How Do You Deal With Morose Feelings?

scorpiopaintThe night before last, my husband said he felt morose. This is unusual for him, but Saturn is transiting his moon. I was a little surprised, because he was happy all weekend.  But he was back in the truck like whiplash. I expect that was part of it.

He cautioned me that when he does get to feeling morose it tends to last awhile.  This makes sense, with a Fixed Moon, though he seemed to feel brighter yesterday. He’d said a rosary and told me  he just needed to meditate.

I like his method. He feels something and he responds to it. He also takes responsibility for his feelings. I’m not blamed for his morose feelings.

Saturn in Scorpio. This is how it’s done!

How do you deal with morose feelings?

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  1. This is something I am familiar with. Sometimes you have to sit with it. Sometimes I write it out. Meditation helps with clarity. I have Saturn in Capricorn at 29degrees Cap, and morose comes with the territory. Frequently a good meaty book confronting things we don’t want to look at (Like WWII, or all the military history my father reads) helps me.

    What we do, who we are matters. But I am familiar with your husbands feelings. I know the territory.

  2. Ask what the heck is this about? I’m understanding better what puts me there so I am working on doing the work of preventative maintenance. Like I know family get togethers can leave me morose. For a long time, I’d return home to cry. Now I just feel confused and sad sometimes. When that happens I have to re-focus on something else or wait for it to dissipate. Dissipation can take a day or so.

  3. I ususally sleep it off if I can get away with that.between work and family though, sometimes have to just push it away and keep on going .Sometimes friends and family notice and try to pull me out of it and that usually gets me smiling or laughing…I can usually get over it fast.

  4. interesting. My husband (Leo, Taurus moon) likes to sleep it off or engage in indulgent food, alcohol, pot. Myself (Virgo, Scorp moon) likes to do something healthy in nature such as running, hiking or gardening or I like to delve into a book on something harsh (like The Glass Castle) or mysterious that takes me out of my own situation.

    Both of us are capable of taking responsibility for our own feelings – well, at least we don’t blame each other! Sometimes he will blame his parents or my parents or other family members, but if you ask me, we are both getting to old for that routine! Saturn in Libra taught me I had to grow those relationships up, hubby is a bit slower catching on. Not coincidentally, Saturn in Scorpio is hitting him harder than me.


  5. Live through it. Capricorn Moon, here. Keep going.

    I have so many different tricks up my sleeve, and it’s up to me to figure out what will work best that day. Cook? Sleep? Go to the beach? Watch comedy? Read? Talk to someone? Sometimes it’s nothing.

  6. Elsa, I’ve had cardiac arrest, respiratory failure -all from asthma +been on life supports 4 times. Give him the trach +I’ll pra2
    I posted on twitter under Cerrabella.

    I wonder about his age and multiple medical problems but COPD is something I’m familiar with. I also fight like hell to live – so he feel like we’re in the same tribe.

    I pray for no sorrow. :l

  7. I am quite adept at dealing with morose feelings. I usually just need my space, to lie in bed without a schedule… If it’s really bad, I’ll cry and maybe write in my journal, or play guitar.

  8. I also have Scorpio Moon,it sextiles my Capricorn Stellium. When I was younger I could be melancholy for weeks. I started meditating during my first 🙂 Saturn Return, and the melancholy never returned. I meditate and practice Yoga daily. It made me smile to read that meditation was your Husband’s remedy for his morose. I am Saturn’s daughter, with Saturn in Virgo and Sun/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars in Capricorn. Meditation keeps me flowing.

  9. The down side hit me today as well!
    Moon in Scorpio, but Mercury is in Leo. Turning into XVIII latin poesy apparently helped. x

  10. Like Kash, I have a several tricks up my sleeve, too.

    Talk myself back up, let it stew and pass, take a break, watch a movie, read a book, take a nap, do something/keep moving, exercise, learn something, go to the park, get some sunshine, etc.

  11. Saturn 0deg 8th house here. Deep introspection/funk/depression or internal rage (mostly out of a, let us say, ‘rough childhood’ for the internal rage part) will hit during some philosophical quandary. I’ll be in bed, not shower, isolate for a weekend or a week, then spring out of it. I blame the ‘bouncing in/out of “morose/empowerment”‘ on Saturn being a part of both an exact mini grand trine with moon and pluto, and being a part of a grand air trine with n.node. All in my head. I hate/love the ‘head thing’ that I experience. Morose can empower. I have been near letting go, though, due to it.

    Elsa, either way and whatever my post, very glad you understand and your hubs works with the realization. It just takes working with, I’ve learned at 41.

  12. This. yup, lol. I’ll hit the red box movie dispenser at Stop N Shop and hole up with a magnum of wine. This too shall pass as they say. Something to be said for those that ‘face the dark forest and walk through it’.

  13. I Ching it. Usually, this clarifies my situation, and when I can see my circumstances more clearly, I can relax into it, and get on with life. If that doesn’t help, I’ll journal and see what comes out. Taking a walk, taking a nap; these help too.

    But if anything, the main thing I have learned at this point in my life is just not to dwell on it. Even if the feeling remains, at least I am getting on with life in some way, instead of sitting in my room, contemplating my gloom.

  14. I struggle with morose feelings. I usually need to talk things out, exercise, or try to accomplish something positive to solve the problem.

  15. @elsa, LOL!!! I think it is excessive when I allow the same situation to put me there. With the family, it’s the same old pattern of energy. The one who gets everybody whipped up usually sets it into motion. If I don’t go there, I think I will be able to diffuse the ensuing gruel. Relationships are so much work. Must be why I choose to live alone. Sanctuary.

    I feel like I am carrying a couple of other people’s pain. They keep coming up for me. So kat21 reminded me of going into it. A healer gave me a technique to release what he called past life pain years ago. Feel it, where is it located in my body, meditate on that area and let the pictures release. Got me out of the chiropracter’s office. But with the recent years stuff that I am aware of, I never thought of using it for that. Not pictures, just feelin released. I am clearer today (it was really gettin in my way, that one). There is still my dead lover’s pain, though. It is stuck in the upper plate of my head. It is really hard and crisp and difficult to get through. But then again, he was not forthcoming about his pain. His sudden self induced death was well, shocking to say the least. A sleeper, I think they are called.

  16. I am looking forward to a date in November when Saturn will finally stop opposing and retrograding on my Sun and Moon. Can’t wait. I have no energy and feel about 105!

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