Your Life: A Comedy Or A Tragedy?

comedy tragedyI got some insanely upsetting news yesterday; so cryptic I can’t figure it out.  The half-dozen people I shared it with, also can’t figure it out.

We’ve done all kinds of math but solutions elude us all. It’s a about a drug overdose so it’s not very funny. Who texts someone and tells them they love has od’ed and an ambulance has been called, mentioning they don’t want to go to prison?

Life like mine, I can’t even say I’m surprised at this.  Don’t worry about me – this is my world.  I knew it would be something with that Mercury, Venus, Pluto deal.

Is your life a comedy? A tragedy. Both, or something else?

9 thoughts on “Your Life: A Comedy Or A Tragedy?”

  1. I have the Mars in Capricorn at 23 degrees and was going to go out of state to FL but am a bit anxious knowing that stellium is hitting my Mars!! I mean the traffic alone going to FL can be quite awful and lots of accidents!

  2. I’m not sure what we’d call mine. Pretty ridiculous, I suspect. Not tragedy, but some situations will never ever get better, like my job or love life.

  3. Oh man, that sounds really rough Elsa. I’m sorry. But I think I’ll reserve judgement until my life is complete. I hope it’s a life full of a huge range of experiences that help me learn, grow, and love. I try to be very careful in how I narrate my life experiences. Perspective is everything.

    Not to say that there aren’t very difficult times mixed in there, of course, that suck as they happen. It just seems a little premature (and overly simplified) to judge it without being able to see things from a birds eye view. I’m eternally optimistic, most of the time haha

  4. I think I was always destined to get entangled with fate, and with the fate of many others, mainly children whom I have taught…My palmistry backs that up…

    1. Wondering what lines might show that. I’m a palm reader and a teacher, mother and g+mother. So curious! Maybe you’ll share?

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