How To Deal With People Who Cause Problems

Astrology can really help you deal with bad people in ways you might not expect. I’ll tell you this – there is always a way to improve a situation and I mean, always!

If you’re interested in using astrology to solve problems and be more effective in life, I held a workshop on the topic – Using Astrology To Get What You Want.

You don’t have to hurt people in order to improve your situation. You just have to think!

15 thoughts on “How To Deal With People Who Cause Problems”

  1. I really love the simple, direct advice. And what a great reminder that people all have their own battles going on. Cutting them a little slack, showing a little appreciation, can do wonders in diffusing. Thanks, Elsa!

  2. I’ve got a coworker who is challenging – and I’m sure he thinks I am challenging, too! – and one thing that has helped is to see what he *is* good at, and acknowledge that. I have no idea what’s in his chart, but can this ever be a bad idea? I think not.

    As always, great advice, Elsa.

  3. I have Pluto in my 10th. I work with some real freaks. I work with some very bad people. I work with some angels. Our company is run by religious folks. It’s very Plutonian all around.

    I agree that you can sometimes get what you want by giving the other person what they want. Fuck, I do that every day….looking forward to a new job. One day. Right now I’m just happy to have a job, period.

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    This is very good! I have been dealing with similar circumstances at work, essentially trying to show my employer that our working relationship is not in either of our best interests. I initially approached it trying to out-trick the situation, which in a way was just planting the suggestion, but when it came time to hammer out the details about how to proceed forward, I learned that the BEST negotiations happen when it’s a win/win situation, and I attribute that to Saturn in Libra.

  5. Awesome Elsa! This has worked for me in many situations. It’s a matter of sensitivity to the other. Great advice!!

  6. did that last year. (Mars pisces.) she eventually left and started looking for the help she needed (and did she) but in the meanwhile we avoided a catastrophe.
    it was grueling though.

    definitely useful advice.

    there’s a difference between enabling and giving someone enough of a lifeline that they don’t try to drag you down with them when they’re drowning. and it feels more… humane.

  7. “…sometimes when you give someone what they want, you get what you want..”

    Oh Elsa, you hit the nail on the head again!

  8. This is the way I work most of the time. I figure you’re going to have to put energy into these situations one way or another, so why not try & make it GOOD?
    As my Grandmother says… you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!
    Thanks Elsa… I wish everyone could learn this lesson =)

  9. I watched the video twice and rewinded it too. Lol I just started a job at a fast food joint. I am a nail tech and massage therapist but there are a lot of things going on in my personal life and recommitting to my job at the salon is/was an option. I want to work there with all my heart ❤️ but with my old man living up north in Michigan, (we have a medical marijuana farm, very interesting and nice and the land! Oh the land! The lady that lived there before was a Gardner and there are lilacs, roses, flowers everywhere, but my children are down south so that is where I stay) but my old man does not like me working and wants to be able to have me come up there whenever, to be with him. So committing to the salon when I could possibly have to leave to go up North was not an option. Anywho… so I got this job at Wendy’s fast food. Thinking it was an easy job, and if I did have to leave it would not be that bad on them. Well my manager worked with me the day before yesterday and we had so much fun. I go in there yesterday she was in the office with the other managers (all ladies?) and they are talking about something and I jump into the convo (sag sun mercury in sag lol) just trying to be friendly. Well the said manager looked at me with daggers in her eyes?. No problem I stepped back and went about my business. Then I’m making sandwiches and she jumps in on me, making me nervous and she is being very short and constantly reprimanded me. Working so fast I could not keep up with her or know what was going on. She frazzled me and was just being very very nit picky and using her manager title to make me feel so very small. Even the head manager told her several times to slow down. Well I wrecked my car the other night and when there were no samitches on the board to make I went over to the sink to text a friend for a ride home. A big pain in the ass. And she jumped all over me for texting. I don’t have my phone out texting at all at work it’s not like I was on my phone again it was kinda an emergency text. Well she jumped on me and it was the grain of sand that built the desert and I just started crying. It was so embarrassing and I feel so ashamed but we ended up talking a little but still, I feel like I let my co workers and managers down by crying in front of everybody while on the clock. But you know now that I think of it she does remind me of a VIRGO! And she told me yesterday that she knows what it is like to not have a car, she said that she has slept on the streets and ate out garbage cans? and I came in there working as hard and fast as I could, trying to be nice to everybody. Maybe I should do just what you said and congratulate her on how hard she works. I truly think she is a nice girl and I do want to be her friend. I will try and not let her make me feel small and I will try to make her feel good! Now I’m not a brown noser I have to FEEL things to react to them but I’m going to try my best to let her know I think she is a good manager and works hard every chance I get! I’m sorry I wrote a small story, thanks for the vent and a place to vent and how ironic that I had the problem you were talking about last night!

  10. Great advice, Elsa! Today, I had a conversation with a normally difficult person that I keep at arm’s length. I sincerely validated all the good actions she has taken in her life. I avoided past hot topics. As a result, the conversation went very smoothly and was non-confrontational. Whew.

  11. Thank you Elsa, Just go jumped by my Aries hot sister after an inadvertent butt dial – she is on the warpath – wounded daughter… and now she’s tied me to her primary wounder, our father, and written me off. I tried to deal with her compassionately – and listened via text to her 50 year list of grievances.
    I really appreciated your advice in the moment I found it. Thank you!!

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