Someone With A Nice Solar Return…

Sometimes people want a short interpretation of their solar return…or people buy these as gifts.

“XXXXXX can expect a great year!  It’s a fun year with focus on partnering of all kinds. XXXXX will enjoy status this year and fare extremely well in social situations.  There are times when a person is in demand and this is that kind of period for, XXXX.

There is really nothing to warn of here.  The collective is under stress, around the world and it is not as if.  XXXX is immune, it’s just that she has so much working for her, my bet is on her to prevail in most any situation that comes up.

She does have a Scorpio Moon and Pluto prominent by aspect but I see this more as access to power as opposed to trouble.  That, and she’ll also have a magnetism about her.

To sum up, her Leo shininess is on high, she’s going to draw people to her AND be seen and set the Saturn for classy dress, and social grace.

To understand this, just imagine a well-dressed actress with a undertow and some intensity about her. Not bad. Not bad at all.” 🙂

I would like to swap birthdays with this gal! How does your solar return look?

19 thoughts on “Someone With A Nice Solar Return…”

  1. 28.07 is my birthday and the SR Asc. conjunct SR Sun at 4 30 Leo and trine Uranus from 9th house. Moon 14 Scorpio in 4th House. Saturn conjunct IC and trine Venus from 11th H.Seems like I will have some tough times at home or family.And hope to have a good effect from venus-saturn aspect. And really wondering about the SUN+ASC+MERCURY(Leo – 1stH) and URANUS trine (Ram-9TH h)

  2. It looks good: Leo ASC and Sun/Jupiter conjunct in my 10th House. I am actively looking for a new job and this looks good!

    Also, the Moon is in my 4th, conjunct my natal Juno and my partner’s natal Moon in Scorpio. 7th House Neptune. We’re engaged. It’s looking good!

  3. I am getting excited about my next SR. Cappy rising with moon/pluto conj in my first house. My sr moon will be one degree within my natal moon. Sun will be in house 12. It’s a locomotive pattern with Saturn driving in my 10th and Jupiter in the caboose in the 5th.
    Sag sun, cappy moon, cappy rising. I am rolling up my sleeves now, it’s time to get to work 🙂

  4. Thank you Elsa, I really wonder about your comment for SUN+ASC+MERCURY(Leo – 1stH) and URANUS trine (Ram-9TH h). My Natal ASC is Virgo and conjunct Natal Mercury and 12th House Sun.

  5. I shouldn’t have looked at next year’s. Saturn in Scorpio opposing Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunction in my 8th House. Pluto conjunct my IC. Ugh

  6. Not much Earth, but Cardinal and Mutable look balanced. I’m in pursuit of a marital partner, and my SR chart is loaded with helpful energies, toward that end !

  7. Mine is terrible.

    1) Leo Rises, with Sun in the 1st.
    2) Moon in Cancer in the 12th. This moon is:
    a) Conjunct my natal mars
    b) Square my natal Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Libra
    c) Conjunct my DC/oppose my AC.
    3) I have Mars, Saturn, IC all exactly conjunct at 24 degrees of Libra.
    4) I have Venus exactly conjunct the cusp of my 12th house. Venus also:
    a) Exactly opposes Pluto on the cusp of my 6th house.
    b) Forms an applying square to Uranus (ruler of my 7th) in my 9th.
    c) Forms a separating conjunction to the Solar Return moon…which is in Cancer…in the 12th house.
    **So a Venus/Moon conjunction in the 12th, forming an exact t-square with Pluto and Uranus.

    ….and that sweet ass Mars/Saturn/IC exact conjunction to make sure I have no sense of security at home when the shit hits the fan in all of my relationships.

  8. Avatar

    I actually thought mine for this year looked pretty good. It is a flip of my natal chart. putting my Natal ASC sign on the DSC and vice versa. Giving my a Sag ASC. Jupiter ruling my SR chart. Jupiter conj Venus in taurus in the 5th. 1st Cap pluto/5venus,jupiter taurus/mars virgo 9th grand trine. Shiney Leo moon(natural ruler of the 5th) Trine ASC

    Those were the things I wanted to see 🙂 Maybe some increase in fun or rescources for me and my kids with the 5th house stuff. After all I natally have a venus(aries)/jupiter(cap) trine but from 8th to 11th. SO I was hoping is would increase the upside of venus trine jupiter. Make it a little more sun, creative and carefree!

    I guess I ignored the Uranus Conj Merc in the 4th. Merc natally rules my chart. I keep getting unexpected communications concerning or from my kids that bring me home from work and keep me close to home. Pluto is squaring the uranus/merc conjunction. Taking more layers off barely healed sores.

    Its been hard but though the trines and grand trines arent quite what I was hoping for, they are easing some of the pain 🙂 I find I bounce back so much faster than I used to. I see lessons I have already learned and draw from them. Not to say that its not still painful because it is BUT the pain doesn’t take me out of the game the way it used to.

    Im only 4 months into this solar return so we shall see.

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    Id like to laugh right now but Im toooo tired. Literally 2 minutes after I pressed post on this a police officer walked up to my door.. More uranian/mercury/saturn

    When I get enough energy Ill try to explain this on the boards

  10. Scorpio rising. Sun/Saturn in the 12th (although saturn will have moved 6 degrees from my sun by then–yay!). Moon/Mars in the 2nd(in Sag. Mercury and Venus conjunct their natal positions. Chiron conjunct natal moon.

  11. I have Leo rising and my soon to be ex bf has Leo rising and we have composite Leo rising….Sun is on MC opp Saturn on the IC (natally it’s in my 1st/7th). And Im changing job and trying to get enough money together to stay in my home….I have Moon, Neptune, Chiron in Pisces in the 7th int he SR and to me that is very painful and emotional…I lack water but have felt very hurt over my break up this SR year. And I’m not even half way through it yet….the good news is I have Jupiter in the 10th – maybe good for career…

  12. I got nothing.

    Every time I see that photo it makes me hungry. I always mistake it for a really tasty pizza.

  13. Elsa you can travel some where on your birthdsy to strengthen the angles, like putting planets in the second trining the Midheaven or putting the Sun on your ascendant ect. Remeber what Noel Tye said about the angles.

  14. Well I totally respect that and I have some conflicting thoughts on it myself, but if it is a really horrific chart and you have the time and resources and you don’t have to go to China it might be a good time to experiment with it, but whatever goes down, I hope you have a good year.

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