How Life Unfolds (From An Astrological Perspective)

venus rosettiTo a client:

“What happens, astrologically is there will be something sitting there in your chart. A fault line, if you will. Or a hidden talent or whatever. And then a transit comes along and wakes that thing up and it comes out to live…”

It’s like falling in love isn’t it? One day, you’re not in love and the day you are!  And at that point, Venus in your chart is awakened, but she was always there.

When was the last time you learned something new about yourself?

10 thoughts on “How Life Unfolds (From An Astrological Perspective)”

  1. I’m on day 31 of a 90 meditation program that facilitates the stripping away of superficial mental formations, and it allows a new insight or two every day.

  2. Just a few days ago I was commenting on the boards about learning how much uranus I have in my chart and not even being aware of it until just now 🙂

  3. At least 20 times this year. Pluto and Uranus cracked open my Sun like a nutcracker this year. Who knew all of that was inside me? Some of the stuff is awesome and some of it is not so cute looking….but hey….I can still use for good.

  4. Hah, I hear that, anonymous. But yeah, if you make that wish, it’s asking the universe to Tower card you.

    I’d like a gentler version of a changeup, please. Or at least, I’d like to find my “thing” (whatever that is) or perhaps stumble into an opportunity that will lead me to do other things.

  5. haha mom use to say be careful what you wish for… I usually do get it. she told me this when I wished for a baby or a puppy…got both!

  6. A couple of days ago. I realize I am almost completely 180 from where I was this time last year, emotionally (so–I’ve done a 160?)

    I used to ask for help, and deny offered help.
    Now I don’t ask for help as often, and I accept offered help.

    I think this is progress–I feel emotionally stronger with this change. I think Saturn is giving me plenty of opportunity to fend for myself in a whole new way–less anxiety-ridden and victimlike.

    Gettin’ ‘er done, as they say!

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