How Do You “Work With The Energy?”

planets purple blueWhat does it mean when an astrologer says “work with the energy”

Great question. First, “the energy” can be shown in your natal chart. This would refer to your own energy.  For example, I have Venus square Neptune. I can dream up a dirty rat! I can also erase or ignore or transcend my great partners faults or transgressions. In both cases, I’m working with the energy.

Another example – Mars conjunct Mercury. I might write or think quickly.  Or I might punch my sibling. I’ve done both these things, truth be told.

“The energy” may also refer to transit to your natal chart. Let’s say Saturn is transiting your sun.  You would feel pressure to mature your character. If you chose to do this, you would be working with the energy.  Or maybe it’s a Jupiter transit which provides opportunities to expand, travel and be generous, benevolent and acquire more knowledge. If you take a long trip or go on a retreat; if you open the door, seeking to find higher ground, you will be working with the energy.

Last, “the energy” may refer to forces created by planets in the sky aspecting each other, but not necessarily connecting with your personal chart. This would energy that’s just out there to be tapped into.  The 2020-22 Saturn Uranus square is an example. It created pressure to update or innovate. If you opted to do this, you were working with the energy.

As another example, you might dress for the moon. I have played with things like this with good results.  Break out the royal colors for the moon in Leo.  Moon in Capricorn is more reserved. In this case, you’re syncing up with the collective feeling.

How do you “work with the energy?”

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    Jeanne D Cavanaugh

    Actually working with your own energy, is a celestial ‘heads up’ you can ‘see’ it in your chart and then prepare for it, or it happens and you say to yourself, that’s it! Depends on the transit, if it’s a heavy hitter: saturn, uranus, neptune, or pluto, aspecting the lights or cusps, one knows its major.

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