How The 2022 Stellium In Capricorn Affects You!

stellium in Capricorn 2022The sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto will be in Capricorn for the next ten days. Chances are most of these planets land in one house in your chart.

The planets land in my 12th house. I hate to say this, but I would like to control the uncontrollable. I’m also pining quite a bit! Specifically, I’d like to escape (12th) this Capricorn (cold) frigid weather.

I’m achieving this by denying it. If I don’t go outside, am I cold?
If I’m not cold, is it cold?
Are you sure?

Yes, I know this is stupid but this is what happens when Saturn mashes with Neptune (12th house).  If it’s unfamiliar to you, this will change when Saturn hits Pisces and your reality blurs. It’s a normal condition for many of us.

Carrying on, the 12th house is a prison and I do feel stuck in isolation. Thank God for Mars in Gemini. Communications are hot.

Where does the Capricorn stellium land in your chart? What’s going on?

18 thoughts on “How The 2022 Stellium In Capricorn Affects You!”

  1. This is in my 1st house. I’m tired and aching, but feeling a need to get things done, properly. Already prepping my ingredients for our meal later whilst pondering about a million other things is usual for me, but I’m not feeling the urge to wander off doing something else, which is not!

  2. It’s all happening in my 2nd/3rd house in the Placideous chart system. I feel stuck living where I am (neighborhood) and it’s my partner’s childhood place where he grew up. He feels tuck here too. We have to figure out how to get out of here.
    I am having to pear back on my Christmas expectations due to many things and circumstances and am certainly isolated from family fairly nearby but because of COVID don’t feel comfortable visiting for the Holidays.

  3. Twelfth House Capricorn here, too
    Snow and icy winter
    Trying to find clues to gain traction (ha on the ice) this morning literally… lucky I caught myself (thanks Pr Mars in practical Virgo) I inched my way back before going down.
    I’m new to the heat writing this comment while my hubs sleeps.
    Waiting not easy, but staying put is IT for the best next possible good action…later Grasshopper:/!

  4. This is also all in my 12th house. I had knee surgery last week, Capricorn = bones. I am restricted in my movements and my location. Not the happiest of holidays for me.

  5. Natal Jupiter @3 degrees and Saturn at 17…. in the Seventh House – preparing for radiation and chemo treatments right after Christmas for my husband. I could make a diamond withthis pressure. Still stringing lights and jingling bells. Hope is important and useful gift that I can afford. Asking Santa for prayers answered.

  6. 12th house here too. Last week I quit my teaching job after getting covid from the kids, going back to work and getting another virus on top of that. Eff this. I Will now proceed to nurse myself back to health by staying under a blanket and not coming out until it’s aquarius season. Happy holidays!

  7. This is in my 6th. Really packed. I’ve contemplated my malaise for sooo long when it comes to work and the dailiness of life and how challenging the very basic is for me. Like moving through molasses at times, now.

    This reading struck a deeper and clearer understanding that this house being Capricorn 6th is Saturnine for me. Last year’s stellium at this time and now this year. I looked ahead to next year and the pressure will be off.

    My NN is 12th. It feels (Cancer 12th and late degree rising) that I need to turn from the 6th which can translate to questioning if I am simply lazy.

  8. Tenth house opposing five Cancer placements. Feeling angry about this weather and being stuck inside during Christmas. Normally it’s pleasant here, sometimes even in the 60s around Christmas. It’s bearable and I can take my dog out for walks and go get coffee on Christmas Day.

    However, I already took down my Christmas tree and decorations because they were outside (I have cats so no tree inside!) and by the time the wind stops blowing, Christmas will be over. It all seemed so pointless this year. It seemed like my tree outside blew over repeatedly before this current storm, so I finally just put it away as I was preparing for this storm.

    Thankful for Jupiter in Aries approaching my ascendant. Mars retro in Gemini has not been bad for me. I have some other stuff going on, but my Pluto opposite Sun is out of range in just a few weeks and that’s exciting. This is temporary, that’s how I see it.

    The other day I did a Google search on “Why does Capricorn season suck” and learned that it’s not just me. Cap season has been depressing for as long as I can remember. All the planets grouped together in Cap are in opposition to all the planets in my 3rd and 4th house. I can remember being sick as a kid on multiple Christmases. I just don’t think it’s a good time of year for me generally.

    I don’t know what the answer is, except soldier on. Isn’t that what Cap is about? And I have midheaven in Cap so there’s that.

    I’ve been practicing acceptance. I consciously remind myself that I will offer no resistance, in hopes that remaining neutral will allow my current reality to slip on out of my experience. This is temporary.

  9. My ex has 3 planets in Capricorn from 23-29 degrees. Plus, ascendant at 8 degrees. I have exalted Mars in Cap at 23 degrees. I suppose this could mean as well that one of HIS exes (other than I) could come back to him as well? He is really my only ex since widowed.

    Curious what about this Capricorn alignment that could mean ex returns.

  10. 5th. gave up the christmas week with the kids to send them to see my dying ex-law. other stuff involving crazy venus pluto omg. so many flavors of venus pluto. at least some of it is good.

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