-called “line of credit”.

I had no co-signer. I’d been recently homeless, I had very little savings that I had scraped together by literally depositing one or two dollars at a time.  I have my original passbook, I can prove this but besides that, you see the situation here. I was a smart kid but how is that going to solve a problem like this?  I wound up asking an old man for advice.

“Say!  I heard I should establish credit. How do I do that? How did you do it?” I asked.

“Well, Elsa, I’d say you’d better make a trip to the bank.  That’s who gives you credit, so that’s where you’ll have to go to gets some.”


“Yes.  Go to the bank in person. Don’t call, it won’t do y0u any good. Go in person and dress nicely.  When you get there, go to the desk in front.”


“Ask to speak with the credit manager if they have one. Otherwise, ask to speak to the Bank President,” he said.

I listened carefully and nodded solemnly.

“Yep, tell the girl at the desk that you have some business to discuss; you’re looking to establish some credit with the bank and she’ll go get one or the other for you.”

“Then what?”

“Tell them what you want and ask them how to go about it.”

“They’ll tell  me?”

“Yep. That’s their job.”

I established my first “line of credit” when I was 17 years old. I had about $250 in the bank at the time but was able to show the President that I had made weekly deposits without fail for more than a year. Yes, the deposits were for $3-5 but clearly I was a responsible person and therefore, I explained, they should give me a “line of credit”.

I couldn’t believe it when the President instructed the bank gal to give me a credit CARD. I left that bank, teary with joy.

When you hit a wall, it is often a Saturn type that will help you over it.

Who can relate?

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    Blessed Place

    I do relate to this – I always go tot he bank in person and I’ve always advised others to do it. It works, or it did when you had proper ‘bank managers’ who had autonomy and authority (here in the UK they no longer do – they just have clerks who can’t make any decisions)

    – but right now my problems for the last hour is that I came onto the blog and as usual that means I’ve been automatically signed out of the boards – and I can’t get back! I’ve cleared my cache etc, but nothing will work dammit

    The blog has been a black hole for me lately – not only does it sign me out but it also loses most of my posts

  2. I suspect he’s a Cancer. He turns 65 in July and he doesn’t “feel” Leo to me. Though with my Saturn in Leo, it might fit.

  3. I can relate, couldn’t figure out which way was up. Consulted you, you were my saturn type and helped me get a real handle on the situation. Can’t say that it’s resolved yet, but I have a much better understanding and know what it is I have to do. Thanks Elsa :o)

  4. I am glad somebody out there appreciates Saturn types.. I am one (saturn in scop conj Asc/pluto) And a stellium in Cap to boot! Makes me very serious and I always try to give the best advice.. The only problem is it’s the last thing people usually want to do.. I try to be compassionate more now as I get older. And learned to realize most people will be turned off by that kinda of intensity.. And with very little air in my chart I don’t blame them.. I am my own worst enemy and usually somebody else’s life changing friend.. always for the better, maybe someday my good karma will be rewarded.. maybe after this libra/aries drama

  5. Yup. Scorp friend helped me in career. Told me how to get in with the CBC. Helped me pass their edit test. You helped with recognizing what’s real and helping me understand all my neptune and relationships. My mom for demonstrating limitless compassion that helped me save one of my longest friendships and helped strengthen another one. My mom’s friend gave me her car when I was 18. First taste of freedom. My dad told me to get a job when I was 17 and then drove me there and back until I got the car.

    I just gave some of my fairy dust – compassion – to my friend with mercury in cap. She was talking about how difficult it was to re-establish a workout routine.. then said “i’m sorry i guess i sound like i’m complaining”.. I told her “sounds to me like you are articulating the challenges”.. and she thanked me for that. 🙂 As far as I’m concerned it’s the reality because she always climbs her mountain. And I’m happy to report her marriage is surviving now that pluto is moving off her mercury and her partner started to plug back in.

  6. Thank God for Saturn types! I’d be nowhere without them. At every point of the way in my life someone just pops up and points me in the right direction. So I now try to pay it forward.

  7. I’m learning to tune in my 1st house Saturn ruled moon. Hopefully by disciplining myself I’ll get what I want too!

  8. I have only 1 planet in capricorn but saturn is conj my gemini asc and opposed my neptune (ruller of my sun). and my 1 planet in cap is jupiter in a square to libra pluto(ruler of my moon in scorp) and merc(ruler of my asc) in aries. I comunicate, ponder, communicate, ponder, communicate (very jupitery) and always seem to need someone in the know… someone with the “feel” of authority to communicate and ponder with before I Act (mars in taurus sextile my sun in pisces …

    Elsa was also one of those Saturnies for me. Thank you Elsa!

  9. funny story! l was thinking about hitting walls yesterday, the walls come from outside at the moment. l’m not good at hiting walls l’d like to remove them but uhmmm they are imposed by people, life so it’s harder! It does make you creative!
    @sunlover love that idea it’s exactly how l feel, it does sound very Aries, but l don’t belive in walls and l try to remove, climb over etc.

    l think ok you don’t want me to work for you, your loss l will work for myself and be happyer in the long run. l did try the Libra thing (negotiating, talking etc) but l knew it wasn’t going to help and l ended up being ‘manipulated’ with a smile, but ok l’ve tryed. Now l’ll do it my way that always worked. No walls, remove and desolve!

  10. I started talking to my father again a couple of years ago and he is definitely my Saturn figure, guiding me through these times (I am cardinally loaded).

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