Best Astrological Match For Stellium in Scorpio?

rape of prosperina Elsa,

I read the advice that you put out to others and am amazed by your integrity. You lay it on the line as you see it, and that is why I am here.

Over 2 years ago, my significant other and father of my kids left me. The first year I was just reeling, without one clue over what had happened. The next year, I spent trying to cope with his abandonment of my kids (first) and myself. The last few months, I have started to build myself up after this devastation… we were together for over 7 years and have known each other since high school.

My question is – and I hope I am wording this in a coherent way – from an astrological standpoint, what would be the most complementary person to start looking for. As in, what signs show the characteristics that meld the best and not always oppose or try and be a bossy know-it-all.

I know I want someone independent and yet one that can spend lots of time with me and not lose their self in my strong personality. He needs to be able to be open and honest, someone that can hold their own in a conversation with me. I hope you can help with some suggestions.

Thanks for your time.
Long Time Reader with Six Planets in Scorpio
United States

Dear Scorpio,

I have followed your blog for years and know you to be a dedicated partner and mother. I am shocked and saddened to hear of your loss. I am very sorry for your children as well and will try to help.

As you know, you have your Sun and Moon and four other planets in Scorpio. And you’ve read me long enough to know I am not going to tell anyone what sign to go out and pick as a partner… except for this time, because your loss is so profound and your chart so extreme. And also because I know you well enough you are not going to give anything I say more weight than it deserves, so here goes:

With this much Water in your chart, you are going to have to find Earth. You need someone with significant earth in their chart, so Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

And I don’t necessarily mean Capricorn Sun, Virgo Sun, Taurus Sun. When I say “find some earth”, I mean someone with significant placements in one or more of these signs. You want the Sun, Moon, Rising or a stellium in earth, for sure. And with all your Scorpio, more is better. Because you need someone who can ground your emotions and the more aware you are of this, the better.

Now if pressed, I would say of the earth signs in general, Scorpio fares best with Virgo because the agendas of these signs to not conflict at all. And this goes double for you, based on what you say you are looking for.

– You used the word “oppose” which rules out Taurus which opposes Scorpio.
– You said you don’t want to be bossed and Capricorn is a natural boss.
– Last you said you wanted someone who can have a conversation (Virgo rules communication) and someone who will be independent and not get lost in you. Virgo is always unmarried (even when married) and although they’ll keep you company just fine, their work is always a primary focus so they will not be breathing down your neck.

Also, I like to match Scorpio with Virgo because together they get to play the Pluto / Persephone thing (in both directions) which is pretty darned tasty if you ask me. This is especially true of Virgos born your era (roughly 1956-71) who have Pluto in Virgo and consequently an enhanced affinity with Scorpio.

So there you have it.

::all the obvious disclaimers go here::

Again, I’m very sorry. Much love and good luck.


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  1. that’s an incredible loss, and i wish you the best in forging ahead with your life.

    (and, not in reference to the post at all, but: that is THE most scrumptious statue Bernini ever made. seriously, that man does things with marble i never thought possible. when you see black and white details of that piece, you can’t tell that it isn’t living human bodies you’re looking at.)

  2. I am sorry for your loss, and I think the betrayal of the trust was probably even harder to deal with if you have a Scorpio stellium.

    I think Elsa is right in that Earth would be the most harmonious match although I have learned from experience that my most harmonious matches are not always my happiest ones, or even the ones that are most fulfilling. So whoever I find myself having a connection with I know is in my life for a reason and looking at their chart I get an inkling of what that reason might be. e.g I haven’t had the easiest of relationships with fire people but they have taught me things I needed to know (such as how to awaken the fire within myself).

    Best of luck.

  3. Drawing on what Nia said above, and on my own experiences as someone with lots of planets in Scorpio (though not as many as you), I have to say that I am a big fan of the Taurus/Scorpio combo. Although I get along wonderfully with Virgos, the relationship is always a “friend” one, not a good love match. I like the little bit of opposition I get from my (very very) Taurus man. It’s a sexy opposition. Taureans can also be just what you’re looking for if you’re into security like I am. You have to throw them out, ’cause they are not not going anywhere. It’s a nice safe feeling. Plus, they are exceedingly romantic, though sometimes mistakenly so. And much more sensitive than you’d think at first. And protective. And, yes, sometimes boring, but you are probably fascinating enough for two people with all your Scorp planets.

  4. woooow…

    my sympathies and might I add…I want to meet someone with that much Scorp.

    To put in my vote for a good match for you–my intuition is going with an earth mate, but what comes to mind is perhaps that have a couple planets in water signs, just so they can relate to you on an emotional level? (i.e. Taurus with moon in pisces or cancer or something)



  5. I’m a Pisces Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 6th house. I’m in a wonderful trusting and healing relationship with a Scorpio Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars stellium. My moon is in Leo and her moon in Libra. We click on all levels.

  6. Generally speaking, the best match for a Scorpio woman is a Pisces man. ?

    She has Scorpio Moon, so a Pisces Sun man is an exceptionally good match since in synastry it’s important that the woman’s Moon sign and the man’s Sun sign are very compatible.

    If one of those other four planets she has in Scorpio (besides her Sun and Moon) is Venus, then a man with not only Pisces Sun but also with Pisces Mars would be best match for her, since (just like Sun/Moon compatibility) Venus/Mars compatibility (particularly between the woman’s Venus sign and man’s Mars sign) is very important as well in long lasting relationships.

  7. I have a scorpio stellium and a lot of sag. My hubby An Aries sun , cap asc. and 4 planets in virgo 8th house, we are a great match. So I agree with Elsa.

  8. I have stelliums in both Scorp and Virgo so I guess I’m my own best partner, lol. (Kidding) With my Virgo asc all my life people assume I’m single and approach me. I’ve been married/partnered most of those years so it’s always been amusing.

  9. I have a stellium in scorpio. And venus in virgo. I love virgo men and women. They’re so beautiful. I like that I can’t ruffle their feathers. They don’t get caught up in my inner drama. They’re unaffected by it.

    1. I’m meeting a man for dinner next week for the first time (we are both very attractive, very single and successful-he more so than I) who has a Scorpio Stellium and there is already electricity between yet we haven’t even spoken, just exchanged a few texts-met online. I’m a Sun and Ascendent Virgo and his Venus is in Virgo. We both have Saturn in Sagittarius. I’m already attracted to him and I’m a little bit afraid of him too; it feels like it may be a cosmic meeting. He is who he claisms to be, he gave me his professional business profile and he is a very high-quality, successful man.

      So seriously…5 major planets in Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter)?! I don’t know his birth time so who knows, maybe his Ascendent is Scorpio too. I’d prefer it was in something refined like Libra or Virgo…or airy and open-minded like Aquarius or Gemini. Anything but Scorpio. Any advice? Other than to play it cool, don’t flinch, don’t overshare but be real and honest (that is authentic to me and I can go very deep), don’t pry and give him sincere compliments when appropriate. I already told him after he chose the restaurant that I loved Italian, (I do, it’s my favorite) and that he selected a great restaurant (he did!). He said, “Awesome, I look forward to seeing you soon.” Something tells me this is a man who doesn’t throw around words like awesome LOL.

      Suggestions, ideas (warnings?) are all welcome!

      1. How exciting for you. Cosmic things happen all the time to Scorpio:) My advice would be of course be yourself and keep your integrity. (Sometimes Scorpio will test that, probably inadvertently). And I know for me personally, I like to be around people who are comfortable with themselves and not too in awe of me or scared of me. Remember that Scorpio perceives themselves as vulnerable. It’s all about TRUST with Scorpio. I don’t tend to trust people who are too effluvient in their admiration of me. (But that probably won’t be an issue for your Virgo self). Have fun!

        1. Hi Libra Noir, thank you for the reply! The most intense feelings I’ve ever had for a man were for a Sun Scorpio/Cancer Moon Man. He was ‘a bag of cats’…complex, unpredictable, vulnerable, brilliant, globally famous and wildly successful. I met him for a business meeting, not knowing that based on my personal business photos that he was very attracted to me. What was supposed to be a 15-minute business conversation turned into a 3-hour ‘date’ and all that time I didn’t let him know I was interested…although I was totally crazy for him after 10 minutes. I was obsessed with him and didn’t see him for another 7 months. He told me later that he nearly threw up before meeting me he was so nervous. This is a man who meets with Presidents, other Captains of Industry, celebrities etc and he was nervous to meet ME. Yes…they are vulnerable and very human. He was, and still is, the most charismatic man I’ve ever known or loved. We had a relationship for over 2 years, it transformed me in very good ways, but it was Heart-Breaking…I thought I was going to die…not kidding! You are so right about them testing our integrity, they test us on EVERYTHING. I passed with flying colors because I learned that I am by nature made up with what Scorpios look for (honest-to-a-fault, vulnerable, transparent, intelligent, curious, passionate, ambitious)…and if not then it would be brutal. I get how they disappear like smoke on a foggy day. SO, that accounts for my nervousness…this is Scorpio x 5! I’m not exactly intimidated by this new man; I am not intimidated by anyone really (I have a Leo Moon and Venus and Mercury in Libra so I am both confident and skilled at communication, along with being appropriately feminine). My dating challenge normally is that the man is planning our wedding after the first date…yawn. I love a man who holds back, who doesn’t fall all over himself telling me I’m beautiful, smart, etc. right out of the gate…he’s more respectful and mature. He isn’t an amateur, he’s got some ‘game’. So I’m wondering what Scorpio times 5 will be like; I guess I will soon find out. My biggest worry is falling head over heels for this new man (which of course I want with the right man!) but only if he does the same. I just can’t take another epic heartbreak…so I am going to go very slowly…but I am completely intrigued.

  10. I have a Leo Stellium (Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars) with an Aquarius Moon. I don’t like selfish people, and I don’t like people who are distant and would rather do their own things instead of spending time together. No loners please, I like someone who is sociable and fun as well as able to talk about their feelings.

    If I apply the same logic, I should look for an Air sign.

    Since I don’t want someone who is distant, so that rules out Aquarius
    No people-who’d-rather-do-their-own-things, so def no Aquarius
    Sociable and fun? Yes to Gemini and Libra.
    Talk about feelings? Gemini.

    Funny enough, my exs were all Geminis, and so are some of my good friends.
    Only problem is, Geminis are so commitment phobic sigh.

  11. I stumbled into this because my partner has a stellium in Scorpio. I have sun and Saturn in Taurus and Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo, but most of my other planets are in fire. It makes me a contradiction. I’m the most impulsive Taurus you’ll come across, who loves to see new things and can pick up and move across the world on a whim. I’m grounded, but I’m not. As far as he and I go, I think the earth-water combo really works, but what brings it together is the fact that I’m Plutonic. Pluto touches every one of my planets and angles. I get his dark spaces, and he gets mine. It’s delicious to finally be known as I know others.

    This thread is old. I’m curious as to whether or not there’s been a follow up. What happened? Find someone? Were they an earth type?

  12. Wow…. this is so interesting! I accidently fell on this from google if you can believe it. I was looking up Scorpio Stellium and found this. ‘Virgo’…very interesting. I never would have thought about Virgo. I two Virgo sisters.

    Husband has a Cap moon and Virgo on the desc…. interesting. Very!

  13. I’m am also a six house Scorpio Stellium! (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, North) and a Stellium Pisces (Moon, Asc, and Saturn). I’m just a puddle hahaha

  14. I am a Scorpio, I also have 6 planets in Scorpio all in my 9th house. My boyfriend of 5 years is an Aries with 5 planets in Aries all in his 11th. Almost everything I have in Scorpio, he has in Aries.His mars is Taurus, my mars is rising Aquarius, his Gemini.We hardly fight and laugh a lot. We have an excellent balanced mix of being very responsible and having a lot of fun together. I was in a long term relationship with a Taurus with a lot of earth in his chart as well as a Gemini with a lot of earth…personally for me neither even comes close to how great this relationship is…there is also a very powerful sexual attraction between us. we both can’t imagine being with anyone else.

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