Edgar Cayce’s Learning By Osmosis

cj wrote:

Elsa, putting the book near/under your head to get the info via osmosis is straight from Edgar Cayce! I do it myself sometimes, I think it works. Edgar Cayce slept on his books as a boy and learned his schoolwork that way. He quit after awhile, I forget why, probably thought it was cheating or something.

Well here is his chart, you can see a larger version and read his bio on astrologyweekly.com

I looked for this because I wanted to see if he had a Saturn Neptune exchange and he does. He has Saturn in Pisces (Neptune’s sign) conjunct Mercury so the idea he could learn and absorb information via magic is no stretch at all.

And the reason I wanted to check this is because I know that people learn astrology from me and it’s something that just happens. I can’t count how many people have told me they stumbled on my blog (I have kept one since 2001) and contacted me with these type stories….

“At first I thought you were crazy but then…”

“I used to read because I hated your guts but then…”

“Well I liked your stories but I couldn’t stand that you put astrology in them but then…”

All these people wound up learning astrology as does everyone I meet in real life. They don’t intend to. As a matter of fact most the people I meet in real life are dead set against astrology but a year or two down the road the words have become part of their vernacular and they are really quite shocked.

So I am a Saturn Neptune type and I think this is why this happens. Sit next to me and unbeknownst to you, you’ll learn what I know. I will also learn what you know by the way. It’s very cool.

Anyone else experience this?

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  1. Yup, my dad has a saturn neptune hookup. I’ve always just soaked up stuff from him. Most people do and, like from you, don’t realize it until much later. He’s pretty intense so they react to other parts of him. But he’s an excellent teacher, if he chooses to talk.

  2. I’m getting a little bit less oblivious by the day, and just realized most people think learning by osmosis is wacky. Ha ha! Thanks for your blog, you! (PS Saturn Trined Neptunea fun little hookup…)

  3. I learn by osmosis. i think this might be a moon neptune thing. interesting to notice edgar cayce had it too. he has lots of similar things to me.
    I had never thought of sleeping next to a book to learn from it that way, but i will definatly try it, i’m sure it works.

  4. What about a person with saturn, neptune, venus, mars, and uranus in capricorn in the 12th house all conjunct each other?

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