Allowing Your Thoughts To Unfold

hen eggsThe other day, I was talking to a client about allowing something to incubate inside her. Like an idea? You sit on it like an egg.

I came across this idea in a weird book I read in the 80’s. It was stressing the importance of patience and downtime.  You have to let your ideas and whatnot, develop. This can take some time.

Yesterday, someone was talking about their  process; at one point the described their thoughts “unfolding”.  Hey, I remember that!

I mentioned for a few years now, I’m trying to pull my horns from the internet. I want to be part of the fringe of life. When I heard that remark, I realized my idea don’t unfold the way they used to. I still incubate ideas as a matter of course, but I do not let them fully develop and unfold their own.

I think this blog is part of the reason.  There’s pressure (I put on myself) to create content. It’s stupid at this point, as I can’t compete with AI, spitting out words, a mile a second.  I need to recalibrate somehow.

This is challenging but unfortunately it’s only a sliver of the cause of the problem. The rest, is all the distraction from modern media.

It’s also what I would consider, brain damage, from all the bytes of info. “Short attention span theatre”.   Short this and that, over days, weeks, months and now years, is like shotgun blasts to you brain… your central nervous system.  I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to truly mull something with the constant and varied input, flooding in.  Your thought process becomes rudimentary, akin to “eenie, meanie, miney, mo…”  It’s  on the surface.

There’s also the problem of having outsourced so much thinking work. Google, it right?

You used to have to get yourself to the library. Walking or driving or riding a bike, you could think on the way.  You get your book and return home, again, there’s time to think.  In theory, the internet should save us time. Instead no one has time… for anything but the internet.

Years ago, I wrote about google as an auxiliary brain. It’s easy to think you know everything, because you can access information so easily, but we’ve done this so often for so long, our powers of discernment… well, come on! Is it nuclear weapons that are fake or is it saguaro cactus?  Cramming junk data like that in your head is not conducive to the clear mind you need to really have your own ideas, emerge. Never mind, you’ve got to nurture your ideas and refine them.  Ultimately, in my case, my ideas must be communicated.

When I consider this, I’m pretty surprised I can think at all.  Think about what I want to think about this is, rather that the daily news, which acts as chum, thrown in the water to attract schools of fish.  I can still think, but not like I used to.

I’m going to try to regain my functions, because I’m pretty sure it’s possible to lose them, entirely, to the endless noise.  For me, this is a Saturn in Pisces thing. It’s about curbing addiction but also about the Mercurial signs, gaining control of their intellect. Work to preserve your cognitive functions, because just like everything else, use it or lose it!

I also have have creative skills I want to keep honed. I’m pretty sure my best bet here is to (further) limit media consumption, to spare mental space where ideas can emerge and develop. On the creative end, I have to find ways to present my ideas, in writing or in conversation.  I plan to focus on this, through spring and summer when I spend less time on the internet, naturally. I’ll see how it goes.

One reason I’ve had success as an astrologer, is due the fact I can see precise ways of dealing with something; invariably I come up with an analogy that hits so squarely, it’s impossible to forget.  This is my true, organic process that is personal to me. I can’t have ideas if all I do all day is be peppered by other people’s idea, especially when their ideas a worthless. Sorry, but so much of what you read on the internet is exactly that.

Can anyone relate?

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  1. Exactly…I started design by drawing with a pencil on a board with a simple calculator and often doing the math in my head or writing it out. Then came CAD that did it all…just point and click. Something vital was lost.

    Now I’ve had degreed Engineers who come out of college and can’t figure shear stress on a screw thread or analyze a design for worst case unless it’s a preloaded computer program where they just click a button.

    In some ways I’m not as worried about AI as others, because those damn computers don’t have my life’s lessons or experiences to draw from. Just like the conversation on Astro-twins. They may rhyme, but they will never be like me.

    1. True Teresa, l spoke to a young architecture student about how they approach design. All computer generated…no prelim. drawings with pen & paper to tease out possibilities.

      Hand, pen, paper uses more of our brain. I still hand write drafts before l put them into the machine to edit. And drawing using this machine …no way.

      They are thinking of banning Tiktok here. I wont miss it. I have never looked at it…but then l am not their target audience.

  2. This is a very interesting post. It is one that really deserves a discussion and to return to it after thoughts have percolated a bit. But that is not going to happen I am just writing this one post.

    I have made the best of our modern tik tok internet style. With my dream interpretation. These are the steps:

    – I write dreams down in dream diary, handwritten.
    – I transcribe these to the internet.
    – I break them down into months.
    – I put them on my phone.
    – I interpret individual dreams while I am out with the dog, in the line at the supermarket, in bed, out for a walk.
    – I take those dream interpretations from notepad on my phone and translate to a word document.
    – I then find patterns in the dream interpretations. Overlying themes in sets of 5 and such.
    – I collate these into a kind of master document for a time period.
    – I finally take out the relevant wisdom into one word document and then keep it on my phone to re remind myself. Making sure to use the wisdom.

    I have had painful periods of realising missed wisdom from dreams after the fact.

    This is a similar process I have for a lot of things. I carry around prayers and notes from spiritual documents (in number form!). Spiritual exercises I do while walking. With dream interpretation though I can do something incredibly profound in a short break sometime. Like at work or something. I don’t listen to music too much when I am out. Only when the dog is on the last few blocks home and stretches it out by sniffing every five inches so I put music in.

    This is all a process. What I am and what I want, is not to be the originator of the information as you seem to be saying is your process. My process is not like the Liz Greene’s of the world. For me, I want to inhabit the middle space and take the information others are interested in providing and making sure it is actually applied, and in coming up with insights from bridging different systems.

    My Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and NN are all in fire signs. So the “fire” makes me want to be a channel really. Rather than, like I said, the “originator” of the thought.

    There is a problem with too much social media and such. Being bored, partly from illness, and commenting places where my response is deleted and thus, passive aggressive arrogance is allowed to prevail (as happens when I put someone down in youtube comments). But I see a slow withdrawal from this eventually as my life improves. It is all part of the process.

    The Gen Z’s have adapted well to the Rockerfeller inspired ADHD (Quoted as saying he wants a nation of workers not a nation of thinkers!). Filling their lives with highly informative pieces of living in 2 minute clips. Otherwise Tik Tik would not be on the chopping block.

    1. Tik tok is to be sold, if this goes though, right? So it won’t be gotten rid of, regardless. But I think it may be more about gaining power to do other things down the road.

      Example, it’s legal for our government to use propaganda against us… no one noticed this law change. Now we’re drowning in it. All okay to screw you over.

      This deal has quite a bit baked into it. I can’t be specific, because I don’t spend a lot of time on stuff on things like this. Reason being, I know it’s will all advance, regardless of what I do or don’t do.

      I’m talking about the ability liquidate your stock holdings and such. Basically, everyone yell about tik tok when it’s a cover for something else, far more nefarious.

      1. Well, Ian Carroll did a bit on Tik Tok. Only about five minutes long. He did a video on there with all the hashtags about how awful China is. Uyghur Muslims and all that. It was fine. Then he did another video on Israel and Palestine and it was throttled.

        They’re forcibly selling it from China that doesn’t care much about the West i don’t think (they have an alliance with Russia and a new fiat crushing cryptocurrency coming out!) and they’re gonna sell it to a Zuckerberg type that isn’t going to allow things like “Bin Ladens manifesto” to spread on there.

        I can’t speak to the liquidising stock holdings or anything like that. My impression though in the grand scheme of things is that there is a lot of pushback on the deep state, even though they do, and always have, generally like to portray themselves as omnipotent. They wanted Trump off the ballot but the court ruled against it – The deep state and Trumps enemies have a lot of crossover and they will be panicking now. Texas is allowing people to sue for medical complications.

        In the UK they are pushing white males again in Army adverts that means they are scared. A few months ago there were newspaper articles about being ready to defend against invasion.

  3. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Excellent post Elsa. I have withdrawn to quite an extent from social media this year and am trying to wean myself off consuming too many news bulletins via the internet (I have no TV). I’d reached a point where I felt my sanity was at stake. I want to go back to being able to think clearly and have time and mental space for reflection.

    Used to love going to libraries but it all changed about 20 years ago. My local library (one open-plan room) resembles more of a playground now – a few books, quite a few PCs and a children’s play corner with toys. It is used as a meeting place for groups and events, and during the cold season as a place for poor people to hang out and keep warm.

  4. There was a little hand sized hole in my chicken coop door. The chicken wire (net) allowed me to drop little treats into the coop when I was too lazy to open the door. A red tailed hawk found it, ripped in, and slaughtered my darling egg laying angels. It couldn’t pull them out -left them all. The perimeters of safety are tenuous when invaded. Natural forces, apex predator, human design, infrastructure, my lazy streak, unpredictable outcomes. BTW, I did have a Sun transit to my natal pluto ascendant ( square mars) that day. Boo hoo

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