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timeRecently, I had client who is about to have Saturn transit her 11th house. Our ascendants are a few degrees apart. Saturn is already transiting my 11th house. You can see, I’m working hard to manifest my wishes, hopes and dreams.  But what about friendship?  The 11th house rules friends…

Tonight I heard a man in his forties, talking about how he’d been able to spend time with a couple of his friends; he’s known them since grade high school.  He wondered how people become “best friends”.

If you ask best friends how they got to be that way, there’s a common answer – time!  They because best friends because of the time they spent together.

Having known, Ben for thirty years, I agree with this.  You get to trust a person. You get to know their character and value it. You rely on them and them on you.

So what happens when Saturn transits my 11th house? I move to a town where everyone knows each other and no one knows me?

As it turns out, I’m working to build friendships. I also notice that I’m making friends with a lot of older people.  That’s fits the transit, doesn’t it?  I think they’re super interesting, right as they’re getting to an age when people begin to think them irrelevant.

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.”

Have you ever heard that? I don’t think this is taught much anymore, but it should be.

There are people around here who have followed my blog since 2001…and even longer. If we could get together, don’t you think we’d have a good time? I do.  After fifteen years, you know my quality and I know yours.

How much time do you invest in your friendships?

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  1. I have an 11th house natal Saturn as part of a grand square involving the 2nd, 5th, and 8th houses too. Whenever Saturn gets to these arms. It feels like I make a whole batch of new friends, but I get to keep one from the 7 years proceeding the shift. I have one from living in Europe before we came back to the states, one from grade school, one from high school, one from early adulthood, (and a divorce at my 1st Saturn return),one from a radical change of residence, an empty nester pal, a traveling companion, and a spirit friend (as my Mother passes). Im looking forward to manifesting my hopes and dreams- thanks for reminding me it’s not all about people coming in and out of life,

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    I would say solid internet friends as well with Saturn in the 11th. Uranus just completed a run through my 11th house, and I couldn’t keep a friend to save my life. Restlessness and a desire to be free of commitments have kept me moving. Also, my South Node is in the 11th in Aries. I don’t want to fight with people.

    1. I was around in Xanga, but starting as a 16 year old it’s like Elsa helped raise you and that is super cool!

  3. I mirror what is put into relationships with me. It is the only way that I have to control my own levels of commitment, intensity and sacrifice. Most people just are not comfortable with my level of depth. By mirroring, I’ve found it a good boundary for both myself and for others. Does it fill my own need for depth? No, but I figure whenever I’m ready for that, I’ll come across a good Scorpio or two 😉

    1. That’s a very interesting, and helpful, point of view and image (the mirror). My interactions with people face-to-face has changed so much in the last ten years, I relate to being intense, and making others uncomfortable with the depth. Soon, I will begin teaching face-to-face again, re-entering.This gives me(Scorpio) something to chew on. Thank you Angie.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Elsa, it would be so cool if you had an EE convention at your new house and we could all meet each other!
    My dearest friends are elderly, which is bittersweet. My dearest of all is a woman who answered my “Golden Girls” ad for roommates years ago — she called herself “Rose” and replied to warn me about the crazies I’d encounter, as she had. I never did do the roommate thing, but have treasured her ever since. We have many conjunctions in synastry, amazing coincidences in our lives. I haven’t shared as much time with her as I wish I had years ago (stupid me as usual), and now hesitate to move away again, a big part of my indecision.
    But I’m glad to read that a Saturn transit of the 11th (mine, also) can mean working hard for hopes and wishes and friendships, rather than limitations. Good news!

    1. I was just thinking the same thing about an EE con! I’m not sure we should all invade her property, but what a great fun thing to do to meet “old” friends for the first time.

  5. I’ve been friends with my best friend for 39 years now and we talk almost everyday! We’ve seen each other through almost everything and only had one 3 month period where things got icy because of the stress of an ill child for her and my Sadge blunt tongue, but we repaired and grew deeper after that. I move around so much that it gets harder to spend enough time with new people to build something that can withstand the distance, but the few (my other close friend has been my friend for 38 years) that do are precious to me.

  6. Saturn has been transiting my 11th house (Scorpio) since 2012. It will finally leave after this summer. This summer it will make one last tight opposition to my 5th house moon. I have to say I haven’t enjoyed the lessons transit Saturn opposing my natal moon have brought me.

    I have also worked very hard to realize my dreams. As for friends, during these past few years I have found myself living in two communities (we are military and have moved twice during this transit) where I have been isolated by other’s in my community. In fact, I’ve actually had females either actually shun me or who verbally make sure I understand that I am at the “bottom” of their hierarchy. Note I said “their hierarchy” because I really don’t give a flying “F-bomb” what they think (I’m uber Sag).

    However, I have maintained close friendships that began years ago and I’ve made new friends that share common interests with me but those new friends don’t live within this community. They are “outside the gates” of the military community.

    I’ve had several friends and acquaintances pass away during these years (all female). But, then again in my mid-50’s so I wouldn’t imagine that this would be an experience everyone would have during a transit of the 11th by Saturn.

    This last opposition of transit Saturn opposition moon has me a bit concerned because of certain aspects I see within my immediate family’s natal charts. We shall see how that plays out.

  7. Saturn transiting my 11th was the beginning of my prison term. As soon as it entered my 11th, I went from going out nearly every single night, completely on my own, going on random trips, meeting new and cool friends, nearly daily. To losing every ounce of independence I had. I sold my car, so immediately went. From being able to go whenever and wherever I wanted, to depending on the guy I was with to give me rides. I lost my job, so we became homeless (sortof) we camped out for a few months. I ended up getting pregnant (I was 19) during this time. Had to move in with the guys mother. (who drove me Insane). I was locked up in a room. Didn’t want to come out. Had horrible sickness first 4-5 months of pregnancy. Boyfriend was constantly leaving me alone to go get high. He wouldn’t get a job. Worst time of my whole life. The most isolated I’ve ever been. None of my “friends” wanted to be around me.

  8. Saturn is transiting my 11th House. An interesting change-up is happening. As Saturn transits my natal Jupiter, transiting Jupiter crosses my natal Saturn. My hopes and dreams are getting closer, with the creation of our school set to open in July. I AM the old woman, and there are many my age, and older in our community. What I found really fun today was meeting a younger woman who has recently moved to our community from Hawaii (my birth place). We sat at the table where I’ll be teaching come July. She is interesting. We had interesting conversation. It’s Mother’s Day today, new friendship is possible, an old woman meets a young one. Saturn transits the 11th House, and conjuncts Jupiter in Sag.

    Yes, I’ve heard the saying about the gold and silver friendships. It HAS been awhile since sometime reminded me. An old friend first told me … years, and years ago.

  9. One of my best friends is 94 and we get on great. I dont think time is always the best way to get a bestie, sometimes you just click with someone instantly and if you get to meet a up second time, you just know you get on and then you do more stuff together. But maybe that’s just an Aries thing. I hadnt heard that saying but I have always had more older friends than younger ones. I like stories, and the older generation have done such incredible things. But you need younger friends for when you get old yourself!

    I had an awful time with Saturn in 11th, it was horribly backbiting at work, like a royal court, with a psychotic ringleader heading small, long- embedded and powerful ‘groupthink’ bully circles, protecting their own positions by going on the offensive. It led to my forced redundancy and the end of a grim 10 years trying to fit into a world which was never going to accept me. I was very glad to have got out of the 11th and then 12th and still struggling with Saturn in the 1st, but at least those dark days are over. Happy Mothers Day Mokihana, my mum is actually my original and greatest best friend : )

  10. my friends always burn out. i have uranus there and i believe neptune there would make sense they deceive me. i know this sounds so cold but hey no one calls me at all to see how im doing. i knew they always wanted me for something then would leave. so i make no effort whatsoever. luckily i have a close family and even that has been shaky bc of my bad behavior when having mentally ill episodes. so you could say without my good parents im homeless. friends have turned out to do tricks on me deceive me and leave. thats why i have trust issues as much as a king or queen does. sad but true. woe is me but it is what it is. you dont know unless you live it.

  11. Saturn is aspecting, by transit, my 11th house natal Pluto – while Pluto is traveling through (transiting) my 3rd, which houses natal Saturn.. So, it’s very similar, & slightly different. However, my natal chart (aka how I’m wired) has the two in aspect, with each other, and in network throughout my (natal) chart. I’m pretty much benefiting, and enjoying, actually. Actually, the enjoyment factor is rather huge (Pluto-Venus-Saturn, &, Uranus aspecting the 4 corners of my chart..) ::happy, happy, in the midst of change.. at long last::

  12. I remember that quote/song…we used to sing it in kindergarten. I didn’t think much about it then but I bet it subconsciously influenced me…interesting. Saturn started transiting my 11th house within those years, too.

    I have friends that go way, way back. Generally I prefer to hang on to them but sometimes if it’s not really working they might drift away, or they’ll drop me, or I’ll drop them (though I try not to be an asshole about it or do it frequently). But I value the friendships I do have and I enjoy cultivating them over time. One friend actually told me yesterday that I seem like someone who treats all his friends well, instead of treating some better than others. I guess that’s uncommon? I don’t even know.

    I’m definitely there for my friends, I can say that much. And I definitely invest time in them. I’m also way better at being a friend than a lover…and now that Saturn is transiting my 7th I guess I need to rectify that, but lately I haven’t been feeling terribly motivated…

    Also, under equal house (which I’ve started using thanks to you), Uranus is still transiting my 11th. I’d like to think there’s still room for surprises and exciting new happenings in this arena, over the next year or so.

  13. That’s interesting and reassuring! I am moving to another country where I will no no one except my husband and his family and friends. I have been nervous about being lonely and not having a life of my own, so since I will soon have Saturn transiting my 11th house as conjunct my natal Jupiter perhaps I will have some good luck in that department in terms of forming valuable friendships!

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