On The Verge Of Liberation – Jupiter Square Uranus

Vintage Oklahoma playbillI had lunch with my Woman’s Club women on Friday. I assumed this would be the last time I saw them but there was some surprising news.

The company where one of them works is moving to Oklahoma. They are offering to pay for her move. Her choice is to not have a job.

She’s one of those people who can easily find work so she’s not in a panic. But she got to thinking that maybe she should consider it. She lives with another woman. They are heading to, Tulsa this weekend to check it out. It sounds to me as if they’re going to uproot.

Tulsa is a lot closer to where I’m moving then Denver is. Β “You can come see us, or we can come see you…”

This is when it hit me, I could easily do this. The reason is because my son will have his driver’s license in May and that’ll be it!

I’ve been driving kids around for 20 years. Oldtimers probably remember my carpooling day – six years of that. Once we move, we’ll have someone who can watch our dogs. These two things – kids and dogs have been my primary responsibility for all these years. Before that, I used to travel, literally every chance I got, on impulse, at the drop of a hat. It will be amazing to have that kind of freedom again.

These women did not expect to be moving. In fact, they just pulled up their carpet and refinished the wood floors underneath a couple of months ago. Β They also had a custom bookshelf built, taking up and entire wall of their living room. Little did they know, they were fixing their house to sell!

Has anyone else had a jolting offer?

25 thoughts on “On The Verge Of Liberation – Jupiter Square Uranus”

  1. i feel this aspect, big time. Lots of stuff is just -moving- real fast, and there’s an exciting edge to it…maybe with a bit of nostalgia

  2. My co-worker informed me yesterday that she is planning to turn in her notice tomorrow. I have no idea what that’s going to mean for me.

  3. Sagittarius!
    It seems to me that moving (whether by choice from inside, or forced by outside) is a chance to be new again.
    Yay for sagittairian impulse!!!

  4. It’s amazing! That’s a Jupiter square Uranus story ha. Love that. Yeh, we were offered a jolting offer just the other day. Similar but different from your Women’s Club liberation story. A gold leaf offer to travel back home for a special event: all airfare paid roundtrip/no strings attached. There is so much in that offer. We’re gonna talk about the details, but the jolt of liberation … OMG the magic, the possibilities!!

  5. Just a month ago, these gals told me they decided to invest in the floors and the bookshelf, utterly for themselves, because they weren’t going anywhere.

    But now they think God is tellin’ ’em something.

    I added to that idea, by giving them the name of my real estate agent, explaining she was going to come over and let in the carpet people and a gal who is going to clean / detail the house once they’re done.

    “She’ll handle everything for you…”

    See? That’s exactly what the need. And the market here is SKY high. If you’re going to leave Denver, do it now.

    So then I came home and check this…

    My agent has been nominated for the top of the top agents in 5280 magazine. If she gets in there, she will be BEYOND busy. So they’re getting one of the best agents in this area…at a good commission rate, because I also referred them to her.

    ha ha.

    It really pays to be someone who works well / plays well with others. I preached this extensively with Saturn in Libra. More so with Saturn in Scorpio. No one has energy to deal with a bunch of crap / unfairness and stuff.

  6. I’m confused. Is this a personal transit for you? Isn’t Jupiter at 14 degrees Leo currently making a trine aspect to Uranus at 14 degrees Aries right now, not a square?

  7. Behind the curve here…but stepping into the vortex. Just trying to be present and get ready to put our sadly run-down house on the market. Terrified..SO MUCH to do. No idea where we’ll land (can’t agree) but I mustn’t let that be my reason for dragging my feet. It is past time and must get up to speed. Watching so many people here taking chances and moving forward really helps. Merci y’all!

  8. The “unexpected” offer unexpectedly fell through…that was a jolt so I’m “expecting” something else will unexpectedly appear, gotta love Uranus!

  9. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all- I am becoming Catholic first of all. Second of all, my husband has been acting like a freaking Saint. He has transformed somehow into this saintly version of Scorpio. Like, he prays the Rosary and wears it under his shirt everyday. He pushes me to go to Mass with him. He stopped taking shit about people and looks for hte good in them instead….Hes going to counceling to work on his control issues and get this- the counceler he is seeing just happens to be an ex-catholic priest! Until he fell in love with one of the Nuns and they got married. Then he found his calling in Counceling.

    I thought I would be leaving my marriage, but it looks like that is not whats happening.


    1. It seems like some kind of Divine providence is working in mine and my husbands life. I know to some people I sound nuts, and thats okay, but it is undeniable something is shifting things around. My husband found this counselor randomly, without knowing he used to be a priest, after he had been praying. Similar “signs” have been put in my path too, people are coming to us as messengers or something.

      Part of my sick pathology problems are still bothering me though. I have been hopelessly in-love with romantic love my whole life, which has been nothing but a destructive force in my life to date. (dealt with this heavily throughout saturn in scorp) Hopefully, when saturn retos back, I will finally be able to conquer this.

      Whatever is meant to be.

  10. It’s exciting. All around me, people are suddenly on the move or experiencing radical and permanent change. Mine came last week. My director finally offered me a full redundancy pay out! That’s my freedom ticket. Time to focus on what I love. Blessings to you all!

  11. Just today I put down a deposit on an apartment (same complex). This move will put hubby’s caregiver nearby in his OWN apartment. We will live with our other roommate, who will have her own bedroom and bath. Freedom for all!! We make this move within the next couple of weeks too, so FAST!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Tulsa is a wonderful city I grew up there and loved it. Still have many friends there very connected to that city still. When my husband was looking for a job within his company he looked for positions in Tulsa and in Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods. However he found a position that had his name all over it.

  13. Interesting! I met a guy in the grocery store on Friday (offered to buy me flowers), and on Saturday he proposed to me. Yeah… qualifies as a jolting offer, alright. I am kind of considering it, actually. Will get to know him better, at least.

  14. Jupiter is right on my IC…and I have lots of stuff in my chart at 13-14 degrees. Something *should* be happening, but I got nada so far. It’s times like these when I question whether or not all the time I’ve spent studying astrology was for naught. But, then someone on this board will have an another amazing thing to share and I will keep on believing πŸ™‚

  15. Yeah, and I am gonna do the $5 monthly pledge plan now, πŸ™‚ (where is that thing?) because I read Elsa’s send-out on Monday about shoots and ladders (take the ladder that’s offered, and not stay stuck where I am!)

    I think I probably would have just let my doubts and fears stop me from giving this proposal more consideration. I read this post and that send-out after the thing happened. Good counsel to consider and much appreciated at this time!

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