How Is Uranus In Taurus Affecting You Personally?

Taurus postcardUranus is in Taurus now. We’re all seeing the unpredictability in the stock market and other affects in the “collective” but how is the transit affecting you personally?

I have definitely seen early degree Taureans and Scorpio experimenting in relationships. Some contacts end as fast as then began. It’s classic.

I don’t have planets in the early degrees of a Fixed signs but I have noticed changes that have surprised me.  For one thing, I no longer want to hear “old” music. This definitely a major change for me. I am very nearly repulsed by music I have enjoyed my whole life.

Considering this, I realized it was the FEELINGS I’m done with. I no longer want to feel things from my past.  I want nothing to do with what I felt ten or twenty or thirty years ago.  It was pretty cool to realize this. Uranus is transiting my 4th house.

How is Uranus in Taurus affecting you, personally. 

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  1. I was noticing that I started experimenting with less healthy cooking and with making elaborate sandwiches. I started being less orthodox about my ideas of what cooking looks like. Saturn is coming for me and I notice myself going for old healthy options.

  2. Uranus has been in my 12th. I’m valuing the principle of conservation more…it’s been easier for me to go without material comforts (food being a big one) that had been an ongoing source of escape and self-undoing.

  3. Sun/Chiron conjunction on the descendant here. I haven’t had a relationship in sixteen years now and I thought it would change when Uranus hit my seventh house. It hasn’t yet, but there’s someone I like who likes me, but is freaked out at the idea of dating again. Sigh.

    So far nothing much is going on….I’m still patiently waiting for the crush to come around, and sadly I don’t have a whole lot of opportunities to see him when plays aren’t going on, which they are not right now. I do think someday he will come around (like all my card readings are saying this), but who knows how long it will take. A friend of mine asked some psychic friend of hers and the friend said three years *facepalm*. Sigh. Anyway, I know he likes me, I’m just waiting around for him to not be scared, I guess. His Saturn return starts this month and lord knows we have a lot of Saturn contacts, so I am going to be a whammy on him anyway, sigh.

    1. I hear ya, Jennifer! I haven’t been in a relationship in almost 12 years and it sucks. I, too, have a crush and I feel like he likes me, too, when I see him sometimes, but it’s very hot and cold and he isn’t taking action. Not sure he ever will! Uranus will eventually conjunct my natal Venus in Taurus and I’m hoping that means “sudden change” in the love department. But I guess it could also mean what, wanting freedom in love? I feel like I’ve had enough freedom, I’m ready to be committed! Best of luck, hope your crush comes around before 3 years!

  4. It’s crossed my ASC, is in my 1st house, and currently trines my Moon. One thing I’ve picked up on after my Pluto-Moon transit ended is that my relationships with women have changed. During Pluto I was tormented over it. Recently I’ve let bad relationships go, fully accepting it without any torment, in an “it is what it is” kind of way. I don’t care much anymore. I’m looking forward to seeing what this brings going forward.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve stopped dyeing my hair and grew it longer. I look really different just because of that. And I’ve started wearing make up more often. That must be the 1st house/Taurus part of it 🙂

    1. Did you feel ashamed during the moon Pluto transit that it was this way? Was your transit very intense and tough?

      I felt a lot of shame during mine I guess and didn’t accept myself.

  5. Tr Uranus in my Taurus 3H is exactly opposing my natal 8H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. I have always wanted to help adoptees reconnect with their birth parents using DNA, legal, and ancestral records. Last night, I found such a group and I am going to learn how to be an adoptee advocate. My Pr Moon conjunct my natal Mars in my Gemini 4H is fueling my efforts.

    1. Tr Venus conjunct Tr Uranus in my Taurus-ruled 3H opposing my Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction: I had to have my credit card suddenly re-issued yesterday as fraudulent charges were found on my bank statement.

  6. I have Taurus in my 6th House…so daily stuff and health but Taurus also rules Real Estate. Our Duplex that we rent half of, was sold ot a new couple and they are remodeling (without a permit). We put up with it but it’s very unsettling. They evicted the other couple, one man and one woman (she had severe health issues) and we thought we were next. The Realtor that handled our rent erroneously sent us an email we were to be evcited in 60 days – but then sent another saying that they made a mistake, we could stay and the other tenants need to leave. We have had quite the ups and downs and with a long run of people coming to see both units, it had been very draining. My health is taking a bit of a hit too..well my physcial strength-I injured my forarm from over use at work from repetitive movement and am going to PT.

  7. Oh and my lower back has been very sore since Uranus went into my 6th house. Taurus rules the back. I thought I had pinched a nerve but it has not gone away. It appears to be just muscular but can’t quite find the source.

    1. One more thing, and this is happening to a lot of people not just me, my 401 K has taken a huge hit off and on. It usually goes down no more $500 and bounces back up eventually. But recently it went down almost $8,000.00 and then recouped some. This is what scares me the most right now.

    2. I may am wrong about Taurus ruling the back-it rules the throat. So maybe Uranus is making contact with Libra I my 11th (Libra rules the lower back I just read) . Just trying to put this all together.

      1. Dawn, I loved your post, hit home a lot for me. I have 6th house Taurus, too and have definitely had a lot of lower back pain! It’s gotten better now. I have pluto in libra, it’s in my 10th house but right on the 11th cusp.
        Also the home issues, I live in a duplex, too. My duplex neighbor has moved his gf in, who is from another continent. Then, his snowbird parents come winter here…for four months. So it’s a lot louder next door which I don’t like. I didn’t agree to live next to so many people, and I wonder if the landlord even knows what’s going on. I ponder moving but moving is stressful and expensive and I like my place for the most part and I love the area I live in. Hope you get some resolution to your back and duplex issues!

  8. Uranus IS transiting my the second half of my 4th House Taurus. It’s been a tough winter in our house — a tiny home built a decade ago, we weathered yet another set of challenges of ‘being at home’ living with no running water (unless you run for it, like Dolly Parton loves saying) and a partially sheltered cook space. Warmer temperature eases things a bit. The virus adds back mindful efforts to “wash hands frequently” without running water; but we find ways. I’m finding another culling away of support; people aren’t interested. My Fixed Nature is being churned up like the gravel and recycled asphalt roadway circling the campground we live on. Instead of fixing the potholes large stones have surprised us, and the maintenance work does not include handwork. Interesting ha?! Churned up with the big equipment it still falls to human hands at work to clear the way. I think I’ve fallen into something that might help understand Taurus’s churning.
    I’d love to use Uranus’s lightning to make another move, but, I’d/we’d still be there with our old foundation so maybe we’re better off staying put to invest in shoring up our personal foundations.
    A ramble. Unexpected movement:) Didn’t know it was there hankering to be expressed.

    1. I get you Mokihana. It’s pretty seismic in the 7th right now. Yes it’s like an echo of what you are saying but instead of a home it’s a relationship relating to what is ‘home’, not a fixed thing. We lost our greyhound last July after 11 years and that was the heart of us and our home suddenly being lifted up and spun away like Dorothy’s house in Kansas.

      So I’m doing experimental animation on a course alongside VFX kids. It’s been very hard but I’ve gained respect of many and suspect I’m teaching them by example not to kowtow to their elders and tutors, like a good Gen Xer. Guess that’s pretty Uranian.
      Until summer and then I’m meant to go back home for real, but I am changed for sure in ways I’m not even aware of yet.

      1. Cool elder app Stargirl! I know it’s something to retool & I have no idea what the animation world would be like — but love that you go! Expérimentation — Uranus!

      2. Natally my AC is 7’ 58” Scorpio and I have Uranus RX conjunct. I can see T Uranus approaching my DC and T Saturn approaching my IC, both conjunct the angles about the end of April. To please the time-lord Saturn, I’ve been tackling all the tasks I dislike; mountains of paper for work, cleaning some part of the house everyday, on top of the usual drudgery to be found in the kitchen and laundry. I have accepted that I must educate my son myself, because the education system cannot do this. I accept that money is tight and will be tightening further. I also accept that T Uranus will take my husband away for work. Fine. I accept all challenges from the outers. Bring it on, bad boys!

        1. Thanks for sharing your take, Estella, I have a later degree Scorpio AC, Uranus approaching the DC and Saturn the IC, but I guess after yours will happen. I also feel like I have a ton of paper stuff to go through whether it’s work-related, old magazines I want to go through before recycling, “scrapbook” things I’ve saved, old pictures. I do this every so often but feel like I never get to the end of it. I can’t take much more tightening of the money than there already is. I’m hoping getting Pluto out of my 2nd house will help the crazy up and down of my money I make, but who knows. It’s exhausting.

          1. Thanks for sharing.

            Well, the situation with me is as I outlined previously, except that I’ve got all 4 limbs stuck into it with gusto! My teenage daughter is finally getting cognitive therapy at a hospital (for mental health issues she’s had for close to 4 years now) and I will be joining a pilot group at her psychiatrist office for “parent/carer burnout” soon (where the agreed-upon payment is restricted to what the government is willing to pay!)…Anyway, with Uranus on my DC, people come in and out of my life. As I said, a lifetime of Uranus RX on AC sort of has primed me for that.

            I’ve held off most discretionary spending. Have been telling myself we need to get things cleared and sorted and me not liking the tasks won’t make them magically go away; Saturn starting its tour of 4th now.

            Go check out and see if you can do the $21 a week challenge. It’s got tonnes of handy hints on saving money.

  9. Funny you’d mention that about old music. I have been experiencing the same thing but not actually put it into words. Thanks.

    1. I feel like my ears will bleed. It’s like this huge chunk of my life, I never want to revisit, ever again.

      Nostalgia? What’s that?


      1. Yes, me too! I’ve started listening to R&B and hip hop which was never my thing. Uranus in the 4th. I’m also going to be moving to a new (old) city ( old because I used to live there many years ago). Exciting and a bit stressful

      2. I’ve never liked ‘throwback’ nights, they make me annoyed. Who needs their narrow decades pigeonholes? Not Venus in Aquarius.

      3. Yea, sometimes the past looks/feels/sounds like a foreign country. Lived there a long time ago, but no longer applies. Remember the place, but don’t want the feelings.
        Was an earlier version of an obsolete self.

  10. In My 6th house.. I have been having some really strange all over body, vibrating, tingling and ear ringing. My meds are being adjusted. It looks like I am finally over my bronchitis problems which I had occur 5 times in the last year. I guess grief can affect the lungs per a nurse I know.

    1. I ditto Mohikana: take care! I hope your health problems will heal and the grief will be “integrated”. (Can’t think of the correct word – accepted? Absorbed?)
      I think of you often.

    2. Oh in my 6th house too, I have trying to find out what the vibrating body means, Will watch for more information in this thread.

    3. 6th house, too. I’ve also had weird vibrating and tingling, it’s just in one place at a time but yes, in all areas of my body, rarely the same place twice. I always have some degree of tinnitus but there has been more random ear ringing tones in one ear that come and go. I read in a comment section on some site that the weird vibrations are like, a sign of becoming more spiritually aware, more awakened. I have no other explanation for it than that. I’m not on any meds so for me it’s not that. Really interesting…

  11. 2nd/3rd house here.
    And progressed 1st house.

    I have put on weight, LOL – probably due to progressed 1st house. And my natal 1st is Aquarius, so there’s that… It’s kinda like they’re in mutual reception at some level *G*

    My BF has Taurus in the 4th house. Shortly after Uranus moved into Taurus in 2019 we hooked up and was dating. Shortly after going official as a couple, he moved into my apartment, and he has only been home to bring clothes and gadgets to my apartment. It’s like he left his old life behind, just like that. It is such a weird feeling for me. I haven’t even seen his old apartment yet, and we’ve been going strong since July!

    It’s like he has just left his old emotions and life and habits behind, only taking the things he really likes, with him to my place.

  12. Uranus is transiting my 8th house now. I dread 8th house transits, When Saturn transited my 8th , my grandmother passed suddenly, and in that same year my brother. And Uranus then toured my 5th ( In Aquarius) talking about sudden. Saturn now thru my 4th resulted in giving up my apartment to go and live with my BF. I felt I was forced due to problems at the job ( Neptune SQ Neptune) I feel like I am forced into shedding my skin. I want to break free. Now in a situation with a toxic family member , and it’s draining me, but maybe it’s meant to finally choose : Me.. I have always taken care of my family. Holding on, pushing thru. And now finally I dream of the possibility to get out. When? I don’t know, I hope it doesn’t happen with a Big Bang like a death. Meanwhile.. still moving, slowly with high hopes of tiny light at the end of that tunnel.. hurray (in advance)

  13. I’ve started consuming a lot of food items (cheap junk food) that I’d stopped years ago. I don’t like them or feel like I want them when buying them.
    I buy them, try them and remember with disgust why I stopped eating them. After they make me feel awful.
    This is not me trying new things out. But old things that I remember consuming. Not helping my waistline but they are a new type of sudden impulses.

  14. hmm nothing really out of the ordinary, except i notice that people around me have alot of changes. my old friend who was always lacking girlfriends (basically because he’s so picky)lol finally has women chasing him down. xD my music tastes haven’t changed, nor did my diet. i just feel more stagnant than ever with taurus uranus. lol xDD but i have been doing alot more art/creativity again so thats good for me. my husband gets alot of dinner invites from work; thats about it. he prefers to stay home more for work.

  15. Music has got me spinning the dial too
    I also ,done with what happened
    Whenever ,whatever, has happened to me
    Where is my spirit headed ?what am I painting now?I have been slipping out of my thoughts ,like a slip, remember wearing them beneath clothes ?yes, .so simple yet dragging like the elastic band done, and I kept pulling it back in place?check that
    Box, take of the slip ,let it drop,I am just realizing I attached so
    Much of my past to people that where part of my past, why?why did my mind pull things around me?I know the
    Constant change ,dreaded age;have I been
    Allowing myself and nothing else
    To age?so funny when you wake up
    Change is pouring your coffee
    Happy stormy Friday,

      1. I love this part, especially … “Constant change ,dreaded age;have I been
        Allowing myself and nothing else
        To age?” Great provoking image!
        I remember the slips and the crinolines dipped in liquid starch and held on the close-lines to dry like a parachute. What were we thinking?!

      2. Sounds like there is a theme, ie shedding an outworn past attachment to something or some situation. I feel ‘what’s’ done is done’ energy, which is liberating as I used to beat myself up regularly for past actions or inactions.
        Also not enjoying T.V. Used to be a great ‘turn the mind off’ tool for me, but not working as I can’t find much to watch. Maybe that’s maturity.

  16. Personally it’s in empty 7th house, trining my n Mercury.
    Things could be worse!
    As far as music goes, for the past several years have been listening to things I never did before (baroque). Unfortunately, there’s not enough. Sometimes I wonder what I might listen to later. Well, will see – no use anticipating.

  17. Uranus is on the cusp of my 8th house and will enter it at the end of March. When it was in the 7th house, My husband and I became officially retired. We got used to our new life style and we have a new relationship together. Its nice. Kind of like being two kids again.

    Uranus has been opposed to my Scorpio Moon/Saturn conjunction in the 2nd house. I’ve become more flexible in the ways I deal with problems, but also I have some new health problems to deal with. I now how Osteoporosis in the femur of my left hip and have been altering my lifestyle to deal with it. Also, I’ve started clenching my teeth at night, I don’t know why, but I have such insomnia and don’t sleep well. This has caused problems with my teeth. They’re so sensitive because of it. I can’t wait until this transit moves out of orb of my Moon/Saturn. Health problems are expensive too.

    I think when Uranus moves into my 8th house my MIL might pass away. She is a Taurus who will be 90 in May, but she is very ill and I doubt she’ll make it much longer. My husband is very close to her and will take it very hard.

    I agree with you and others about saying goodbye to old music. I’ve started to find new tunes.

  18. During my moon Pluto transit I blocked old music and old feelings because they were useless and unproductive. During my sun Neptune transit old feelings and patterns keep floating by. Tastes changing again.

  19. Uranus travelling through the 3rd, square my Sun; I want to break free!, but I can’t, as there’s responsibilities and tasks that require me to stay put. I relate to wanting to listen to new music, only. There is definitely an out with the old, in with the new feeling. I have just been changing what I can, eg. hair colour, home decor etc.

  20. Avatar
    James Slattery

    In the 2nd house. My budget is plagued with impulse buys and that’s very unusual for this naturally conservative guy. Bought into some Bitcoin and updated some stocks with newer industries. People I was once intensely attracted to no longer have the same hold they once did. I’m much more willing to circulate and just have fun now.

  21. Well, seeing as Uranus is almost out of my 6th, I should tell you how that went – you know, for research purposes. LOL.

    I had my second child about the time it hit my 6th cusp. I was constantly fatigued (try sleeping 2 days in a row with maybe 4 trips to the toilet), had gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and put on close to 25kg. At the 12 week scan they told me I had a 1:83 chance of having a child with Downs Syndrome.

    With Uranus on the AC, after seeing a dietician twice, me and another preggy mum formed our own “diet club”; we are still friends 6 years on. My son, I’m pleased to reveal, is not only normal but is highly intelligent.

    Anyway, I moved across country a year after he was born and embarked on a massive Reno on a 100 y.o. House while living on site – very Uranus in 6th eh? The only constant was tonnes of dust. ?

    A year and a half ago I decided to embark on a full-scale “health review” to commemorate my milestone birthday, which was some months earlier. I had blood tests, chest x ray, nose scope etc, the result of which I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which probably had when pregnant, hence the lingering, koala-sleep-inducing tiredness. It pays to have a good primary doctor. It’s not about the price, the one who saw me while I was pregnant had an attitude problem and did not do her job properly!

    For what it’s worth my L6 is in Virgo in my 11th and is in a T square with natal Neptune and T Neptune. I always believe there is more then a single indicator for an event.

  22. Currently Uranus is transiting 4th house. I made minor changes in the home such as moving furniture about a month ago. Also currently with Venus transiting Taurus, I am more possessive…comes through in unconscious ways.

  23. Hmmm, I’m done with crappy friends, it got old. Staying g home, even before all this; and though I think about men quite a bit, am no longer crawling in my skin due not having one, also got old. Focused on getting my life on track with all the time during which I was confused. Also, self-care, and asian food restaurants with fellow art students is top of my fun list.

    11th House Aqua stellium, and Saturn’s come.

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    Lawrence Perry

    When Uranus was tr 7 it truly put a temporariness on my relationships. They came and went.
    I thought things would get stable in Taurus in 8. It is not yet conjunct my sun.
    Maybe stuff is happening and I’m overlooking it.
    Maybe that’s because the current Aq/Tau sq activity IS me.
    My moon is conj Mars in Aq in late 4 int 5.

    Death continues unabated. All close ‘friends’ (Aq). At least (and hopefully) it’s not family.
    I’m creative as hell though.
    I’m a drummer and have been practicing and syncing myself so deeply with my drums. It’s incredible.
    It’s almost everything.
    Nothing relationship wise strangely. No sexual quirkiness – yet.
    We’re still in original stages. I’m digging this nothingness because quietly I can catch up on things – like spring cleaning.
    And more, More, MORE DRUMS!!!!
    I’m playin my ass off and just loving it.
    I’m ready for the world.
    I dont feel in any way like I’ll be 65 in May.
    I feel like I’m all dressed up w/nowhere to go.

  25. Any mid-80-ers here? Who will have their north node in taurus hit by uranus?

    Or have experience this already? Uranus is in the middle of the taurus sign.

    Did anyone ever notice that early 80-ers are hidden? Only a few famous ones and in daily live I rarely met any outside of school.
    Only until recently I see 1985 more often.

    Anyways, transiting north node is also going to touch uranus just about where it touche my NN. And mars

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