How Do You Respond To A Threat?

My husband and I have been watching the series, Revenge. We used to watch Luke and Laura on General Hospital when we were teenagers, along with the rest of the nation. This is how relive that.

We like the cheese! We like how dead people aren’t really dead and how the story become more implausible all the time. But some of the situations presented do occur in real life…

In real life, threats are made. Sometimes the threats are very serious. A person might threaten your family or your livelihood or your life.  Watching a scene like this on the show, my husband remarked that he’d learned over of the course of his lifetime, to deal with threats in a certain way.

I thought it was interesting. I deal with threats in a similar way but I’ve never consciously defined this. So here is my question:

How do you deal with person who makes a threat against you, that you feel is a real threat? Where is your Mars?

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  1. I’ve never been threatened with harm. It happens to me in a look or a word. I give it right back. So much for Mars in Cancer being fluffy.
    It’s in the 8th square Mercury and trine Venus/Ascendant. No one has ever said to me I’m gonna bring you down or hurt you.
    Only story I can remember with a threat is the third ex and I were at his house packing up…. The then wife he was getting divorced from shows up. She ran across a lawn with her fist out. I just stood there. She got close and put her hand an inch from my face. I shut my eyes and said give it your best shot. Hahah she didn’t throw the punch but then I grabbed her long ponytail and threw her on the ground. I quit there as she was trying to kick me from the ground. I just walked away.
    But I really never felt threatened. I am a big broad. 6 feet tall and large bones. Amazon I think. ; )

  2. Shut ’em down. That’s pretty much a zero tolerance situation. I won’t only extract myself from the moment, I will extract myself from the life of the person who made the threat. Amputate and move the fuck on. Life is short.

    I have no patience for that shit. 2H Mars in Cancer.

    On a related note, when I was attacked without warning, I initially fought back until I realized how outmatched I was – then I curled up and got out as quick as possible.

  3. I have a lst House Libra Mars conjunct Saturn. I learned early in life to use diplomacy and relationships as a means of self-protection. I avoid confrontations and people who seem to enjoy them. If it’s really someone feels we have a problem worth fighting over then it’s probably worth my just walking away. It sounds so negative to say but I’m often passive-aggressive and am not above trying to charm someone into seeing things from my point of view.

    I was once robbed at gun point in an L.A.underground parking garage by a stranger. He was very young and very nervous. I didn’t look him directly in the eye so as not to challenge him and I immediately gave him my money as if it were a simple business transaction. I actually said, “here you go”. I was thinking make him comfortable…but do not appear weak.

  4. My natal Mars in in my 8th house at 11 degrees of Libra I tend to look at why this person is threatening me if I have the time to do that. If action is required to remove the threat then I will do that straight away. However given time to look at things I can usually find a solution to the situation.

  5. Interesting topic. My team at work was attacked and threatened last year, by management, and they continue to do so. Some felt we should be quiet and just take the abuse and swallow the damage to our careers “to be professional.” They are now being treated for panic attacks. I am not; I am speaking out. Frankly, I am tired of being told “accept the damage, turn the cheek” because it has actually unfairly (it was a “bury people to cover up” thing) made three people lose their careers, one lost their home, one her health. This is a threat too far, so with a few others, I am taking action calmly and steadily.

    My 12th house Virgo Mars would suggest more inertia, but I tend to be a fighter, not because I wanted to be, but because life situations required strength from me, and sometimes action. I will remove myself from the situation if need be, or directly fight back if need be. I can “revenge is best served cold” or I can manage in the moment. I don’t believe bullies get bored, I think they can persist. I don’t believe all people have goodness in them; I think there are a few who truly thrive on causing harm. I forgive pretty easily, and forget pretty easily — but there are those certain situations that require a thoughtful, strategic response.

    1. I should add….I have seen karma or time take care of those making threats or harming others. That’s why I often just walk away and excise the person. Let life handle them. But as I said above, sometimes….. Well, perhaps the trouble in the world occurs when boundaries are too loose and we try to apply love/reasoning/hope to beings made of stone and spikes. If the threat is more natural/disaster (not human-created), I educate myself and split my response: one part science/fact/calm action, one part gut instinct/faith in angels. Why don’t I have faith in angels handling the bullies? Because i think we are gifted with ability to be our own angels, or the earth angels for others, too. Lately I am having to be firm about a range of things and so this topic seemed very timely to me.

  6. Mars in Gemini…. lord have mercy on their soul. I can run my mouth until I run a poor MF’r into the ground. I will meet them face to face head on. A stream of scary comes flying out of my mouth. I am in your face, takes .01 second. Don’t do it.

    You threaten me or my family you better pack a lunch. It’s been a long time since I have had to fight to the death….a threat would get you one immediately.

    When its over, the person is dead to me.

  7. I was reading LL comment, anger dissipates quickly…I have way too much Scorpio. I wish I were like her…but I will never forget it. Not till the day I die.

  8. Mars in Aquarius – 2nd house

    Ever since I was a toddler, I was sticking up for people being bullied – especially family members.

    A few personal threats were made to me over the years. I tried to diffuse the situations with rationalization – can’t we all just get along? When I realized they could not be smoothed over, I looked them square in the eye and said I’m not afraid of you, but I am an adult with a career & a future that I’ve been building. I’d prefer not to risk my hard work if I were to retaliate.

    1. I am Mars in Aquarius 2nd house too! And I always stick up for people being treated unfairly or bullied even if it’s none of my business. Through the years I’ve yelled at a drunk guy at a bar mistreating a bartender and gotten in online arguments with anti gay people and racists. I don’t know why I feel like I need to teach them the “right” way. I can’t help it 🙂
      Not scared of any threats ever but I do hate confrontation head on if I could avoid it. It lights a fighter fire within me even if I should be retreating.

  9. I don’t think that’s just a Scorpio thing S oup. I can forgive over time, but like you, I never forget. I have Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio all in trine, plus Leo mars and rising. I’m not violent unless I have to be. One thing that troubles me. Something I have struggled with always. I don’t like to admit this, but I can be very underhanded. I can be so nice to the person to their face and destroy them later, when I’m with someone else. Its not something I am proud of, but something I want to change. I can choose a different way of dealing with things…

  10. Mars in Capricorn, on Asc, squaring Pluto, sextile Sun 0 Saturn in Scorpio.
    I respond to threats badly, and immediately; my self-preservation instinct is extremely pronounced.
    But it’s even worse when the threat is toward people close to me; I think I see them as the attachment to my own Self 😀

  11. How do you deal with person who makes a threat against you, that you feel is a real threat? Where is your Mars?

    My Mars is in 12th house conjunct Sagittarius ascendant. If a person makes a real threat against me or someone I love then I take it as a promise. I never show my hand, and I never make threats. I never let them see what is coming. If someone threatens my children—- hell hath no fury. I will annihilate anyone that threatens my children.

    If it is a threat against me then I will directly address that issue. I am a soft spoken, shy, and reserved person 99% of the time. But, if I am directly threatened (and especially if my children are threatened) I will bring it—and I will fight until my last breath too. Shock and awe and firing for effect.

  12. Nearly all the time I am a very calculated fighter. I decide whether to take action or let it go. I want to land the “punch” square on so I make contact in one fell swoop and it is by surprise. I have literally thrown punches, fought back, or up and left a bad relationship out of the blue. It wasn’t really, though. It was well-thought out beforehand. If I can’t do that, I will wait and deal. In that way I can be very passive-agressive.

    The worst threat I’ve ever had was cancer. I got all the information, asked a million questions, and attacked right back.

    I am a Virgo Mars, 1st house. I feel some of that Arian bit of Mars because of that placement, but the Virgo wants to make sure it’s done right. I’m horrible at verbally fighting back because I get so flustered so at least I know when to shut up.

    1. I do forgive easily if someone is nice and I realize they are just people like me. There is a very short list of people (like I can count on one hand) that if they fell off the face of the earth right now I would give a standing ovation.

  13. Again, Mars in Leo or Virgo in 10th/11thth depending…

    When I was a kid I would cower in fear from any threat, perceived or direct. That changed at some point as an adult during the year of my Saturn return. There was a really big crisis that just happened and was still happening in my life. I remember I had to go pick up some medication for someone who I just took home from the hospital, right before the pharmacy closed, so I really had to hustle to go get it. On the way to get the medicine, some lady was being a jerk in her driving, like stopping/starting, sitting there at green lights, and I could see her laughing at my obvious frustration when she wouldn’t drive. She ended up going to the same place as me, and parked a few cars away from me. She then got out of her car and began to tell me how rude I was with my driving and it’s not a big deal and we get there when we get there etc. Usually I would feel terrible and full of guilt if someone had said that to me (especially in front of others in public), but I think the stress of what I was going through took over and I got loud and aggressive (in a busy public parking lot), almost at the point where I crossed the line and her personal space (almost).

    Since then, there is more of a chance I will get like that, loud, explosive, not backing down if I feel threatened or am in a disagreement. The older I get the more anger simmers under the surface.

  14. I like to avoid conflicts, better said like to smoothen conflicts. However, a threat is the “button” for me and I instinctively answer with agression. “Can you back that up? Do something or shut up!” Scorpio Mars.

  15. Mars in 1st house Scorpio. Sex, I see a threat I use sex. It knocks out any threat coming my way. It is extremely powerful. And if someone is swinging I duck, and walk away cool, calm & collected, let someone else handle the over grown child. Sorry but I have no bother for that petty stuff.

  16. When someone told me that I was going to end up hogtied with a gun in my mouth…I believed him and got the hell out of there! I take threats seriously. Things do happen to people and I know that I’m not above it. I’m not gonna get caught with my pants down.

  17. Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd house. When threatened my knee-jerk reaction is to respond in kind. In my head I’m imagining every way I can destroy the individual, but my Libra-ness usually wins out and I try to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation. If one is not possible, then its balls out war. But all of my actions will be as secret as possible.

  18. Mars in Taurus, 7th house. I have received a lot of threats in my life. I believe them. I leave. I make myself remember, and it is hard, because often the people who threaten me are those I love. Does the Mars placement explain the abuse in my relationships?

  19. Mars in Cancer is mama bear energy. I think we respond more strongly when our loved ones are threatened. For threats to me, I’m with Shannon. I’m out. The minute it happens. Gone. And if for some reason I can’t leave & I’m out the shell I go, until I find a way out. I’m sun/mars cancer so I may be a little more extreme than

  20. If it’s one person and I don’t believe they’re going to do anything to me, I ignore them. If it’s a whole group of people (like 20 people) I call the police and screenshot their Facebook/Twitter threat so I can show it to the police.

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