When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Pisces pink and blue

Many if not most are facing opposition right now, pressured to do things that are very difficult for them. I’m talking about a naturally conforming person who now have to break out and innovate.  Or maybe a non-conformist is pressured to conform.

Escapists are pressured to deal with the mundane.
Super practical types must rely on ethereal, non-tangible support.

It very hard to do things that don’t come natural to you, but ultimately it expands and matures your character.

Some will do anything to avoid feeling vulnerable. Now look what happens.  You find yourself at risk.

This is essentially an update on this post from last year:

Doing Exactly What You Don’t Want To Do In Order To Be Free

I think this has something to do with Saturn in Pisces and the two fishes swimming in different direction.

Could it be, you’ve always need to go in the other direction? Hmm.

Are you experiencing or witnessing this as well? How are you dealing with it?

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4 thoughts on “When Things Aren’t Going Your Way”

  1. I’m finding out what it will require for me and my husband to travel by plane after 15 years of not. The details and processes are thick. But we have a strong motivation: being present for the birth of our granddaughter❤️. I get the Pisces Saturn feel; have to pray and get out in the dirt, digging root for making medicine or walk the beach to get into flow
    Not easy, but this time others are part of this “It’s a we thing!”

  2. Oh my, I definitely need to adapt and step out of comfort zones! Saturn has been in my 10th house for over a year and work has demanded more commitment and situations with hard decisions. I got a temporary promotion, yet I knew I’ve been observed and tested since its 10h arrival.

    It has been opposing my Sun/Mercury in Virgo for a while. Things feel gloomy or less fun, and I feel rather repressed (especially with Saturn’s 10h transit, not a good idea to act harshly at work). I also suppose it is forcing me to manage partnerships with lots of limits (or other usual Saturn suspects) or where they try to impose them on me.

    But, Saturn is a teacher I listen to carefully and don’t cut corners cos karma (getting back what you put in) is the name to its game!

  3. I wonder if it also connected to the several Yods that are all over the place in the skies!

    We have:

    Venus/Mars inconjunct Neptune – what we strive for (Mars) and want (Venus), are being blurred and dissolved into an uncomfortable obscurity (Neptune). We are no longer sure, it’s too convoluted.

    Neptune/Pluto inconjunct Venus – transformation, endings (Pluto) and the mystery, confusion (Neptune) is not aligning with what we want (Venus), probably by force (Pluto). And what may feel like by cosmic design (Neptune)

    And Mercury inconjunct Saturn, our thoughts (Mercury) are at odds with what is real (Saturn) – probably a lot of indecision with Mercury in Libra, and with Saturn in Pisces, what IS actually true at all?

    1. Add all this soup of jarring planetary alignments, to the energies of the upcoming LIBRA Eclipse.

      I also realised that Libra is the ultimate sign of indecision! Which could reach a crisis point, especially with Pluto square the Eclipse, we may be forced into a decision, out of our own volition.

      Do you want to be married or single? Do you want this person or that person? Do you want your job, or your own business? This car, that house? Flat white or cappuccino?

      The Universe might put windex in the flat white, forcing you to opt for the cappuccino! 😂

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