Aries Moon Woman Tries To Deal With A Dependent Man

mars aries“…I don’t think peace is the issue. The issue is CONTROL.  You have an Aries Moon. You fight and challenge people, but this guy is dependent – period.

You’re like Mike Tyson, trying to prop this guy up so you can have a decent fight. He’d rather see him mom and have a drink…”

I wrote that for a client. Sound familiar to anyone?

I’m back on the job, by the way.

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8 thoughts on “Aries Moon Woman Tries To Deal With A Dependent Man”

  1. Interesting. Not sure if this applies but both my mom and husband often try/tried to challenge me. My mom is Aries sun, H is Cancer with 8H sun and Mercury, and Mars conj Pluto. When they get angry they assault (what it feels like to me) with questions, demands. Meanwhile my brain shuts down from overload. Or sometimes the questions are just rhetorical, but they still demand the answers even though I’m thinking how stupid it is. I don’t like to fight but they both hate it, I know.

  2. There is nothing sexier than an independent and confident man, says my Aries moon. Of course my aries moon is also opposite my pluto in libra so I teeter between appreciating the bold and brass and then when I go into my dark moods I need to be cuddled and cared for. It’s a strange position for a woman’s moon to be in…..aries the conquerer 🙂 No dependent types need apply for position as my boyfriend. hehe

  3. Lmao. I do relate. Aries lives for fighting in one way or another. I loathe conflict, but maybe that’s cause I want my way so much. If somebody ain’t cooperating with *my* way, well, time to fight. Lol.

  4. Aries push and I resist. This could go on forever but then there is a death sting and its over.

    Scorpio moon is an Aries sun/Asc. But she has that beautiful Scorpio moon with a heavy mix of Pisces and Cancer and is mostly sweet and gentle. I hope she learns to use that Aries so she isn’t picked on in school. She has such a tender heart for the underdog and people are walking on her right now.

    Aries and I are not suitable in most situations (the exception so far in my life being her) but I sure hope she learns to RAM it up before I die. I hate to think I’d leave this place with her doing all the giving.

    I have an Aries cousin and I really do care about her and mostly like her until she starts that pushing. Omg… it makes me want to knock her teeth out. It causes me to slam back eventually then…she gets nothing. I cant take all that pushing. They try to push me around. That shit wont ever work. My oldest son said she emailed him and said ….’where did your mother go’??? He didn’t respond. I went byebye that’s where I went.

    Of course a Scorpio will fight too, you’ll just never know when your going to be knocked out. Maybe today, maybe in 15 years. It always comes from behind. We’re no better…I’ll tell ya that honestly!

    1. Just like all Cardinal signs, Aries just wants their way. I’ve never fought with anyone who didn’t also have Cardinal signs. It’s funny to see how it all works in live action. I see it everyday because my husband’s moon in Cap squares my mars in Aries…. But don’t think I’m beating up on his poor little moon- he has a Libra stellium sq. His moon and opp. my Mars… That stellium includes mercury, saturn, pluto and jupiter. I’m sensitive as well and I don’t just go looking for fights, but I stand up for myself and stand up for what’s right and if you put me in a corner, all hell will break loose. I have Venus and Mars in Aries, but I have both of my luminaries in Pisces, in the 8th. Every Scorpio I’ve ever known has got me.

  5. Funny. Does this actually work? Or is it just continual frustration? I supppose that is a fight in itself, trying to make someone have a fight. I think I know this story well. 😀

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