Saturn in Scorpio – Transit the 10th House – Dysfunctional Family

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my 10th house (public), which aspects the my 4th house (family). Scorpio is concerned with a person’s psychology. I’m noticing I am taking a hard line against dysfunction, wherever I find it. I’ve become very serious, in that I don’t want to be part of a dysfunctional system.

I don’t want psychotherapy. I’ve already had it! I most definitely don’t want to be part of someone’s psychodrama.

I want a strong family (4th), a strong business (10th), strong partnerships in both my business and my personal life (7th) and I want to be strong and self-reliant myself (1st).

I do not want to mess with people I can’t rely on or trust.  With Saturn in Scorpio, energy is limited and I just don’t have it to waste.

Who can relate?

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  1. “With Saturn in Scorpio, energy is limited and I just don’t have it to waste.”

    Amen! I’m feeling an extreme pressure in this regard but also feel very supported to make the necessary changes.

  2. I have Saturn in 4th, too. Several uncompleted projects will need attention but I am committed to seeing them through. Hope to come out better for all the effort. Funny, but so far as personalities, I’ve found it easier lately to draw the line.

  3. Yes. I feel there is little time to waste. Anyone in my life is worth having…those that are not did not make the grade or it wax just “time” for them to go. Saturn is on my Mars. I am garnering strength to do more transformation and really enjoying any downtime I can get.

  4. I can, Saturn in Scorpio is in my 4th and I’m working in the same direction. Just like you said, I’m working towards defining my axis’ and feel a very strong compulsion to do so (and get it right by me. And for once, I’m glad for the time that Saturn gives, for me to do this and get it right :).

    I’ve also noticed that I’ve drawn a hard line against family dysfunction. From my own family, or my partners family. Drawing in my lessons from saturn in libra, it’s gotta be balanced and fair,

  5. Saturn is in my 12th house and I’ve been doing an emotional cleansing to make way for Saturn’s 2nd return to my 1st house.
    I’m getting my stuff in order and getting a lot of support from the Universe. I think I’m gonna be OK.

  6. Yup, my natal Saturn is in Scorpio, so hello Saturn return. I refuse to allow anyone in that brings drama. I just don’t have the energy for it anymore.

  7. Saturn is in my second and my 10th in solar return and yes I’m in no mood for the bs or to waste my time or resources. I think I have put someone to shame by not responding to their psychodrama and now they can’t even be around me any more. Good! I’ll just kill them with kindness, their bs doesn’t affect and I won’t allow it either.

  8. Ditto!

    Saturn conjuncting my ascendant, hitting the angles of my chart, I’m experiencing similar feelings.

    There is a profound need and desire to meet the challenges presenting themselves.

    Step up or get out of the way. I don’t have time to waste my time right now.

  9. You took the words right out of my mouth, Elsa. I have a yellow sticky within sight. It says, “I am not a participant in this dynamic. Sorry, not available”. And… no one has questioned my response! They appear dumbfounded. And me? I feel great! Those few little words come after lots of thought and uttered to the recipient without attitude and with respect to each party. About time I took this stand. Now the family has room to evolve.

  10. Wow, I’m learning so much in just a month or so. In my natal chart, Saturn is within Scorpio (9th house), and I’ve been very blunt about not putting up with nonsense and realizing that I need to move.

  11. Saturn transiting my 1st house right now, and this has definitely affected my 7th house as well. In the past couple of weeks I have said to several people that I refuse to participate in any relationship BS that includes any drama and/or a third person. Some of these people I have had to entirely amputate from my life, and as a result I feel so much better about myself and my life in general.

    I haven’t really noticed anything concerning my 4th/10th axis though.

  12. Saturn is transiting my 9th house and is conjunct my natal Sun which is at 6 degrees of Scorpio in the 9th house. I am really liking this energy makes me feel like I can be who I am and I don’t have to soft peddle anything so as not to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

  13. “I do not want to mess with people I can’t rely on or trust. With Saturn in Scorpio, energy is limited and I just don’t have it to waste.”

    The best thing I have read alllll week. Thankyou Elsa. Wholeheartedly agree.

  14. I understand, I mainly have enough energy to go about my day (and work on physical, intellectual or behavioral self-improvement on a side). I have little time for anything else these days.

    I have little time to deal with extra drama in my life as well.

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    SaturnRXScorpio in my 7th natal.. also Pluto in Scorpio natal. In my Solar chart they are in my 1st house..

    I completely get what your saying Elsa!

    Infact i stopped speaking with my alcoholic physically abusive capitol A hole father only last year..!

    Im 27..but he still thought he could lay a hand on me…!

    So i finally laid down the law! & it was about time i did..considering this had been happening my whole entire childhood, right into adulthood!!

    Saturn in Libra transiting Cancers solar 4th house last cycle was tough on me & my family situation/disfunctions.

    (I have Sun in Cancer) nothing in my 4th house though..

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    I have Saturn return in Scorpio to thank for calling the shots within my disfunctional relationships now ,-)

  17. It’s my 2nd SR and it has become much easier to stand my ground and end the relationships which were not in my best interests. A few friends, a brother, a lover. If I am not being respected then I’m gone. Feels good:)

  18. Hard decisions!
    I have alot of 10th/4th house action in my life (Chiron oppositte jupiter in the tenth/taurus// sun conjuct uranus in the fourth).
    Leading up to fall I had a roomate that i had to distance myself from, When i discovered the intensity of his thing with alcohol, things got confrontational.
    I left a piano and another friendship in that house behind, I regret. But I am happy with my work and hopeful that things can be ironed out between Myself and my former roomate (even if it means not being acquainted):
    The friendship I in effect left behind Is another kind of splitting apart: though we have music as an artistic medium to share and feel mutual reverance toward.

  19. Amen, indeed. Wow. “I want a strong family (4th), a strong business (10th), strong partnerships in both my business and my personal life (7th) and I want to be strong and self-reliant myself (1st).”
    I think that is going to be my new mantra for awhile.

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