Mercury In Aquarius Square Uranus: Independent Thinking Or Crazy?

aquarius uranus symbolsMercury is currently squaring Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will be exact on February 21st. I wrote this post in 2022, the last time that Mercury in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Very little has changed which is a bit of surprise.

Here’s the old post:

Mercury in Aquarius is currently squaring Uranus. I’m bullish on independent thinking but I feel we’re in a situation where virtually every person on the planet has a different idea about everything.  I find it nearly impossible to know anything at this point in time.  I’ll explain…

There are people who you might like or generally agree with but if you talk to them for any amount of time; like five minutes, they will say something that seems “off” or suspect in some way. If they don’t do this, you will! It takes a nanosecond to go from “conversation” to what?

Then someone you tend to generally not agree with will say something cogent and your mind splits!

I’m also seeing conversations get flipped on their head, deliberately or otherwise. You’ll be talking about one thing and someone comes in with something totally unrelated or random.

fish chumThen you have to worry about people who might be “virtual”. Uranus, right?
Then there are the people who say they are bots but may be kidding?

Sorry, but I don’t think this configuration is all that “brilliant”.  It’s more like brain shocks coming in, making a person crazed.  Tiny, little pieces of info flying around. Bytes, if you will. But it’s like the pieces of a million, 1000 piece puzzles, all mixed together. Are you sure you figured it out?

Update in 2023 – Now we have ChatGPT and countless offshoots of same. I don’t know that the Wizard of Oz is all that trustworthy!

I am personally, pushing the envelope at this time; rebelling by going off-topic or rather, ignoring the topics the media throws out, daily, like chum for schools of fish to feed on.

Who can relate?

17 thoughts on “Mercury In Aquarius Square Uranus: Independent Thinking Or Crazy?”

  1. Yes, can relate. I find it so refreshing to hear others say “I don’t know”. So much info to surf through I find it almost silly that anyone thinks they really know anything at all.

  2. Completely agree with @Lizard. So many people think they “figured it out”, I guess it makes them feel smart or safe in some way. We are being fed only fragments of information about everything that the more I “know” the more I’m really clueless.
    And about pieces of info flying around that’s exactly what it’s like in my brain. natal mercury in Aquarius square Scorpio Uranus.

  3. I have Mercury conjunct Uranus in my natal chart, so I guess I’m used to it? I do feel off today, like the million balls I’m juggling are harder to keep track of. Conversations so far have been normal, but I’m heading out to the hairdresser, so I guess I should be prepared for anything!

    1. Nothing really interesting happened at the hairdresser, other than her asking a question seemingly from left field, but then I found out why she was asking. We have known each other for about four years now, and she had a good reason to ask. The rest of the day with the kids was pretty much par for the course – which is pretty much always full of curve balls, but I was having trouble keeping up.

  4. I have the square natally. I’m quite used to going from “conversations” to “whaaat” and back again. Also totally open and used to finding cogent sentiments with people I generally disagree with.

  5. The things about an angular Uranus that aspects just about every planet is this: inasmuch as I have strong opinions and will defend those opinions, I will allow others to have opinions different to mine. I will defend your right to have those opinions even if I don’t agree with them. After all, who am I to tell them what they do or do not feel when I am not them?

    As for the 1000 piece puzzle floating through the air; you sometimes sort them, you sometimes ignore them, you sometimes flip the pieces onto the brown side to make it more “fun”, or just for some added entertainment, wonder if Maccas famed 4 shapes of nuggets corresponds to any. ? We are open to being perceived as crazy. It’s not our job to convince the world of our sanity.

    1. Just to be clear (which I can see I was not), I was talking about the current transit rather than a natal chart. I didn’t even think about natal charts when I wrote this. Sorry.

  6. My brain has felt like a pinball machine for the last few days. Even with a to-do list, I can’t focus!
    I can’t imagine what it must be like to live inside Mom’s head, lol. She has the opposition. Sometimes she gets a bed in her bonnet about something, and then changes her mind later!

    Today I thought about it, though. I’m glad she’s like that. We voted for opposite candidates in the most recent U.S. election—and each of us ended up regretting our choice! Lol! At least we’re on the same page.

  7. Yes, I can relate. I pissed off a new age cancer sun taurus rising astrologer by saying some transits really are objectively bad, saw the wall of text tirade reply, and just white flagged it. This libra has not got the gumption to deal with that at this time lol.

  8. Bang on,Elsa.Yesterday I had a sort of fall off with an acquaintance because of that. She’s a friend of a friend and we share a Telegram group of 5 (previously 6) to keep in touch. I had to tell her Imnot interested in being in a group where I get bombarded with a continuation of whats on the news, all the fear mongering about Russia/Ukraine/NATO/EU bulls*. The 6th person already left because of c*vid related stuff she keeps pushing down.Crazy thing is we agree on some things, but then she takes that as proof that she must be right about everything and just wont give a break. We are all spectators, like George Carlin joked about. He was right! Ive been where she is now (that saturn tr through my 9th/10th cap) and I feel for her, but I can no longer live like that, like all that crap is personal.It isnt. She is a leo sun, and im a taurus sun/1H. I guess saturn in aq is taking a huge toll here. I can detach (uranus conj) but she projects (saturn opp)?

  9. Actually, it quite easy. Everything the MSM Mockingbird “News” Media tells you is a Lie. Once you learn that IGNORING ALL of their BYTES is Reality Making, you can proceed confidently ascertaining your own information.

  10. I normally agree that people should trust their intuition and have a healthy distrust of anyone in power but wow have I seen that get out of hand with some people. To the point where anything they dislike becomes evil.

    Erm. In other words, yes, more or less agreed with main point.

  11. i remember watching the wizard of oz, and dissecting the characters. The true Oz was a fraud and used parlour tricks (he had no real magic) but the one with the REAL magic was the wicked witch of the west. However she was going to kill Dorothy so they got help from the oz to kill the witch.

    although my husband said the wizard of oz uses ” technology” so thus the witches represent old ” magic” while new, represent future.

  12. My niece of 1,5 years has this aspect and the 6th house is involved too… She is like an electric buzz sometimrs, always meandering around and has a good verbal ability already.

    She is pretty active, intelligent and has her mom going nuts sometimes. Both has Moon in Aries. Yeah,I don’t need to analyze how THAT plays out 10 years from now!

    Also: AI may be the best thing since home delivery, but the software has to LEARN from something.
    Google translate and other services has been tapping our texts forever… So, no surprise your data has been used as food…

    On artists can (try to) protect their works by refusing to let their creative work become visual learning material for AI picture bots.

    Copyright laws ain’t seen nothing yet. GDPR was just the beginning… This square could give some small clues to when Pluto ingress into Aquarius.

    Also, I am getting a tooth operation at the dentist this day. I really hope there won’t be any info SNAFUS in the communication between it systems etc on that day……..

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