Chemotherapy – Astro Help In Difficult Times

transit stargazingA gal who reads my newsletter will start chemotherapy next week. She asked me if I had a report that might help her. I’ve never been asked this before!

I responded, “I would use astrology to set expectations as far as how thing might go smoothly at times; other times may be more challenging or turbulent. Just something to help me get through it…”

This reminded me of a very difficult time in my 20’s. I clung to astrology. I realized I was going to have to persevere or whatever.  Suffer, even. But when I saw a trine-y day, I aligned with it.

There are times in life you feel you’re in a boxing ring. You’re getting pummeled but there are periods of respite. If you’re trying to survive something like this, maximizing use of the supportive energy which is also out there to some degree can help, tremendously.  Something is flowing, somewhere, always.

I sent this gal a sample of my Deluxe Transit Report. I think you can see how she might apply this as she’s coping with ups and downs and pains and fears, especially if you set this as an intention.

Good luck, DD.

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