In Love With Her Boss – Gemini With Venus In Cancer

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Dear Elsa,

I’m in love with my boss, who is also a dear friend. I’d be happy to leave my job if it meant we could be together.

We’ve had drunken kisses on two occasions and spoke about being together, but he was ending a long term relationship at the time. He has since broke up with that girl and immediately got involved with another girl (but it’s very casual). I’ve thinking of leaving the job, not because of this, but for other reasons. When I told him this he said he loved me and didn’t want me to go.

I know he loves me a lot as a friend, as I do him, but I don’t know if he means it in a romantic way too. When we spoke about it before, he admitted he fancied me at first sight. There’s is a lot of heavy eye contact going on with us and he often refers to me as his “wife” because of our close professional relationship.

I really like him and want to tell him and ask him if he feels the same but I’m afraid of jeopardizing our friendship. Should I just be honest and ask him? It will really embarrass him… and me, but I need to know so I can decide what to do next.


Dear Unsure,

Yeah. Go ahead and tell him how you feel but I wouldn’t hold my breath around anything working out with this guy. You say he’s not serious with the other woman and I believe you. Stack that with the fact he just left a long term relationship (and had flirted with you throughout), and I think it’s pretty safe to say he doesn’t want a serious relationship, period.

So what about you? Well via your chart, I would say you’re divided. You’re a Gemini flirt yourself, and with your Sun in aspect to Neptune, you’re prone to fantasy so you can see how all this is working for you. It’s interesting! It’s swirly!

However, Venus in Cancer wants security. Your Venus in Cancer wants to be Daddy’s best girl – so you can see how the plot thickens. He’s Daddy. He’s the boss, right?

So this is your makeup. You have somewhat conflicting desires and is he interested in addressing both sides of you? I don’t think so. I think he’s flirting and that’s all.

Sorry and good luck.


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