How To Deal With Anxiety When Saturn Transits Your 12th House

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There is so much fear out there, this post seems relevant…

“…Being afraid of something is a feeling. It is not a reality. Nine times out of ten, what we fear does not manifest.

When it does manifest, nine times out of ten, it’s not as bad as we thought it would be!

If I’m right about this, you’re torturing yourself, needlessly…”

I wrote this for a client struggling with the Saturn transiting her 12th house. I have these energies mashed in my chart. I am fully aware how fear (Saturn) can disable (Neptune) a person.

It’s possible to come completely undone over something that has not occurred and never will occur. It’s also possible to believe something has occurred when it has not…and suffer needlessly because of it.

I understand a person can’t just turn off their anxiety. It’s got to be replaced by something else – faith. If you can manage this, you find yourself supported (Saturn) by the ethereal (Neptune), which is the highest form of support in existence!

For more on this topic, check the tag – Saturn Neptune. I’ve written well over 100 posts on this over the years. Read and learn.

Alternately, if you’re really struggling and want an organized roadmap, treat yourself to my Saturn Neptune workshop transcript – Staying Stable As Structure Dissolves.  It’s will help you at a bargain price. Less about 1/3 the cost of one hour of therapy!

This workshop is applicable to people with Saturn in their 12th house, natally or by transit.  It’s applicable to people who have Saturn and Neptune in aspect, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Capricorn or the 10th house.

It is also applicable to anyone with planets being transited by Saturn and Neptune at this time…into 2017. The would be people with planets in the mid to late degrees of the mutable signs.

Really, I just hate being crazy, don’t you? I hate feeling crazy.

It’s possible to get on top this wave and ride it. I know, because I’ve done it and you can do it too.

22 thoughts on “How To Deal With Anxiety When Saturn Transits Your 12th House”

  1. Right? Thanks so much. Replaced by FAITH!! 12th house ruled by Lord Saturn venus and the moon in it. Thanks. That’s big. Replace fear with faith. <3

  2. Great post. It’s fascinating, just before about three months I verbalized it the same way – “the solution to Neptune problems is faith replacing the fear.” The only problem is that, as easy as it’s here, that easy it’s gone. So I guess this year we have to master (Saturn) our faith (Neptune).

  3. There is however intuition, much different from fear, which could be sending warning signals to a potentially dangerous situation. I always heed to my inner voice/intuition. Others oftentimes overlook or misunderstand my explanation of intuition as ‘fear’ when it is not. This happens to me A LOT! I have Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Virgo in my natal 12H. And a Cancer Sun with a Moon in Aquarius. My intuition has never steered me wrong, positive or negative. It is what it is.

  4. Now it’s finally in my first, cj asc, and although i feel old and cranky, the panic has, if not disappeared completely, at least waned.But I still smoke (I stopped for 6 months from november to april, but I got 20 kgs heavier and started to smoke every now and them to prevent binge-eating) and take medication.

  5. The moment Saturn entered the 12th right as a long-standing legal battle began. The one I’d feared would happen when Saturn was still in my 11th. This person (formerly hidden enemy) slandered me to no end, revealing all kinds of humiliating confidences about me (Saturn transit 12th house natal Mercury). Nothing was sacred. I was crushed and defeated. When it hit my natal Jupiter (also in the 12th, conjunct AC) I was rewarded with a small but hard-won victory. Unsurprisingly, it all but ended when Saturn moved onto the first. But I was left battered, bruised, financially ruined and on edge for years afterwards. I wish I would’ve read this post then–faith would have helped alleviate all the suffering I endured that time. Would never live through it again though. ?

  6. Lesson from my cat, Nina. I have a big heavy door on the chookyard, which automatically slams shut behind me. One day, I only realised she was following close behind just as I let the gate go … ! Argh!! In that split second I saw her slammed between the gate and the post and my heart leapt into my mouth. The gate slammed shut and she pulled her nose back … I was so upset! I picked her up and cuddled her and cried because I had nearly killed her. Except, I hadn’t. Nina was not only alright, she was downright fine. She purred (she was getting a cuddle, after all). The fear was all in my mind. And I was upset over something that could have happened, but didn’t. Nina was not at all upset or scared because she was in the moment. And she was just fine. I had created the whole upset in my mind.

    1. I heard something along those lines today. The mind can overcome being uncomfortable. It’s one of the reasons I wrote this today. We forget how powerful our minds are.

  7. I’m going through a saturn twelfth house transit. It’s approaching my neptune there as well. I’m not really feeling anxiety. I’m struggling though. If I do start to feel this way I’ll keep this in mind and I’ll also look up some of those other posts. Thanks elsa.

  8. anonymoushermit

    Nice writing. I agree 100%.

    The medicine against fear is positive thinking and faith.

    My air planets are confused my faith. There must be some higher power we can’t prove…..yet. Or there must be some eternal energy in the universe that is watching us, somehow!

  9. Oddly enough I never thought of Saturn as the cause of my perpetual anxiety. Natally, it is in the 12th house exactly quincunx my Sun. And the reason why is with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo along with NN and Pluto, and Aquarius rising, I always blamed all the other guys… Fortunately, I’ve also got Jupiter in the 12th close to the Ascendant so there’s potential to work through all this.

  10. I just wanted to confirm that Elsa’s workshop transcript is incredibly helpful with Saturn/ twelfth house fear. I really suffered from this last year (and am not looking forward to Saturn popping back past my ascendant this summer). The most scarey time was when Saturn conjunct my natal twelfth house Neptune in Scorpio which fortunately only happened once and will not again for me during this life time.

    Thank you so much Elsa for using your experience to create the workshop. You really got me through my “hologram fear!”

  11. I’m constantly plagued by such fear/anxiety (8th house saturn trine retrogr neptune on the asc.) I overcame one of my greatest fears thru facing it head on and turning it into an art work . . I have at least one of those big bad guys to face now with pluto transiting my 2nd house and heading towards my moon. I wonder, is it possible for someone to unwittingly create themselves the thing they fear the most?

  12. Dread. Pluto is also over the capricorn stellium in 1st whilst saturn transits 12th. Feeling overwhelmed with negative emotion and self-talk, well more than the usual (the natal chart is also very telling of the whys and the whats) and just wondering how much deeper can one go in beating itself to a pulp- tendencies. Well, surely a lot of people can relate to mincing oncelef to shreads self-talk. The more I think about it, the more it seems like we’re all geared this way, it’s just the percentage that differs. And maybe the reasons.

  13. My Saturn-Neptune conjunction means I am supported by the ethereal. I never thought of it like that. Glad to read this today.

  14. Oof, story of my life this past week. Coming out from under that illusory fear shadow that came over me recently.

    I really appreciate how you’ve normalized this dynamic in this post, providing a clear path through and forward (nearly nothing I appreciate more than practical application). I felt really ashamed for feeling the feelings I did this week, on top of being terrified by them.

  15. With the ingress into Aquarius, Saturn crosses my 12th cusp at 29′ Capricorn. I have Gemini logic so I don’t worry about fears as much as the physical health aspects to the 6th (Leo stellium of Venus/Mars/Uranus). Some stiffness in leg joints after exercise and lower energy seem to be manifesting already but I am 60 now!

  16. I don’t know what I’m doing, man. I don’t know what the transits are. Saturn has been in my 12th house but I don’t grow that much. Sun Neptune transit has been eating at me.

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  18. Pisces fish swim in different directions. This conflicts with details of Virgo. We all know how nutty Virgo can get with details. Enjoy the float. You might learn to really, truely relax

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