How Do You Weigh Transits That Conflict?

human beingsRecently a gal bought a transit report. She was happy with it but unsure how to interpret two transits on the same day.  They seemed to conflict with each other, so she emailed me. This is a common question!

People (and their lives) are complicated.  The way I feel now is not the way I felt when I woke up. The choices I make today will impact how I feel tonight… and beyond.

According to this gal’s report, she’d “be wanting to serve others, but also will be aloof and withdrawn.”

Not only is that usual, it’s expected.  You can be thinking one thing (Mercury) and feeling another (Moon).  It’s the human condition!

To use the example she offered, it’s possible to serve and be aloof at the same time. A person can feel withdrawn, then decide to serve to improve their day.

I’ve spent nearly all my life involved with astrology. Having these intricacies revealed and spelled out has greatly enhanced my understanding of myself. The better I understand myself, the more I appreciate the intricacies of others. It’s made me smarter, and more compassionate and insightful.

It’s all correct. Because a person can look good but feel bad!
They can also look bad (to you) and feel good!
Another person have no idea how they feel!
This is just how it is when you’re dealing with human beings.

But some days are clearly better than others. When I am having a bad run, I like to see there’s a break in the clouds, coming up! Luckily, I got involved with astrology when I was young. I think my life would have been a lot harder without it!

If you want to explore this, here’s where you can get your own Transit Report with conflicting information.  Someone wrote me yesterday; she printed her report and found out, yes! It really is 70 pages long. It’s an insane deal.

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  1. That’s the thing, isn’t it! Living is a complex puzzle some days, or nights, no pieces of the puzzle make sense. Come the morning you see the edge pieces and wow there’s a start.
    I’m juggling insight from my recent Progressed Chart to get a view of myself ‘evolving’. I’m a complex old woman wanting not to carry heavy baggage into my next life. Astrology helps; unlike you Elsa astrology showed up late in my life. I say , “Better late than never.”

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