How Does Each Zodiac Sign Take Revenge?

James asked an interesting question on Top Ten Astrology Taboo Topics: How does each sign take revenge?

What’s your sign and how to you take revenge?
What have you seen other people do?
Is there one sign that is most prone to be vengeful?

Let’s brainstorm!

71 thoughts on “How Does Each Zodiac Sign Take Revenge?”

    1. Yes. Sometimes I don’t even mean to seek revenge or have to try and the person involved with just sabotage themselves in the process. I generally am not revengful unless someone has purposefully set me up or tried to hurt me or use me in a really sneaky way. I don’t seek to hurt people though most of the time and just let karma take its course.

        1. The ole universe has turned a deaf ear to me many times, despite my pleas for justice. I’m not discounting that it can be the best way though.

    1. My Capricorn husband likes the thought of succeeding and living better than those that piss him off. And he has often told me that if anything happens to me, the person would beg to die. Slow torture style.

  1. I’m an Aquarius. My revenge is joy. They call us aloof…not true, my Virgo/score in my chart make me very passionate…but if you hurt me, you’ll never know. I’ll probably not tell you unless cornered. I prefer to choose life. I literally throw your bad behaviour in the trash where it belongs and move on. I may have a good cry in private, then I’m over it. The best revenge is not giving a crap about crappy people or situation and keeping your chin up…make sure if they see you .you are laughing, grinning from ear to ear because life is good!

  2. I fantasize with revenge, but I never take it. I dream that I am so successful and at such a good place in life that they will be jealous. That is the only revenge I want.

    But if I were to experience a more direct and in-the-open attack (so far everything has been passive aggressive) I would want to take revenge in a similar matter. But I’m not sure I’d be successful.

    1. Love this ‘cos that is exactly what I do too. When my ex-husband destroyed my family, extended family & friendships after he destroyed our marriage, sometimes during my distress the only way I could get to sleep, after asking myself innumerable unanswerable questions, was to dream about how slowly I could make him & those others suffer. (It worked for me.) The dreams/thoughts were always about becoming so successful at anything that would make them jealous!
      Now, I’ve managed to move along & grow some more, that I could not care an ounce for their opinion at all. They are all out of my life, door is closed, wound stitched up & healed. To me, they no longer exist in my world.

  3. Sag sun, Virgo rising and Pisces moon. I’ve always thought the cruelest thing you could do to me (so therefore, that I could do to another) is walk away and forget them.

    1. Sag Sun, late degree Leo Rising and Aries Moon – ABSOLUTELY! We take a lot from people but when we do decide to walk away – it’s for good. Out of sight, out of mind!

    2. Sag sun, Sag mercury, Sag mars all in tight conjunction. That group is conjunct Sag ascedent. Venus is also in Sag. I agree. I will cut someone off and never think about them again. In fact, for about 20 years I refused to even say someone’s name because in my mind they were dead to me. My revenge is to walk away.

  4. “You can take the darkness at the pit of the night, and turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright, I’ve gotta follow it, ’cause everything I know well it’s nothing ’til I give it to you”

    This is a quote (or lyric) reposted by a Scorpio I know.
    I interpret the darkness as revenge, since darkness can be hidden feelings we dont want to acknowledge. I kinda of think revenge can be pointless. Turning revenge into a personal mission to transcend is the best revenge.

  5. Cancer….so quietly that you won’t know what’s happened until it’s over….i give ppl every opportunity to fix the issues first but when they flat out refuse….and I find a way to make it a learning moment by being happier without them in my life

  6. Pluto conjuncting my Sun and squaring my Moon make me revenge oriented. I am a Virgo but if someone crosses me, I will do just about anything to get revenge on them. My Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo in my 7th house will go off like a A-bomb with me shouting and if pushed too far, I go into a blind rage and can see a MAFIA style of revenge. [So far, I have only done this in words, not actions.] Once I got so angry with my mother that I ignored her for a week like she did not exist to me. She gave birth to a child that is like her Scorpio 5th house. I can say that my younger brother and me got into a fight once and he could have snapped my neck but I refused to back down. I am not capable of feeling fear when I am beyond angry. I dared him to do it. And on the flip side of the coin, anyone threatening my family will send me after them. One time at work a guy was threatening my husband who had brought me dinner and I started climbing the counter on the man. I told him I will call the cops and not claim responsibility for what I do. I did call the police on him. [I worked in a laundry mat at the time and the owner told me to not take crap from anyone. And I didn’t.] I am like a rattlesnake and you keep bothering me, I will attack. Using the Equal chart, my chart ruler Uranus conjuncts my Sun in the 8th house and Pluto is in there conjuncting my Sun on the other side. I identify more with Scorpio.

    *But my temper has always scared me, because in the heat of rage, I don’t care what I do or say. But later, I do regret it. Which is why it is better for me to ALP people. [Avoid Like Plague]*

    1. Ok…this is a virgo thing. DEF-IN-ATE-LY.
      I know alot of Virgos like this. I saw a sign once posted on Pintrest “when a Virgo is angry(and I mean really enraged), they can make a Scorpio look timid”
      Yes its beyond anger. A cold sociopathic dead zone. All I can say is aim well. Because if you dont kill me on the first shot, bleeding out, guts spilling…Im still coming after you…and will take you down with crazy laugh…no hysterical screamimg or shouting…stone faced and dead eyed…
      Luckily its very rare Virgos get that enraged. It would have to be a REEEEALLY really really bad thing you did.And youre right. We would rather not have to face ourselves and the mess after that. So we simply avoid. Any other Virgos find this?

      1. Exactly. And having Pluto on my Sun and squaring my Moon along with my Venus in Scorpio, well when I am really angry, have been known to show Mafia like things. Or Emperor like things from the Phantom Menace. But thankfully, so far, I have never acted on anything. And I have only thrown something one time, because I didn’t want to be like my mother who has Mars in her 8th and she would break everything in the house in fits of rage. I decided that was just too much. But I roar and have shouted on paper and torn it to shreds. I try to give myself therapy.

      2. I’m a Virgo and I’m just like this. Push me too far, you won’t see my anger but I’ll retaliate, stew and then get you back and it’ll be quiet but it’ll hurt you in the worst way possible because I’ll attack your reputation. I was dating a guy for 2 months. He didn’t tell me he was still married, I had to find it out from his fb. He’d said he’d just moved out from being with his partner and needed to sort out splitting the house but no mention that he had a wife. I questioned him on our second date, just said “so your partner are you married?” He came clean but in heinsight that was a huge red flag. He was very charming and all guns blazing, saying I’d cast a spell on him he was so into me and he even invited me on holiday and booked tickets etc. To sum it up he soon started showing too much laddish behaviour. Too pushy in the bedroom, crude. He made the relationship very much about sex. I started having doubts, said I needed space and told him his behaviour wasn’t right and I needed time to think. He ghosted me, I didn’t hear from him again. Despite his behaviour I totally fell for him. Spent weeks feeling guilty that I hurt him. Then 3 months later I find out through Instagram 2 weeks after I’d asked for space he was enjoying the company of a woman who had liked some of his posts a month before he started chatting to me. So, he was stringing the both of us along. I was so pissed as he’d told me he wasn’t seeing anyone else whilst we were dating. I decided to totally shame him. I contacted his wife, sympathised with her, told her what her told me about her and how he treated me. She was still close to his family so it would have caused him a lot of shit. I never heard from him but I know it must have affected him badly as he shutdown his facebook. That was sweet revenge, he behaved so immorally and disrespectfully towards how wife, me I didn’t and still don’t feel at all guilty.

  7. I believe that it is important to let people know when they have hurt you. I have had trouble doing this many times with friends, siblings, etc. My goal is to voice it and then move on… Striving to get there.?

  8. Oh, now come on, people. This isn’t about how we’ve grown spiritually, or turn the other cheek, or rise above it all in our enlightenment. This is R-E-V-E-N-G-E in all its spectacular ugliness. I want to see Jekyll turn into Hyde, the normally nice person finally experiencing that straw that breaks your camel’s back. I want to read about ripping someone’s head off and crapping down their throat. You know, rage, cold calculation, savoring the victory, scorched earth, etc. Please don’t disappoint me.

    1. I’m not proud of it, but I used to be very snobby towards someone if I didn’t like them (Shadow Moon in Capricorn).

      Or I would act like I have a crush on you, but I don’t. Then break your heart (Sun in Pisces). Let’s just say Saturn wanted to give me a big spanking after a few times of that.

  9. I’m a virgo sun, Aquarius moon and Leo AC . When I was little I was so shy and people would be mean and I would do nothing – but stay mad. Then I went through a time where I would lose my s..t on people alot!- Currently I’m a happy medium. I can’t STAND when people are outwardly rude to others. I just turned 50 and also have calmed down about this as well. I figure everyone has their karma to face and revenge is often times deserved.

  10. No revenge from me, ever. I don’t know why, I am not good at confrontations anyway, and almost never take things personally. Very deep inside I kind of feel no one owes me anything. Not even my father, or SO. Sag Sun in first, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Asc conj Uranus. Is it Sag and Uranus together that are more powerful than the Sorp Asc?

  11. Anything with pluto – I have Capricorn sun but in 8 house, I have potential to nuke others and just this day I nuked he who nuked me. I even sent a text of a poetic take on the wounding sword of people’s anger. We are trying to work on a social project together but we have so much to sort out on ourselves first. It’s all wounds and swords at the moment – vengeful to lead to ultimate healing or total meltdown? Pluto is transiting my 8 house and is currently conjunct my mercury and square my warrior Aries moon. I have Pluto opposite Chiron natally so I blame him. When Pluto energy activates or is activated there’s potential for revenge / being vengeful. The wrath activated and the seething energy are so powerful, it takes enormous control to handle. (Thank you Saturn for being conjunct my flame-throwing Aries moon and square that Pluto transit) – Yes him again – Pluto, I’m blaming him until one can get a handle on what he’s digging up . . .and he never lets go. Not if he’s stamped all over the natal chart.

  12. I think about getting revenge but i never act on it. I feel that if I acted out of revenge I’d get bad karma back so I let life take care of things. Part of me also feels I have the upper hand when I’m not being petty trying to get revenge. lol probably my Aqua moon. ??‍♀️

  13. Aquatarius Sun: revenge, “ice” them out, total i-c-e, them more ice!

    @Rekha Gandhi, I like your idea of letting people know when they have hurt you, but I just wouldn’t be able to engage long enough (after the hurt I mean) to share-care it with them.

  14. I have planets on the 10th, 9th, 11th, 12th and 2nd.

    I’m super sag and saturn, with a flair of Pluto and Neptune. I’ll drop a message, wait, let you do you’re own damage publicly and then I’ll bury you with a smile.

    I can be a mean girl, well was.

  15. Zodiac sign seems to mean sun sign again here. So this is again about sun sign ‘astrology’. So it isn’t surprising that taking revenge doesn’t depend from any sign. It is merely a question of available assets and of personal development.

  16. Normally I dislike it when people are all sanctimonious in these type of posts: “I have never done such and such! I have no bad bone in my body” etc. BUT, revenge and other peoples’ suffering doesn’t feel good to me. I don’t really get it. I don’t do revenge and I don’t think most people around me do either! The most calculating and vindictive and vengeful person I’ve known has Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto and Scorpio Moon square Mars and Sun. They’re very proud of themselves too when it comes to screwing over those who they perceived had crossed them. That’s where it’s at anyway, _perceiving_ that someone did wrong to you. I don’t want to go to lengths to see someone suffer from what _I_ thought they had done wrong.

    My non-conscious revenge is probably just being hot and cold, here now, gone tomorrow, back the day after (Sun conj. Uranus). Then again I’m always like that. I don’t know.

  17. Sigh, I can understand the futility of revenge as well as the peace and beauty of forgiveness. I do believe we create future karma when we strike back at others. All actions have consequences. Love is the thing to strive for. But at the same time, I relish seeing someone get their richly deserved comeuppance. I love seeing the underdog vindicated and victorious. I love seeing the predator vanquished. I rally for the little guy who has eaten dirt over and over but finally has his day in the Sun. Revenge takes many forms. Sometimes it is in visibly living well for one’s detractors to gnash their teeth over. They’re powerless and you’ve prevailed, ha ha ha. Other times it seems to beg direct action. Mostly, I try never to revenge myself because I want to remain blameless. Still, there is a call to arms sometimes, a standing up for myself that cries out for action. We have to stand up for ourselves because we’re worth defending, too.

  18. I “feel” revenge to be emotional based. As a liquid foundational super highway. Stasis or static never, unless you are a Seether/Smoulder.

    I have the water signs in my 4th,8th and 12th. Scorpio on the 12th. Natal Pluto in karmic trine to natal Venus. Neptune in 12 sextile Venus in 2.

    Opportunity abounds in a war zone.

    My revenge is to turn enemies into friends.


    1. I struggle to fathom how I could turn some of the sorry sacks of shit in my life into friends but it is a cunning tactic. I shall put this arrow in my quiver. Thank you, Chad!

        1. I know someone with Mars in Cancer and when he gets angry he quietly rages about it. He gets snappish and gripey but never robust and in a person’s face. The crab goes sideways and around behind griping, but isn’t confrontational.

          1. I am starting to rage. Pluto opposite my Mars, as we speak. Pluto goes to my Moon next.

            I used to smoulder. I’m getting a little more vocal. I still want harmony.

          2. But Chads tactic is very Cancerlike. With Scorpionic Mars is in Cancer but in the 10th tho. And in the profession I chose and love, sometimes its best to work sideways

            1. My friend’s Mars in Cancer is in his 10th too and he runs his own business. He has someone working for him now that aggravates the crap out of him and he gripes about this guy all the time. My friend wants to find a way to get the guy to move on, but he won’t confront him. He just gets terribly irritated and internalizes it and talks to my husband and me about how annoying the man is to him.

  19. then here’s a story for you GTO. No planned but it could have been Divine Intervention.
    I was gilted by a person who was seeing someone behind my back. Ok he was not in love with me, but he did a lot in his power to keep me around and trying to win them. I was stupid enough to buy into it. I got tired of it though after three years, so one day I texted their CP asking how they were. I was going to ask him to stop dragging my heart around and say good bye in a kind way (now I realize I let myself be a victim but he loved it!). Well I got a terse and nasty message back. So I gave him back a terse reply saying I would tell their love interest all the nasty, mean and cruel things this person had told me about them – personal things that would infuriate and totally annhilate the love between them. I got back the message they did not know what I meant. I said yes you do. You said horrible, nasty and cruel things about her that were totally personal and also never paid me back the money I leant you. Dead silence…the next day I got the message I had been texting with their love interest who had been holding on to their phone and that I had totally thrown them under the bus. Well how the heck was I to know they had their phone??? It was the day before Valentine’s Day.

      1. The way I see it, Sounds like you were a victim of a narcissist. Dont beat yourself up. You were an instrument for a universe lesson for yourself and both of them.
        Maybe it smarted a bit and was a self check for you, but You did poison the well…albeit unintentionally. Not that its the love interests fault you unintentionally spilled the beans to, but you actually did the love interest a favor. If the love interest continues with your…friend it will be on them. But knowing narcissists chase and moon over cold assholes, that person will be one cold customer and drop them at first sign of you being right.not without making them miserable first. Trust me. The universe is a magnificent thing.

  20. It kinda shocked me as much as it probably shocked them! I didn’t even realize I was that mad until the love interested answered me so rudely but I thought it was the other person!…lol

  21. I always get my own back.
    First I try to go through the adult legal channels before considering “inventive” alternatives. There are people regretful for swindling me… though not regretful enough…or smart enough…to rectify the issue. If anything I’ve learned predatory, exploitive people are some of the dumbest.
    The best thing is to live well, be happy, but be prepared to make them hurt if they try to start trouble again.
    Communications with law enforcement and the FBI are helpful…as is keeping track of the fools unwittingly helping.
    I am a species of Virgo.

  22. i always think it’s the combination of the Mars (how they go about it) and their sun, and also moon. If they have an earth moon, they could calculate, pre-meditate the crime or something like that. if they have a, (given an example) leo mars they’re gonna get hurt because of their pride, then they will bite. Maybe if they had pisces sun, pisces mars theyre gonna gas-light. and if they have libra moon, they’re gonna get justice, to call it even stevens. Kind of like Uma thurman in Kill Bill, getting justice, but doesn’t want to hurt innocents.

  23. In my revenge fantasies, I have died and tricked my relatives into thinking I have left them some money. An attorney makes them read a personalized letter to each of them before they can receive their inheritance. Reading is monitored to make sure they read it. Then they are each given a check for one dollar after hearing I have left my money to my favorite charities. Ex-husband/parental alienator gets one penny – in cash.

    I don’t take revenge. I believe in karma and the law of physics (boomerang effect). And, unfortunately I take things out on myself.

    Double Libra

  24. This Scorpio doesn’t need a boomerang effect. Living well is the best revenge.
    On the other hand, my Cancer husband will kill you with silence.

  25. Im sun conjunct Pluto so I can be vengeful. But it’s in libra so it has to be fair.

    I’m in a situation right now where I’m finding myself plotting revenge. I wonder about the ethics and morality of it. But I’m going to do it anyway. I’m so compelled and am finding myself relishing the moment when I can pull the rug out from under this person. He has put me in so many uncomfortable positions and imposed on me so grossly, that I do feel justified. Nothing I’m going to do to him will require me to be dishonest or go against any agreements. I’m just giving him enough rope to hang himself with and stepping out of the way as he deals with the consequences of his own actions. Basically I’m not protecting him from himself anymore.

  26. Taurus sun. No idea how i take revenge. I have walked out of some peoples lives abruptly. But my thoughts at the time and even many years later were always focused on getting away from the hurt and protecting myself. Not really on what they would have felt. One exception was moving out on the guy who was cheating. I took the cat and thought it revenge. But i also was so attached to the cat i couldnt leave him behind…

    I need to think and figure out more times i might want revenge rofl. I guess i end up more hating a person and wanting them or the situation gone than wanting them to hurt in return.

    I guess my one revenge is my step mother hating me or being jealous of me and telling me how awful my mother was for not telling me about a half sister adopted out before she married my dad. I never broke. I knew about her for many years and had her in my life for years at that point. I guess my revenge was to not say anything and let her suffer in anger at my mother.

  27. Different today than it was half my life ago.

    When younger, I had all the time in the world to just wait. And wait. And wait. Scorpio never forgets a slight no matter how large or small.

    It never leaves. Scorpio remembers for a lifetime. And, they don’t just get over it. Something is coming. And, when it finally does come the person on the receiving end usually has no idea who did it.

    Today, at this age? I realize that whatever you send out will come back. What goes up, must come down, what goes out will come back and its all based on intention. So, what was their intention?

    I am so glad to have control over that part of my birth chart today. I police myself, and try to do the same with my thoughts. I have no desire to hurt myself later on….no matter what a jerk the other person is. Why would I let them hurt me twice?

    I will make one exception. And, I have said this too many times here but here goes….don’t ever touch my children, or my g-babes. If I didn’t physically go after the person (or couldn’t) I wouldn’t have control over how I would respond. I am in so deep with them. They are me. I love them so deeply that I have no control over the emotions that rise when they are wronged. I wish for strength but its just not there. You see those fathers that shoot the perp that hurt their child in the courthouse. I always understand why they did it even though I know its wrong.

    Old lovers, ex husbands, pretend friends… I let them step in it on their own now because I am old enough to know that it will happen. Why waste precious time and energy plotting their demise? I wasted so much time on that baloney when I was younger. I’d like to have that time back….and in the end I may have won the battle but I didn’t win the war within me. I don’t like revenge anymore but I am def prone to it. Its right there written in the stars. I have 5 planets in Scorpio and Mars Sq Pluto. I don’t have time for this birth chart. I thank the good lord for my self control.

    1. Same here…revenge written all over my chart too. I’m definitely an eye for an eye person. Or an eye for two eyes rather… even though I do agree with the Christian concept.

  28. I’m an Aquarius sun. I think we are extra dark when it comes to revenge… People call us detached and unfeeling, which isn’t true. We’re actually very tender hearted. But that’s why we vet the hell out of people before we let them get close and allow them to access our emotions. It’s like we live in a swimming pool of emotions, but we don’t let you in the water unless we feel sure you won’t piss in the pool lol. If you squirt a little by accident (i.e. hurt our feelings or make a genuine mistake), we’ll forgive you. We’re very open minded, and people do make mistakes. As long as we remain certain that your overall intentions toward us are good, we’re fiercely loyal. But if you piss in the water as an act of malice (i.e. you hurt us on purpose, proving not to have our best interest at heart) you’re kicked out of the pool with little fanfare. You’re just out. And that’s when you see the side of Aquarius that really IS cold. It’s like we never knew you. And when we get to that point, any efforts to engage us will be to your detriment. We are masters of language, controlled in our display of emotions, and can see under people’s exteriors. What that means for the unlucky person who pissed in our pool is that we can say something that cuts at your very soul, and with zero emotion. I think that is the worst part of Aquarian revenge: our words. Usually we know you way better than you know us, because we’ve been observing and analyzing everything about you from the moment we met you. So if the usually-peaceful Aquarius unleashes his/her anger on you, it’s like they pull your file from their mental shelf and access everything they’ve observed about your insecurities and shortcomings (usually things you never even shared with them), and use it to say exactly the right thing to rip you apart from the inside out.

    I did say it was dark lol.

    1. Having Aquarius Rising, I can freeze someone out for quite a long time and I admit in late 2011, I got into a huge fight with my father in law and I pulled out nearly every sin he had committed and used it against him. I let him know that he used people for what he could get from them and that he didn’t really care about anyone but himself. [The reason for my explosion on him? He sat right there with my husband and myself and tried to get my husband to have sex with another woman. And we were in a restaurant. So, you could say I thought about picking up a knife and sticking it between his ribs, but I didn’t.] But later, that fight was a doozy and we didn’t speak from the end of 2011 till 2015. But my father in law fought with everyone at least 2x. Not many came to his funeral back in February. And my husband relished the fact that I told his dad off. He only regretted that I didn’t lay in on his dad about how he treated his dying wife by refusing to cook her food and ripping her phone from the wall to keep her from calling anyone. Luckily her sister and brother in law lived next door and they took care of the woman, my husband’s and his sister’s mother. They fed her and when the devil was gone, they found out he was seeing another woman and on the day of his wife’s funeral, he was running thru the house naked chasing said other woman. But I never jumped him over all of that, but I did flay him with every weakness that I ever saw in him. It felt good to release the storm too.

  29. anonymoushermit

    I have a huge Libra stellium. I’m too nice to do something too sharp, but I’ll avoid you like the dickens.

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