The Inability To Hide Your Emotion

poker faceHi Elsa!

You write a lot on ‘poker face’. I was wondering what are the astrological markers of an “anti-poker face'”. or whatever the opposite of poker face is called.

Thanks from Calcutta, India

Hi there! I do write about having a poker face a lot!

There’s probably more than one answer to your question, but the faces the comes to mind, immediately are those who have the Moon conjunct their ascendant. I just don’t see how a person is going to hide their emotion when their emotion is literally, their first handshake.

This is may be true of Cancer rising as well, but I’ve seen it without fail when the Moon out front.

Unless someone can figure out how to look like grandma, while they knife someone, Moon rising, might want to steer away from card-playing for profit!

Anyone else have ideas?

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25 thoughts on “The Inability To Hide Your Emotion”

  1. Troubled moon ll bubble up the poker face to surface? Cardinal sign with good number of squares happen to be action oriented. Now if Mars squares moon…..
    Similarly, in an easy chart Venus squaring the moon?

    1. I have Mars square Moon and I have the hardest time keeping anything bottled up. When I try, it sits there, simmering, until I release it. Sometimes I enjoy this 🙂

  2. I think its harder to hide your emotions with the moon conjunct sun.
    My moon is conjunct leo asc but, people always say i seem detached. Maybe other indications in my chart potray that. I have 12th, 4th and 4th house placements, so i suppress very easily. However, mars/jup in aries trines my leo moon asc, so its hard to suppress real anger. …
    I think people who have moon with asc seem to know how to mask it as a defense by experience.

  3. Virgo moon conjunct my Virgo ascendant. Throughout my life I’ve been told to smile more/lighten up/cheer up. An ex-boyfriend was always taking me to task for looking at him the wrong damn way. He once abandoned me and my son at an amusement park because I rolled my eyes when he started lecturing me. I have an expressive face and especially expressive eyes. It all shows. I don’t even try to hide my emotions but maybe I should. A poker face sounds like a luxury and a life saver to me.

    1. Now then, making faces. That’s something. I am an eye roller, nose curler, eyebrow raiser. I wonder how many different things my face can do at the same time. I think if I am on guard, like aware that I am in a situation that requires handling, I go cool and poker. Survival kicks in.

  4. I have a watery moon and a watery sun. People can often read me better than I can read myself. Also, if I try to hide one emotion, another surfaces. It’s just like that, so I don’t even try to hide emotions any more. The best I can do is try to balance them.

    1. I know a young man with moon in cancer rising. No read at all with him. His Saturn is in aries? He’s blank faced, but always intensely listening to what is going on around him. He does talk about putting on a face but I think that is more internal, like his listening. Example, when he hits the soccer field he puts on his ‘game face.’

  5. Funny, I think I have a poker face yet people “read my mind” by reading my face all the time! Maybe it’s the Virgo ascendant, cause my moon is Pisces in the 6th. It’s humorous a lot of the time, cause I think I’m being slick and uhh…no.
    It does force me to be honest quite often when I’d rather not, though. Weird, eh?

  6. I have a first house moon, not conjunct my ascendant, though. I have Uranus conjunct my ascendant. I have four planets in the first house. There’s a lot going on there. I often have to try hard to fake what I fear might be a tell. I hate when my emotions show too much (except happy, that’s ok).

  7. I would agree with that observation, Elsa, about the moon on the ascendant.

    My riding sign is scorpio so I try to have a poker face (kind of manage often) yet the times that my emotions are visible to others is when the transiting moon is conjunct my ascendant or inside my first house even 10 degrees away from the ascendant.

    So I notice those transits and expect an emotional time (positive or negative, never light hearted.)

    Very interesting question!

  8. Oh my!! This is so right on! My Moon conjunct my AC is why I’m not only a terrible poker player, but I’m also a horrible liar! Since this placement is in super private Scorpio… it is quite a burden at times.

  9. My daughter has Saturn in the first house and is Aquarius rising…she has an amazing poker face and when growing up I was many times confused as to wether she was telling the truth or lying. As a young adult she keeps her cards tight to her chest even now!

  10. I never could manage a poker face. I’m a Libra rising with Mars conjunct Neptune in the 1st house. You would think I could be the ultimate liar, but my Sun in Sadge never allowed for a poker face. If I lied, it was written all over my face and I couldn’t get away with it. I looked guilty. I learned early on that it wasn’t my path.

  11. I think someone with planets in the 12th house, especially personal ones, isn’t aware that they’re wearing everything on their ‘sleeve’ (face).

  12. I have moon in the first house and everyone has always said that my feelings show on my face. Apparently get this “look in my eyes” that tells you exactly what I’m feeling. I try to smile a lot so that it doesn’t show, but can’t seem to absolutely control it. @ JoFrance, my planets are in Sag too. LOL.

  13. Definitely agree. Cancer rising here, and yes all of my emotions can be seen on my moon face 🙂 But Black Moon Lilith on my ascendant gives me some kind of edge. >:)

    Also worth noting: just because someone can see how you feel, does not mean they can read your mind. If your heart and your mind are always in sync, then maybe it’s a different story. But personally I have moon opposite mercury, so my thoughts and my feelings, however tied together, are two very distinct entities!

    In general, the moon moves faster than mercury. Gut feelings tend to occur before you’re able to think things through. Those emotions are raw, and can be felt without judgement. Yet understanding them requires language and concepts, and they become colored by our experience.

    I’ve got Mars and Mercury in Gemini, so my mind is also pretty damn quick too. Progressed Mars/Mercury tightly conjunct in my 12th house, and it’s all subconscious, in Cancer no less. It can be very difficult if not impossible for me to separate out my thoughts from my feelings, no matter how contradictory they may be!

    In my experience, but I guess depending on one’s moon & mercury energies, the processing and utilization of emotion requires some type of exchange. 4th house is the entry into the realm of “the other.” Whether it’s with another person, or a pen and paper, or a palette of paint and a brush… some sort of dialogue helps me feel settled with my emotions. Basically it doesn’t all happen on my face 😛

  14. Recently learned a new thing about faces. It was a trainer who had this awful look on her face, one I would not want to approach. When she spoke though, it was very nice and light and helpful and understanding. I spoke to someone in the session about it. And she said, oh yeah, they call that resting bitch face. I never heard of such a thing before. Where the face rests, interesting. Does it really mean anything though? Like I have a big overbite so people tend to smile at me and say hi, even when I am in a crummy mood. I just want to say, I am not feeling particularly happy or friendly,I just have big teeth. Scorpio rising, ya just can’t trust my face?

  15. People easily read my emotions even if I think that I’m making a poker face. I’d say it is because of my natal Moon in its domicile. Probably true for all strong Moons.
    Rising as first handshake. Can an asteroid serve for this? My rising is conjunct Persephone. But if a major aspect to a traditional planet ‘wins’ against this, then my rising is square Saturn. Astrologers see me as rather saturnian, although my Pisces rising should rather qualify me for neptunian.

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