The Joy Of Love In A Jaded Society

jupiter card 2I was reading what a young man wrote about a woman he met. He’s bowled over, in love with her.  He’s incredibly happy and full of hope and faith in the future (Jupiter).

I remember having these feelings myself. But I don’t think society supports this kind of thing anymore. Everyone is constantly told they’re not good enough, or to be vigilant at all times, or just in general told about how bad it’s all going to be.

I don’t think this is true. There are many happy couples and there is definitely love in the world.

They way it happened for this young man, is the way it usually happens.  Right as you’ve given up all hope that you will ever be love, here comes the person for you!

Especially if you’re young, don’t give up. And don’t let jaded people convince you that it’s hopeless. It’s not hopeless!

When I write that, it’s not because I think older people can’t find love. I did!

But I do think that some older people like being jaded. That’s their choice. But to be jaded at twenty-five is pretty…bizarre.

Have you found love in our jaded society?


29 thoughts on “The Joy Of Love In A Jaded Society”

  1. I am 25 and I am kind of jaded about this. You are right, it is bizarre. I feel I have to become “worthy” before I find love, which is also bizarre. But it makes a sick kind of sense to me. And I’ve never lost hope. This is an interesting thing to think about with Saturn in my 7th squaring my Venus right now.

  2. Well, much as I like the idea of “Right as you’ve given up all hope that you will ever be love, here comes the person for you!”…it’s been over ten years since I gave up. So… make of that what you will. Well, some folks will get lucky and some will not, you deal with what you get.

    I think I was born jaded, though. I was jaded at age 5, thinking Mr. Rogers was weird for taking off his shoes in his fake house.

  3. I was divorced 22 years ago and had only one relationship in all that time. I’d about given up when a friend and I started getting closer. I don’t know how we didn’t discover it earlier, but all I can say is WOW – are we good together!! Nine months and still growing. We’re planning a wedding in the next year. I don’t think it gets better than to marry your best friend and lover. With Venus/Venus and Mercury/Mercury conjunct, His Pluto conjunct my Mars and trine my Venus, the sex is earth shattering. I’m 66 years old and never expected anything like this to happen in my life. The world may be jaded, but not me. I’m feeling very inspired.

  4. I was going through a box of old stuff yesterday. In it I found a card (which I have now tossed) from my first husband. Twenty years ago he decided “I know longer love you as a woman …” but in this card he waxed on about finding each other again along the way etc. etc. Thing is I am Scorpio and the rejection was not something I could fold in and find him again along the way. Once I saw there was no going back I dreamed up the love of my life … a man who has been loving me in all my ways of being a woman/writer/activist/fire-maker/goof-ball/mother/wife for 20 years. IT HAPPENS! Dreaming up a different future, and being loved again, and being a giver of love with someone who can stick with me. It happens.

  5. I’m glad some of you have had the experiences of love reborn or finding love in not so obvious places. The topic of love makes me sad, and I don’t know if I am too idealistic or if I am too jaded. Depending on the day you ask me, I would probably give you a different answer.

    I just hope that can happen with me as well…pay attention universe, I’m hinting at something…

  6. A decade ago, I worked on a series called, “Many Fish Bite If You Got Good Bait.”

    It was about finding love… a topic I am HIGHLY interested interest in (check the shop page –

    Anyway, I got in a lot of trouble back then, for being blunt. I said that it was ridiculous to expect someone to dig around and try to discover how secretly interesting you are!

    If you surround yourself with walls, you are going to live inside them. No one is going to come around and deconstruct your prison. If they tell you this is what they are going to do, you’re probably being set up! 🙂

    1. I was just talking to God/the universe last night as the tears streamed down, saying that I am so tired of living in the prison I have constructed. I am stuck in love with a man who doesn’t return my love and I’m fighting like hell to free myself and prepare myself for my ideal life partner.

  7. I found it. It was always easy for me to find a relationship but I swear I have never felt this way about anyone before. I wasn’t looking for it, either, and he says the same thing – and that he’s so guarded that it’s amazing that I showed up and got through those cracks anyway.

  8. I was incredibly shy when I met my SO.

    I think that if I (who didn’t get out much…) can find someone, you can find someone too.

  9. I don’t know if I’ve found love. I stopped dating the Aries and I know I’ll bump into him in little to no time because we hang in the same social circle, family wise. So maybe I have right there. Who knows… I’m 28 so I can find love.

    As for this jaded society… It’s too jaded. I was going to ask you a question Elsa but i have to chew over it on my mind to cut the crap out of it because it is about love, relationships and the sexes. But anyway I agree that people like being jaded, it gives them an identity. I think if I listened to all those bitter older women and some men 5-30+ years on me I’d be miserable and never try to find love.

    I did have a friend who at the time was 25 and was jaded. She got engaged and he cheated and she wouldn’t want to be married because marriage don’t last cause of her parents. Let’s say I got tired of that rhetoric.

  10. Sometimes you have to work on yourself after a bad relationship and purify your heart so that you can be open to love. Practice just being friends with the opposite sex so that you hold no grudges. I’m so old now and yet more in love than ever, which is unbelievable given the abuse I went through half a lifetime ago… Laura Nyro said it: Nothing cures like time and love…”

  11. As I grow older, I’m becoming less jaded, but more realistic. I have mostly lost those old, overly romantic expectations and have learned to see love and relationships less as something that is “meant to be” and more as something that two people create together through compatibility, sexual attraction, and mutual respect. It’s easy to make mistakes and bad assumptions along the way. I guess now the thing I feel bad about is that I didn’t learn all these things years ago, when I still had all the big decisions ahead of me. You can’t go back and “fix things”, you can only move forward and do better.

    BTW, beautiful story kiriecat, good on you!

  12. Yes, I have found love like this. When it happened a lot of people didn’t believe it was real. We met by total accident and got married very quickly. Next month we celebrate seven years!

  13. I know love is real because I have seen it! I kind of wonder if a Venus/Uranus conjunct in Sagg like myself can ever find anything…I’m so nutty. But if you keep trying you learn what you need to learn. I know now that I can’t be in anything conventional. I know now that you have to love yourself first. I know now that love is much more quiet and sweet than torrid and complicated as I once thought. And I know now it’s a constant process and not something you’re given and it’s just set.

    I’m seeing someone and going it slow (like slower than cold molasses) and it seems we’re hitting a bump where all of his jadedness is coming up. He is worried and thinking of love as a liability- something that is going to hurt him and throw him off course. I understand but COME ON! So sick of that way of thinking.

    Looking at it logically, we can EXPECT repeated failures in love, so why let them get us down?

    On the inverse, some people might discover that they would rather NOT ever be in a relationship. And as long as that’s their heart’s desire and an empowered decision, then I don’t see a problem.

  14. I found love. At age 32/33… & boy has it had its epic bumps! 35 now & we are still “harmonizing” – But I can happily say the love is more evident than ever. 🙂 Wish us Jupiterian luck!

  15. Ha, I was jaded at eighteen. 😉 Had to do with being taught that romantic love is a chemical imbalance that passes. “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and all that stuff.

  16. Our composite has a stellium of our planets: Jupiter Mars Saturn in the 7th and Venus in 8th, all in Capricorn ; -) As the world at large experiences the Jupiter Saturn Pluto Mercury Sun in Capricorn stellium, love has broken through – my lover, who suffers ptsd has been working through the trauma and declared his love early this morning. I had come to the end of believing we were going to make it – the planets are with us. A new structure is being built.

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