Libra Problems In Life & Love

Libra erteRecently I had a three clients with a lot of Libra. They all had the same problem. They simply could not decide! I have Libra myself so I’m well acquainted with the struggle.

I have never met a Libra who could comfortably choose the restaurant where a duo or a group of people should go eat. It’s like there is a gigantic block there.  They will go to any lengths to avoid deciding. If you spend time with a Libra, you’ll eventually realize this and quit trying to push them into their “no go zone”.

Exceptions exist when the Libra is doing a favor for someone else or has some kind of obligation. For example, I told a child I was teaching that I would come eat in his parent’s restaurant. I have a friend I go to lunch with, frequently. I kept my word but it’s the only time I’ve chosen the venue over the last six years! It’s pretty crazy… and embarrassing!  I don’t even like to choose what we’re going to eat at home and I’m the cook!

While I hold onto this particular expression of the energy, I have learned to make decisions because if you can’t or you won’t, you will utterly fail at life. I’m sorry but it’s the way it is.

I learned how to do this from husband who has Mercury in Aries. We’re doing this and we’re not doing that, BAM!  It’s a wonderful feeling once you get into it.

I’m posting this because one of the clients was damned near disabled by this issue.  He could not decide what to do about a woman he liked because he could not decide if she liked him.  Even with many indications she did like him, he still could not decide.  He was young. I wound up telling him, this could be a core problem in life. How do you get off the fence?

Here’s an old post with other ideas.

Indecision – The Libra Curse!

Do you have Libra in your chart? Are you indecisive? How has this impacted your life?

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  1. Libra sun, mercury and pluto, and yes! I’ve been in agonies trying to decide between this or the other at times, but have found the older I get, the easier it is. The part you wrote about not liking to decide what to cook really resonated because I had to take everyone’s preferences on board, is it too much like what we’ve eaten the past week? If it’s a new dish will everybody like it? Is it too spicy? is it too dry? I literally wound myself into knots over it and begged my partner and son to tell me what they would like. “Dunno” or “I don’t mind”. So. Don’t know what part of my chart compelled me, but I thought ‘Right, I’ll cook what I want and either you eat it or you don’t’. Worked out pretty well and gave me some confidence in trusting in my own decisions!

  2. Avatar

    (Only once) I decided to go with my friends for a holiday. . ( I usually travel alone )

    They started discussing what to do and where to go etc. on our whatsapp group, and I always ended up saying “whatever u guys decide”

    2 days later, they told me that I was treating them like a travel agency 😀 ?

    I really can’t decide what to eat ever! I have been to the same restaurant (prior to lockdown) for the last (at least) 25 times I have eaten outside. I just try to repeat decisions to avoid making a decision!


  3. Libra indecision is one of those things. when I’m chit-chatting with someone about astrology, that almost everyone recognizes. They say “I’m a Libra” or “my husband is a libra” (bc everyone knows a Libra) and I say well you probably struggle making decisions and that can drive people a little crazy. I’ve never had one person disagree! It’s one of those traits that doesn’t fail to present or be noticed by others.

    I have a Libra roommate in college and she said being friends with me was a relief for her as she would spend significant time agonizing over relatively small decisions and it would cause her a lot of anxiety. I have Virgo, indecision is inefficiency. I have no problem deciding for you (I’m probably right anyway). I also have Pisces and am a big believer in the “blink moment”. Go with your gut, your first instinct, what your first thought is and whatever happens, happens.

  4. I have a ton of Aries and can still be suuuper indecisive. My mom teases me about it all the time… I think it may be Sun opp ASC?? Or maybe the Neptune square to my Moon? I don’t know… when I know what I want, look out! But when I can’t decide, ugh I go on and on / back n forth.

  5. Lol this reminds me of the series The Good Place, about four people who all died and end up in Hell together to torture each other, however they are misled to believe they are in heaven, or the ‘Good Place’

    One of the main characters, Chidi Anagonye, a moral philosopher, shows CLASSIC Libra disabling-indecision ?Which is what put him in Hell in the first place.

    The ‘Good Place architect’ (played by Capricorn Ted Danson) told him the reason why he was sent there, “because you made everyone in your life miserable with your rigidity and indecisiveness!”

    I won’t post spoilers here, but definitely a recommended Netflix binge TV session!

  6. Procrastination is the enemy.
    “The anxiety and pressure of waiting and missed opportunities is worse than the anxiety of a snap decision”
    Just, hopefully that snap decision is made with intuition.

  7. Mars in Libra. I’m terrible at small decisions like what flavor ice cream to get, or what color of something I’d like. Big decisions, for some reason, I can make so easily most of the time. But yeah, I drive people crazy with the small stuff ?

  8. Libra Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra–not able to decide–an understatement. This is partly due to being able to see both sides of a situation–who’s right? I don’t know. There are pluses and minuses on both sides. Also since Libra is so people pleasing going along with someone else’s plan or idea is just fine with me. I want everyone to be happy. I don’t care what we do or where we go. Debilitating sometimes — yes and Saturn doesn’t help with making a move. Where this is a big problem is life’s major decisions. I’m stuck there.

      1. Hi Elsa,
        Been following you for quite a while at this point. First time I posted a comment. This particular article stuck a nerve. Really enjoy your newsletter and your unique take on the current aspects and energies.

  9. Libra moon, Uranus and Jupiter- yep I drive everyone crazy with my deliberations but I make a +\- list for the important stuff and really feel into it. When I was younger I needed to talk things out – really just hearing myself speak. I liked having a sounding board. I hardly make snap decisions but when I have it was because intuition really made the decision. I disagree with the comment about procrastination because that is totally different- I’m not putting off making a decision I’m making the best decision after weighing ALL the data however long it takes. It’s a very active process. Funny I have a hard time menu planning to cook for a group but no problem picking a restaurant.

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