Pluto Oppositions In A Chart – Projection

bo diddleyΒ There was a popular thread in the forum,Β Do You Have A Song For Your Ascendant? I didn’t post to it but was trying to think of a song that summed up my reality much of the time. That is people are constantly falling prey to my hologram wickedness and cruelty.

I swear I can devastate people with my back turned by breathing, clipping my toenails or watering the lawn. I looked for a song that says as much but it’s not been written.

We’ve got a few bluesmen singing some form of, “I’m bad” but their experience does not jibe with mine. Can you help?

Do you know a song that says, “Elsa walked by and now I’m flopping on the ground, gasping for breath and missing my spleen?” Just wondering.

I would like to have a song like this to post as warning for all those prone to die when the wind blows, because stepping over all these bodies is getting to be a little much.

Also a person can only darken so many doors of innocent bystanders in one day, especially on such little sleep.

Alternate title – My Life With A Packed 8th House

Who can relate?

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    forgdaboudit…I’ve gone one perfect for a HOT tomato of an Italian…

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – intro song

  2. moonpluto, I could be clipping another person’s toenails and these people would go down, all slayed. What kills me is when it’s a Scorpio… a stellium in Scorpio acting liked they’re all maimed by Elsa P.

    We call this “Dora behavior” around here. She viciously attacks when she thinks no one is looking and then holds her paw up and acts injured if someone breathes on her.

    Cute trick but we’re on to it.

    “Dora is in agony again.”

    “Tell that dog to go to hell. Tell her to put her paw down and quit her lyin’ and connivin’ – we’re not fools you know…”

  3. I am very familiar with that behavior, unfortunately. Someone who attacks and then plays victim. It exhausted/bewildered me until I figured it out. Those types wrap similar types around their fingers.

    I get it though – you are just going abt your business and bam– someone says they’ve been injured and you did it!

    Demolition man by the police– I don’t remember the words but that song occured to me

  4. Had to google that phrase. Even wikipedia had an entry. This harkens back to all the posts on “projection”

    Others may disagree but I find scorpio “types” quite guilty of this behavior — at least the lower vibration of it. But that’s my bias, I know that and based on experience with one gal who sees me as Evil and having ruined her life at every turn. She has moon in scorpio square pluto.

    And I’ll be living my life, minding my business and I’ll hear from her once again–

    It’s a kind of delusional behavior.
    And it’s really really annoying. Would drive anyone to a life of crime! I mean: you think I’m so bad? Okay, I’ll show you then!
    But I don’t do nothing cuz I’m a good girl, basically —

    Projection projection projection

  5. The people I draw are the ones who feign injury as a way to manipulate and control not only me but the people around them. It is like someone who is constantly sick. They rule, right?

    If you are constantly injured you must always be cared for… yecch. And while you’re at it, have the people around you fawning over your injury,you can cast your shadow on me!

    I guess we always have the clip of Pacino in Casino – “I am the bad man!” That is the most vivid portrayal of this phenomenon I’ve ever seen.

  6. Here are my offerings:
    The Criminal:
    Get on with your life – Allman Brothers
    It Ain’t Me Babe – Dylan
    Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters
    Give Me Back My Bullets – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    People Ain’t No Good – Nick Cave
    Rape Me – Nirvana
    Rusty Cage – Soundgarden

  7. i’m sure there’s a goth song or another i could dredge up form my memories, given time… let me chew on it πŸ˜‰

  8. my projection… for elsa asc- ‘hello dolly’ and for elsa and sister ‘sisters’ from the film white christmas rosemary clooney and vera ellen… πŸ™‚

  9. Not a song but how ’bout a movie quote from The Devil’s Advocate? πŸ˜‰

    Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves): “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”, is that it?
    John Milton (Al Pacino, as the Devil): Why not? I’m here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I’ve nurtured every sensation man’s been inspired to have. I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him, in spite of all his imperfections. I’m a fan of man. I’m a humanist. Maybe the last humanist.

  10. I was going for Black Magic Woman as well – ‘she’s a black magic woman, trying to make a devil out of me’.

  11. Mind you, ‘Road to Hell’ is quite appropriate because although it sounds dark and scary, it’s actually a song about being stuck in traffic on the ring road around London. Wonder if Chris Rea has a pluto opposition?

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    To me, and I could be wrong here (often am), but Black Magic Woman is about a cold hearted ‘back turning’ seduction and therefore more in the Scorp ascendant’s line of work. The black magic woman isn’t trying to kill any body…slay them in the physical realm of orgasmica? yes. Death in finality? No.

    Gosh, I hate disagreeing w/you Opal as your insights are often so spot on! Could I have missed the point of this song for years?? What the heck does ‘wake up my magic sticks’ mean? I know it’s plural – could be referring to drumsticks, but I’ve always thought it refers to male anatomy. Does voodoo have magic sticks that are thrown like bones?

  13. Hi Dreams, well it wasn’t so much the whole meaning of the song, it was just that when I read the post those lines from the song came into my head – they seemed like the kind of projection Elsa was talking about, that people think she’s some kind of nasty woman making them do horrible things. Mind you, this eclipse is hitting my sun hard so maybe I’m off in la-la land. Actually I’ve no idea what the song is about either! (Except some of the boys at school used to sing it at me…..)

  14. I can’t think of a song either, but I keep getting the image of Al Pacino in “Scarface”, when he is holding the submachine gun in his hands and he says, “Say Heylo to mai leeto frend” , can’t spell Cuban accent….Say hello to my little friend….I love that line and would love to be able to do that sometimes…….

  15. This is the one that came to me . . .

    Glen Hansard – Lies (from the movie “Once”)

    I think it’s time, we give it up
    And figure out what’s stopping us
    From breathing easy, and talking straight
    The way is clear if you’re ready now
    The volunteer is slowing down
    And taking time to save himself

    The little cracks they escalated
    And before we knew it was too late
    For making circles and telling lies

    You’re moving too fast for me
    And I can’t keep up with you
    Maybe if you slowed down for me
    I could see you’re only telling
    Lies, lies, lies
    Breaking us down with your
    Lies, lies, lies
    When will you learn

    The little cracks they escalated
    And before you know it is too late
    For making circles and telling lies

    You’re moving too fast for me
    And I can’t keep up with you
    Maybe if you’d slowed down for me
    I could see you’re only telling
    Lies, lies, lies
    Breaking us down with your
    Lies, lies, lies
    When will you learn

    So plant the thought and watch it grow
    Wind it up and let it go

  16. That is one of my most favorite movies….all of us in this house go around repeating lines out of this movie….great!!!

  17. i keep thinking of alice cooper’s “poison”.
    i try to avoid that kind of sentiment in my music.
    maybe limp bizkit had one or two.

  18. Laurel, that is the soldier’s ring tone… that is his tune.

    The ring tone he has for me is Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like P!

  19. 8th and Opposite. Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 8th, at the top of a kite. (G) But it comes in handy during car accidents. (G)

    Song- “Magic Carpet Ride”

  20. I can relate, with pluto in aspect to everything in my chart except Saturn. I’ve also learned that pluto shares my 3rd house with Uranus (my 8th house ruler). I can devastate people without even knowing it and I’m ultra conscious of it and work extra hard to ‘make nice’.

    That being said, I like to ‘be alone’ a lot. It’s just so much work trying to reign in all that energy all the time in order to be around others (that can’t take it). It reminds me of one of my favorite says, ‘masquerading around as a normal person all day is exhausting’.

  21. From someone with moon, pluto, uranus conjunct in the 8th the song that popped is The Act We Act by Sugar:
    It is a breakup song of course with lots of guitar! My favorite lines…
    Another big explosion
    Leaving you hoping
    That something that once held you down
    Could leave you feeling on the ground

    The confusion that persists
    Decisions that you guessed
    The one to stay and watch this
    The one you might have missed

    Read more: Sugar – The Act We Act Lyrics | MetroLyrics
    I’ve been told I’m not very open mostly by strangers who I instinctually knew wanted to suck my energy or project their sexual and other stuff on to me. I’m perfectly happy being a private person who chooses friends and lovers wisely. I’d rather go deep with a few people than wide with the masses. It took a good long time to cultivate discretion in this area and I don’t care if I hurt random strangers feelings. Is this an 8th house dilemma or are other forces at work?

  22. I have been going through this phenomena with a number of Scorpio’s for about the past ten years,not before. What’s up with them? Is it because the world is so intense that they feel justified in projecting this darkness? Maybe it’s the dwarf planet insult.

    1. It’s so weird. I really don’t get that with my scorpio sun contacts. Not at all. They just seem straight ahead dry. They don’t pull any punches. Fat good it would do them anyway. Maybe scorpio just sucks at the sweet gooey frosting part. I do know two venus in scorpio people that can get morbidly twisted. I could look at their venus aspects but it’s not something I care to deliberate on.

    2. Your comment is really sticking with me. Why did I have to look at that darkness. I think I had to acknowlege it, that it exists, that it happens. No matter how hard I worked at some relationships, I was still expected to, as Elsa once wrote, ‘live in their shadow’. That’s when I start feeling like I am living in an insane assylum. I think acknowleging it, accepting it, allows me to make better decisions on who I develop relationships with or at least what kind of relationship we can have. That stuff is so complex. And speculating reason and justification for it is a waste of time. Not my stuff.

  23. I have no clue about fallen bodies. I do know I am doing what I need to do with a back off kind of energy about me when someone is running interference. When I am going in ‘to do’ I start da da-ing the star wars theme. And when I come to successful completion I da da the rocky theme song. I think I am adopting this attitude because the people I work with and hang with have that kind of attitude. No one’s going down. Everyone seems to be rockin it.

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