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Dyls“Well, Art is Art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know.”
                                                                               –Groucho Marx
The nadir is one of the four angles of the chart. It marks the seat of the self, the home, the family, roots. My son was born when Pluto was on my nadir. It was a thoroughly devastating time of my life, but also a time of personal rebirth. Because this is the Pluto placement he was born with, his chart Pluto will always conjunct my nadir. He’s like a permanent Pluto transit to my nadir. That is how synastry works, chart comparison.

Several years ago I got a new bike for Christmas. Dylan didn’t have a car when he turned 16 so he started using my bike to get everywhere. We live at the top of a big hill so eventually he flatted both my tires. I don’t know how to maintain a bike so it just sat in my garage for the past few years. My dad is a great bike person so this year for my birthday I asked him if he would fix my bike tires as a present and he said yes!

Last night he told me he found no leaks in the inner tubes; they were just flat from overuse and lack of inflation. Yay! Then I thought about it… dang, the rims are probably bent. Grr! I thought about it and realized, this kid has been out of the house for a few years now and I’m still clawing my way back from the physical devastation he wrought on my home. Paint scrapes, broken stuff, burnt up stuff, holes in the drywall, junked up spaces and more more more.

Pluto is nearing sextile (opportunity) to my nadir now, and I’m just starting to dig out and move beyond. This is happening as Saturn is nearing my nadir. I’m buckling down and finally sorting these things out, as well as setting boundaries so it doesn’t happen again.

He also thoroughly wrecked my belly, not unlike those bike tires. It’s a hot mess. Oh well, he was worth it.

Where is your nadir? Do you have nadir contacts in synastry with someone in your household?

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  1. My Nadir’s in Libra, with my Sun on it. I don’t have any Nadir contacts that I know with anyone from my household, but I’ve “been” with a Pluto in Libra man who had his Pluto right on my Nadir/Sun and it was a painful, intense, transforming experience that changed me completely.

  2. Dyls overinflated my belly so badly that when I finally went in to a doctor (5 months) they took one look at me and said, “HOLY CRAP! I think you’re having twins! you need a sonogram RIGHT NOW!” he wasn’t twins, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t say HOLY CRAP, but that’s how it felt.

    most people say they felt like they were smuggling a basketball. I felt like I was smuggling a basketball TEAM.

  3. Satori,I think in your case it was even more a meaningful and symbolic experience, being the Nadir the 4th House cusp, and thus related to motherhood (Cancer). Thank you so much for sharing your experience, definitely something to reflect on!

  4. And yes, I couldn’t think of any better expression than that: it was *COMPLETELY*, *UTTERLY* life-changing. They truly are, and that’s what I Love about them (I mean, people).

  5. Avatar

    My nadir is in Sagittarius and I think it makes contact with my mom. In synastry, my nadir falls into her twelfth house. I think it is appropriate because she seemed to always have a dependency upon me emotionally while I was growing up, I have helped my mom through so much pain and suffering and was always there for her when she needed me to understand and help.
    Wow this is really interesting, I had never heard about the nadir, thanks for the topic satori!

  6. ((((Satori)))) Fwiw you can still ride on damaged rims, if you aren’t keen to replace them.:)

    I have Chiron at 2 degrees Taurus conjunct my Nadir. My mother’s Saturn is 2 degrees Taurus. I have no idea what to say about it. She is a Narcissist and just has this ability to crush my heart beyond all recognition.

    Yesterday I called her to tell her we were postponing our wedding. Her response? She laughed and told me ‘well it doesn’t mean anything, anyway.’

    That is the kind of mother I have. Thank god I have an awesome dad. I will be lost when he’s gone.

  7. I have pluto conjunct my own IC and they all square my sun & moon/jupiter opposition. So this is very interesting to think about on a personal level. I’ve been thru pluto conj. my IC (born), pluto sextile my IC (just after I graduated from college), pluto square my IC (as it was pulling away from transiting my moon). It’s now moving far enough out that I’ll eventually get a trine to my IC from pluto (in about 12yrs).

    As for family, yeah, the hubs was born a few weeks after me, so his pluto is on my IC as well. Both my little ones have their IC on my chiron in aries. The triple sag was born with Pluto conjunct her AC, Ceres & Part of Fortune at the end of sag; conj. my early cappy moon/jupiter and opposing my sun. We also both have venus conj. the DC, we have very interesting synastry to say the least (to me),

  8. I have my nadir in virgo square my sag sun/mercury. Pretty stressful.

    My moms asc and neptune conjunct my nadir. Her lilith and jupiter sextile it. Mercury trine it.
    We talked a lot for many years. Now she kind of disappeared from my life – leaving me with a feeling of bliss and desception. She re-appears once in a while with lots of gifts for her grand children(jupiter in cancer)…

    My dads SN is conjunct my nadir – karmic relation? – his chiron trines it and pluto sextiles it. We had a very positive relationship.

    Both my daughters pluto squares it. Suppose it mirrors the fact that their births fundamentally changed my life. Recognise “I’m still clawing my way back from the physical devastation he wrought on my home” – and also when you write that he was worth it!

    One daughters chiron trines my nadir. The other’s mars and uranus opposes it, her moon sextiles it and her jupiter, venus squares it. Suppose they’ll keep on rocking my world!

  9. How interesting:)

    I just looked at my daughters’ charts. My nadir is 10 degrees Gemini and my middle daughter’s sun is 11 Gemini. My youngest has an 8 degree gemini saturn. Both have Pluto opposite in Sag. My oldest has Jupiter exactly opposite my nadir. So neat to see how that ties us together.

    Thank you, Satori I always become aware of something new when I read your posts.

  10. MY Nadir is in Leo, with my Pars Fortunae, Venus, Mercury and Chiron conjunct.

    And THEN my Lilith and Saturn opposition, and my Mars squares it (and Pluto *just* misses it)…

    WHEW!! Holy mother freakin’ damn;p

  11. Corinne, your nadir is in Capricorn! the nadir is opposite the midheaven… it is the IC (Imum Coeli) at the bottom of the chart!

  12. My IC is in Leo. I don’t think I’ve ever lived with anyone that had a planet conjunct my IC, there could have been other aspects of course. I don’t know the birthdays of the people I lived with in college anymore, it’s been too many years.

  13. My nadir is at 3 Leo. My boyfriend has a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 2 and 3 Leo. He inspires a feeling of home and comfort in me like no one else I’ve ever met. We have an extremely playful vibe together which I think is given by Leo.

    My Venus also opposes at 4 Aquarius. I think this leads sometimes to frustration over differing values. We can at times have very different ways of communicating. Because my Venus is also of course conjunct my MC in detached Aquarius, I think it also gives my private and public reactions to him quite different flavors.

  14. My son has the same signs in the name houses as me. My nadir is 29′ in 3rd house Sagittarius, his nadir is 1′ 4th house Capricorn. Not sure what it means but we are pretty similar in things, much to his dismay and denial.

    He’s our 2nd child and we stopped there. He weighed 10 lbs and were worried the next one would fall out hahaha.

  15. I agree, this is so interesting. Mine’s in Taurus at the end of the third and my oldest friend has her jupiter 2 degrees away. She’s been family to me for my whole life and is deeply (IM) inspiring (jupiter) to me. She knows me in a way no-one else does, and usually has the wisest, most expansive (jupiter) view on how I can look at things. We feel deeply blessed to have each other.

  16. *My
    I didn’t mean for the first word of my post to be capitalized. Lol, I come off as an attention whore.

  17. My Nadir is 19′ Scorpio. If everything goes as planned, my baby’s Venus will be conjunct my Nadir and not too far from Husband’s either (his Nadir is 25′ Scorpio). Sounds like we’ll have loads of crayon murales coming. 😛 Husband’s Venus is opposing our Nadirs (22’Taurus), and he does all the decorating here.

  18. @IronMaiden-you gots the Leo. Of COURSE it will come out as MINE!

    Mine too, lol.

    I do feel quite “roar” about home and family.

    A lot of B’s stellium lives in my fourth house. His Mars loosely conjuncts mine. He’s been working his tail off to bring us home, keep us fed and warm.

    I am driven to make this house the most awesome, comfortable space ever, and start at least one business this spring.

    My mars only gets me in trouble at work, so I think I need to work from home, to make it math out properly.

  19. PS @ Kash…

    My Chiron wants to poke your mom right in the Uranus. :::fistshake:::

    Ugh. I am sorry. But glad that you are not like her, in that way!

  20. (((Kash)))

    Interestingly, most of my important people have conjunctions to my Asc so square my angular IC. My sister’s Pluto is conjunct my actual IC; I don’t know what to think of that, honestly. 😛 The long-term ex had a Libra stellium in my 4th, but that’s about all the 4th/IC involvement I’ve ever had.

    No wonder I feel “rootless.” *grins*

  21. Well…i raised two big boys and what you went through sounds exactly what I experienced for all those years they lived in the house (they left when they were 28 and 26…ha!)

  22. My Children are years apart.

    And both of their Pluto’s are on my IC….. oh god…I should have known to look for this a long time ago. Explains everything…..

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