People Who Have Their Ascendant Conjunct Your Own

zodiac wheelMy sister and I have the same ascendant, with just 1 degree separating.   Because of this, out lives play out in tandem on a certain level.

As an example, our mother died with Saturn conjunct our joint midheaven. However I have natal planets conjunct my ascendant and she does not.  I have planets being hit by the Uranus Pluto square so my experiences are different from her as well as being the same or similar.

My husband’s son’s ascendant is also conjunct mine.  Our charts are freakishly similar and while we communicate a lot, there are times (like now) when we both go silent.  Currently, Saturn is conjunct our joint midheaven and the Uranus Pluto square is transiting our planets in Libra so I have a pretty good idea why he’s out of pocket…and we’ll wind up coming back to life at the same time.

I know there are others around here who have their ascendant conjunct mine. There are also several people with children who are born very near the day my son was born and they can see the similarities in how these kids develop.

This is a terrific way to learn astrology, and to gain a deeper understanding of the cycles we all go through. I think it teaches a person to be kind, because if it’s not your turn now, it will be eventually.  You see a person struggle with a Saturn transit through their 12th house, for example. You may be dozen years off from your own Saturn transit through the 12th, but those years fly by and all the sudden it’s upon you.  I heard someone bashing a woman in menopause the other day, as if their turn will never come. ::laughs::

If you do know someone with their ascendant conjunct your own, you have found a person who is on a similar path as your own, at a similar time. This is a way to connect with other people, regardless of their age, which is another facet to this. During Saturn’s transit though our 9th house, my sister, my stepson and I all defined (Saturn) our beliefs (9th). What we believe is irrelevant, we all went through this process at the same time which made us peers in this underlying way.

Do you know anyone who has their ascendant conjunct your own? What have you observed?

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  1. Interesting: thanks for posting this. The fellow I was dating has ascendent conjuct mine: lots of similarities in our respective stories…

  2. Yes. My mother and I. We both experience the same types of losses but the timing or issue will be different.Saturn will be transiting our 12 th house soon. It will hit my Neptune, then Mars, then when exiting, my Sun. It will br hitting my mother’s moon in Scorpio opposite her Mars in Taurus.

  3. My son and I both have Sagittarius rising as does my father, seems like there’s a pattern in families.

  4. Yes, I do. My best friend and I – both Leo Rising, within 2 degrees of each other. We even look alot alike and people ask if we’re sisters (so funny!).

  5. I have one friend whose ascendant is within one degree of mine, but we are fifteen months apart in birth…our personal planets are very different, but we share the outer planet placements within a few degrees. Much as you describe, many similarities, but played-out in different scenarios. I have another friend who’s nine years younger than I and we have exact node reversal conjunctions…my south node on his north node. We seem to share eerily similar patterns in thinking, habits, and directions in life…we seem to have a psychic connection.

  6. Scorpioandproud

    My best friend and I are both Cancer rising and we have the same thing. It’s like we are living the same lives.

    We are both the oldest child with mothers that were very young and irresponsible who left us with other family to be raised.

    We both have 2 sons who we spaced very far apart in age raising our sons almost like only children. This list is long.

    I usually go through the muck of something first and since we knew long ago we were living these twin lives she will watch and try to avoid the potholes and learn with me before her lesson arrives only for it to arrive the same and different causing her to go through it too and never be able to avoid it.

    I feel like I have known her for 1000 years. She is not my sister but I love her as though she is.

  7. I know someone with their ascendant 1º orb from mine. I can see little simmilarities, maybe we are looking for the same things but with different ways and tools?
    They are 12th house Sun and I’m 9th house, besides all other different planetary positions.

  8. Online, yes. We’re similar in humour, personality traits, and being transient for a long period of time (our childhoods), as well as perioids of stability. Different in that she lost her mother four years ago, and she also dealt with her problems when she was young – she received therapy, she had no problems with confidence (whereas mine was totalled by Saturn and Pluto moving through my 12th). I don’t know how she’s doing – last I heard, she was thinking of having a baby. Saturn was brutal on me, but not because of a lack of kindness in the past, on my part.

  9. mt baby sister 😉 she’s 14 years younger, so the outer planets are different between the two of us, but we understand each other quite well, and maybe always have…

    i’ve also been good friends with at least a couple women who share my mother’s ascendant. which has been a surreal experience. maybe my subconscious trying to work out my mother issues…

  10. My ex and I had the same ascendant within a degree. It led to a lot of shared experience. And, we could read the same astro reports geared for that sign as they usually go by house placements anyway…

  11. I think there are a few late Gemini risings on this blog. Irl I suspect one of my friends has the same asc as me, but I can’t be sure, but we seem to go thru the same things at the same time. One time we even both cut our hair ourselves the night before and didn’t tell eachother, and ended with the exact same haircut! weird.

  12. Me and my close friend has taurus rising only 4 deg apart. Our married life looks like same story, stromy. But we have opposite way to express our feelings. She is vocal and I’m silent. but we are close friend.

  13. I met someone on the boards who has the same degree asc and the same degree moon as me. That person is three years younger than and was born 150 miles from me. The really funny part is that in 1969 we vacationed at the same seaside resort just three blocks from each other. Who knows we probably bumped into each on the street. Half a uranus cycle later we meet here. I think it is pretty awesome.

  14. I have similar themes going on with my ex who is a Sagittarius rising. I am Scorpio but at 27 degrees. His fáher had a stroke at the same time my father was having back surgery, and the both almost died. He is having issue withhis life big time and I am having a Neptune opp. Pluto transit. Pluto is on my MC and on his but a different sign.

  15. My office friend and I have Taurus ASC, very close. And yea, we share same story in our life, but her situation is better because she has Jupiter oppose Saturn, so Saturn can’t able to trouble her that much. Also she has Venus conjuct Sun, so she has money from her business. I don’t have those advantage 🙁 !!!

  16. I have been able to create natal charts for four of my five children. I don’t have the exact time of birth for my youngest. She was born overseas so it’s difficult to track down that information. However, I do have a ballpark time of birth for her and that puts her with an ascendant in Virgo. That’s what brought me to your blog. I have five children and all five have an ascendant in Virgo. I found that curious and didn’t know if that was common or uncommon for five children born to the same mother to have the same ascendant. Three of the children have ascendants that are conjunct one another. They range in age from 33 to 17.

  17. Thank you Elsa. 🙂 It gets even more interesting as to the connections between all of our charts. My Husband’s ascendant is conjunct my descendant and his south node is exact conjunct my mercury. It’s also conjunct my Sun and mars within 1 degree. I think we all have a reason to be together this incarnation. We all have very interesting one on one synastry. Except the one chart that seems to bring it all together would be mine. I think I owe them, I’m not sure what I owe them but I do. Sounds crazy but I think I’m paying off a karmic debt (albeit with love and devotion). Thank you for you blog. I do read it from time to time but this is the first time I’ve ever responded.

  18. i once worked in a group of 4 women with Scorpio rising. we have all 4 occupied one room and had endless talks about how other people in the company were stupid, and discussions of our own reproductively interesting, but otherwise difficult and similarly dramatic lives.

  19. My 2 girls and I have Leo rising; I am Scorpio, oldest is a Gemini, youngest is Aquarius/Pisces (on the cusp). I don’t think I could ever figure out what is explained by astrology, and what by familial circumstances and propinquity. Interesting times, though.

  20. My wife (Capricorn Sun) has the same rising sign 28 degrees Aquarius, as our daughter (Cancer Sun). That is amazing !
    And yes, she is mummy’s girl.

  21. If I remember correctly, Kashmiri/chrispito had her ASC at the same degree of Sagittarius as I do. I miss her presence on the boards. The energy, as best as I can describe it, feels like “Comrade!”

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    Marie Sievert

    I’m in the dating phase with a new man. The moment we met I could feel this really strong affinity with him, we like the same movies, have similar hobbies,our work experiences have been in the same industry, we both opted to go to the States when we were 19 yrs old and stayed for several years.
    We just get each other, our AC / DC is less than 2 dgr conjunct and our MC / IC is less than 5 dgr conjunct.
    It doesn’t make things worse that our composite sun and moon, taurus 7th house, are Conjunct. We just seem to blend, effortlessly ……

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