Uranus In Taurus – Wild & Free (Finance)

Taurus bull mars madI’m watching the market along with the chart of the day.  This is from my recent newsletter – What’s Coming In 2023:

“…Uranus in Taurus is key. It’s been held in check by Saturn over the last two years. This square is now separating.

I wrote about this placement bringing about reversals of fortune back in 2018. We’ve seen plenty of this, as the year chart of Amazon’s stock price illustrates. We’ve also got Pluto in Capricorn, killing business since 2008! See tag – Business.

So now the brake (Saturn) is slowly releasing to allow Uranus in Taurus to operate unfettered. Massive volatility in the financial markets is pretty much guaranteed. It’s the how much, for how long, and some of the winners and the losers that’s unpredictable. 

As for timing, Jupiter is Aries hots things up. Mars will turn direct in January, throwing gas on the fire. 

I think we have to see how things unfold. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see some household names; people and things, go down. They may even be obliterated.

I just don’t think Uranus in Taurus is playing. Nor is Pluto is not done collapsing structures. So looking at 2023 is like looking at a region expecting a massive tornado plus a hurricane and an earthquake. We’re going to have to evaluate as we go…”

Uranus in Taurus does promise upheaval in financial realms. Saturn has checked Uranus over the last two years.  We’ve seen plenty of controlled (Saturn) volatility (Uranus), but true, unexpected, upsets and reversals have been delayed and/or squashed…

This situation continues, though it’s slowly easing and I mean SLOW. It’s going to be mid-January before the square between these planets breaks up. Longer, if you use wider orbs, which I do not!

It should be super interesting to watch. Clearly, Uranus in Taurus suggests digital currency but how about free markets? Is that too crazy (Uranus)? NFTs for luxury goods is also a good fit.

It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens when the planet is finally unleashed from it’s ball and chain.

What do you expect to see once Uranus is liberated?

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  1. A quote from a hometown friend has my Progressed Aquarius Sun sparked: “My sister’s always reinventing capitalism.” Her sister’s been creating retail and culture center marketing since the 1980’s and keeps doing it as old settings are demolished, she retools the supply chain encourages art to be a viable “currency” and uses her marketing savvy to house that art and the artists where people can get at it.
    I personally love the example and am excited to have my Progressed Mars finally freed from 75 yrs of a Saturn restriction and into the early degrees of service to the other Virgo
    Satori one described Mars in Virgo: “brings metered and thoughtful action, smart motives. It’s also earthy and skilled in multiple techniques. I’m thinking that what is possible and am adding up the angles as “god-gives” for my New Moon intentions tomorrow

  2. I fully expect to see more of the Stock Market going wonkers. I know the Federal Government is working on making Bitcoin and other digital currencies more responsible. What that entails and what that will do, we won’t know until they implement it. As in the interview with Robert you did Elsa, he mentioned he didn’t know if people were aware stocks are like digital currencies. The fact they are holding up the whole Capital world and after we saw what happened in 1929 and if they crashed, would be a disaster! Some investments are insured now by the SIPC if your broker has become insolvent but I don’t think this holds up for 401K’s and IRA’s unless the firm you invested with also becomes insolvent. At any rate Uranus energy can be “Break Through” or “Break Down” or both so only time will tell which will occur. Many people I know say they think a recession is coming. I think we are in one already and if it gets worse, we could see a Depression Era again, God forbid!

  3. My experience with Uranus in Taurus is that it’s not that volatile. I don’t see a revolution here, or even digital currency. It’s more about liberating the 99% from the monetary policy that has kept them from getting ahead.

    Digital currency is volatile right now and there are all sorts of covert things going on to keep people from being liberated from the old Babylon money magic spell we’ve all been under.

    If we have digital currency the government wants us to use theirs, and then they will be able to control us even further. If you don’t comply, they will just shut off your access to digital currency. They can’t do that with cash…and that is why I don’t think Uranus will be about digital currency — I don’t think that will happen until our leaders are more enlightened and egalitarian. Uranus wants freedom but digital currency will just bring more control over the population.

    Taurus doesn’t like change. I think Saturn represents the old economic policy being withdrawn. Specifically, we’ve had historically low interest rates for a very long time and the wealthy and landowner classes have come to expect cheap lending. But the Fed is raising interest rates and bringing an end to that, which is where I see the change happening with Uranus. The media is full of these wealthy people complaining about how their cheap money is being cut off.

    Cheap lending has made it easy and profitable for investors to drive up prices, and has shut people, especially minorities, from things like homeownership. The fast and loose lending is creating bubbles and fueling inequality. The Fed might for once be helping the little guy.

    Here’s an example: I saw an interesting video about how all these big companies that have been buying up homes are selling them at a loss and getting out of real estate and moving into bonds. The bond rate is around 5% return and you don’t have all the expenses like property management and taxes and upkeep on all those homes.

    When the big companies get out, it means they unload their homes at more realistic prices and that means there are more affordable homes available to average buyers. I saw a statistic that said around 33% of home buyers are investors and in some cities they are preventing average folks from buying a home.

    That in turn forces people to pay more for rent. Also, the higher prices we’re seeing is price gouging on essentials. That’s why you see some stuff really cheap and the essentials are so expensive.

    If you went through the last real estate crisis and lost your *ss, you knew better than the fall for the 2020 hype. There was no way that those home prices were sustainable, and the prices are going to slowly correct over the next several years.

    I don’t know anyone who bought at the peak this time around, having learned their lessons the last time. One of my friends sold her house for a ridiculous price, is sitting on the cash profit and riding things out in an RV until things correct and then will buy something else.

    I agree that it will be slow, but I think it’s already underway. The Fed is going to raise interest rates and it’s going to help people, which is going to surprise people which is Uranian.

    Just my $2 worth. Thanks, Elsa!

    1. Makes a lot of sense! After all Taurus represents Real Estate.
      We hope to sell at a decent price and buy a lower priced home where we’d rather be, but homes in our area are slowly decreasing which does make us nervous because we are not in the same league as these newer remodeled homes. Those are selling in the $1.* millions and our home is worth way way below that.

      I sure don’t like the idea of the Federal Government controlling my money but I don’t use digital money unless they consider CC’s as such.

      1. Thanks, AstroJazz! I personally think there is a benevolent change happening, an invisible hand that is on our side that causes these covert manipulations to backfire on the party that is attempting them — I see this over and over in my own life and in life generally.

        I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the outcome on your home situation. I am finishing up a Pluto Sun opposition and hoping to live in my own place again. The plandemic uprooted me and I have been living with others since late 2019. My Sun is in Cancer and it’s been a slow erosion of my home, family and foundation which is terrifying for Cancers. I’ve definitely toughened up after 15 years of oppositions 🙂

        All of these things they (whoever they are) are backfiring, because the people are waking up thanks to rising consciousness on the planet.

        1. Let’s hope so!
          I understand your feelings completely about having to have moved and kind of drifting…I have a Cancer 8th House and my moon is in Virgo and am going through a Neptune transit in my Pisces 4th House. so I really need security and order to feel good. Home is where we feel good. I send you wishes for a home that can house your heart, where ever that may be!

  4. the upheaval i noticed started right around pandemic, with money disappearing due to people stealing it ( swindlers) and the lawyers already got the swindler’s properties to sell it because he’s broke. But we gave him chances up to 2 years to pay monthly but he didnt. And now its worse due to gas prices and he’s probably even broker because now the courts/lawyers have taken his possessions to sell. they really mean serious business. He doesn’t even own a home but maybe they will end up selling his car and he has a business van for the gardening and landscape services, so they might sell that. And also money disappearing, my elderly parents needing caretaking services and that’s costly, out of pocket, since they can’t afford it due to being low income. but hoping they can get some programs where i’ve been waiting in line for, the 50% off respite programs for caretaking. still out of pocket but they funding pays half and i pay half. The monthly cost for one elderly full time is over 4k, but for two elderly thats double 8k, but thats for those who stay overnight. My parents dont need someone overnight, but someone to come in the afternoons till evenings. for me thats worth the money, so my elderly parents can live better and longer if possible. money disappearing for a good cause and for them to enjoy their golden years to the last without money problems. They have always had money problems, due to being poor and low income. The poor stay poor and the rich get richer really is true. I wonder how the rich with the uranus in taurus are faring. I read that the top billionaires have lost billions but they still are billionaires lol xD See? they can afford to give billions away for a good cause. but will they?

    Like homeless shelters and giving money away to many people who need it. Like poor people who are suffering mostly. I just dont see it. when i was in junior high where both rich and poor could mingle, (remember the tv show in the 90s, mean girls) rich people really dont care about the poor. Maybe as they get older they will? nawww. their mindset mostly isn’t like that. i think many have ” fear” saturn in them too, because if they give things away they might be poor like the poor they see and they are afraid of that. But there’s always someone like Princess Diana, the people’s princess who actually have cared when they saw suffering. but its so few and far between. lots of food for thought about humanity. The bull (taurus) doesn’t want to give things away (possession) but uranus really messed the bull up. Put a fire cracker under its butt.

    once uranus is liberated, its going to be good i hope.

    1. I hope your parents get the help they need. Maybe under this transit they will!
      I agree the rich not caring about the poor. If they do offer money it’s usually for tax breaks and not compassion or empathy. They are not all like that but they don’t call it the 1% for nothing!
      I miss knowing Princess Diana is on the planet. She was so lovely 🥰

      1. thanks much! ^^ i hope so too! i’m praying its soon.
        and yeah thats true about the tax breaks. if they can make more money and feel good about themselves its a win win. and yes, hopefully there’s more like her in the future 🙂

  5. I feel like a poster child for Uranus transit Taurus. I found this blog after hearing Elsa on Robert’s show. Great discussion and exchange here. I have moon, Saturn and mercury in the eighth in Taurus. Other peoples resources summarizes my current life. The day Uranus transited my moon, my partners inheritance check came (His mother passed). Uranus sits on my Saturn now and his father passed last week. I live/work as a caretaker on an 8 acre estate.I’ve never owned anything.Hand to mouth most of my adult life. We installed a sizeable garden,with chickens, that generates so much goodness. My partner’s Taurus sun, with 0 degrees Taurus south node rising has agrigultural skills. I’m a Gemini. I picked up quick.All of his resources (tractors,chainsaws,sawmill,land equipment,etc. lend to steward the land very few have time/energy for anymore. I hope the land opportunities open up for those that want to enjoy the bounty it provides. Uranian access to resources will look unconventional and I agree with Christine that it’s not CBDC.

      1. Thanks Elsa, I’m so glad you made an appearance with Robert!We have a love for gardening in common:)
        Virgo rising here with pluto on ascendent. Ever get into biochar? I consider it an eighth house transformative process to enrich soils. I wear soil goggles. I also will always regard burdock as a the most healing herb that’s easy to grow- so beneficial for the gut stem cells.

  6. Squirl
    Thanks for the perspective on your relationship with the land, gardening and the 8th House character of other people’s resources. With that angle my experiences of finding others willing to share their resources with us who live in one of the first contemporary “tiny homes” on wheels is very much our story.
    It takes time to plant that unconventional approach to the traditional real estate owner economy.
    Burdock. Yes, the root one of the finest gut allies and peoples’ medicines. The whole plant wholey nourishing
    Art in this form becomes the foundation for a new story of ‘business’ that I hope to continue from my home on wheels connected to community
    I’m old and still excited to learn and ally with the future!

    1. This is a visual for unconventional land use. We spend a few days in an area of this estate and make char ( acknowledging the burn ban). The char then supplies this commodity for the garden we enstalled. We just stay put and do the right thing. The owner shakes his head with a smile to see all the equipment Brien hauls over to “tidy up” and manage his property. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wreKIXQJcNA. It’s a barrel of fun :). Notice in the video theres a 100 foot roll of fake grass rolled up for our lunch spot on their patio. lol

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