What To Expect From Saturn Square Uranus 2021-2022

planet postcard I keep hearing the phrase, “controlled chaos” used in various context. It’s a good description of the clash or the contact between Saturn which is known for governance and Uranus which reliably upsets the status quo.

I’ve been talking to clients about how we can see this playing out in the collective. It can’t be missed!  But it’s also playing our your individual life.

This is particularly true if you have planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).  Note that if your planets are at the earlier degrees (3-12), you’re heavily affected and will remain so for the rest of 2021.

If you have planets in Fixed signs at later degrees (10-28), you’ll be on deck in 2022.

If you have planets spanning in both groups, this will be a two-year long deal or you might say, ordeal.

No matter what your situation, this will go on long enough that everyone can benefit from understanding these energies. The key thing to comprehend is one does not trump the other.

It’s a common misconception in astrology, an outer planet transit is “stronger” than a transit from one of the faster moving planets. It’s just not true.  The key thing is to work both sides of the square. If you won’t embrace both Saturn and Uranus, you will play one and find someone else to play the other. You’re going to clash with people all day long.

To fare well, boundaries are key. But you must also be open to change, because change is upon you!

I wish I could say more but how this will work for each individual will be unique. You’ve just got to look at your chart. Or hire me and I’ll do it!  This post might also help. But my point is, dig in for this. The square will be maintained for two years.

Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: Dates & Degrees Updated

How is this square playing in your life? Do you have planets in Fixed signs?

16 thoughts on “What To Expect From Saturn Square Uranus 2021-2022”

  1. This makes my saturn return year sound like doomsday. Maybe the whole thing will be more like a regular Monday. This is code for I have saturn aquarius in 1st house natally and on bad days, every day can be considered/more or less/ like a saturn return. Also, mercury, venus, ic, mc and pluto are fixed. Basically everything in the chart is moving. Don’t know why but uranus shaking up everything in the chart makes me less stressed than the solar chart I have for saturn return. Lots of 12th house planets, 9th planete, everything is in the upper side of the chart never had a chart like that, where am I going, why all this social energy, am scared & don’t like it.

    1. Mia me also….

      Grand square at 21-22 fixed…. Sun Scorpio 2nd, Moon Taurus 8th, Uranus Leo 11th, and Chiron Aquarius 5th…with Sun-Moon opposition. also Neptune 7 Scorpio 1st house, foundation collapse, and new “Identity”…..after the storm the skies will clear…

  2. You said it well, Elsa: controlled chaos. The woman who has done my hair for the last 25 years uses this phrase to describe how I like my hairstyle to be. Makes sense to me with natal Saturn(Capricorn) in aspect to Uranus (which conjunct my Leo ascendant).

    Chaos doesn’t have to mean awful. Chaos means a state of disequilibrium as something moves into a new order. We don’t perceive the structure underlying that change just yet. I like the interplay of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn counteracts some of Uranus’ tendencies to be quick and ultra-revolutionary. Uranus keeps Saturn from being too staid and stodgy. They help each other out.

    This square is touches another very sensistive point in natal chart (at 8 degrees). We’ll see where it all goes!

  3. Saturn opposite my natal Uranus 6 degree Leo. Saturn square my Natal Sun and Neptune 4 and 0 degree Scorpio and conjunct my natal Chiron 6 degree Aquarius.

  4. No fixed sign planets (except Scorpio Uranus, but it’s late degrees). I’m relying on the mutable energy in my chart to see me through by being somewhat adaptable. Truthfully, I’m also a little checked out. I’ve had enough of some of these battles. I’m also very pregnant. So I’ve just turned off the screen. My upcoming solar return has a Pisces rising, so I’ll see everyone when it’s over 😉

  5. Well I feel like I am pulled in many directions. I already have this square in my chart. Saturn 8 Leo square ascendant North node and Uranus 4 Scorpio. Which means Saturn opposite Saturn for second time and square my natal Uranus and conjunct ic. uranus opposite Uranus and square nstal saturn. I went back to the start of this cycle in 1988 2000 2009. It was all about big changes or shift in my life. School University and career. Now I feel like something is boiling inside me. Hope things will end in a good way

  6. It’ll be affecting my angles, North and South Node, Pluto, Moon, and Venus.

    Scorpio/Taurus ASC/DSC: 5 degrees
    Aquarius/Leo IC/MC: 15 degrees
    Aquarius/Leo North and South Node: 16 degrees
    Moon in Aquarius: 5 degrees
    Venus in Aquarius: 6 degrees
    Pluto in Scorpio: 17 degrees

    I figure the square will definitely be significant when it comes to the angles and the nodes. I have Moon and Venus in the 3rd. My communication and ways of thinking are going to be challenged, especially when it comes to emotions and love.

    How will this affect the Pluto in Scorpio generation?

  7. Maybe this square will simple illuminate where we’ve already taken up residence, clinging to Saturn or to Pluto & the revolution is to expand to see how both operate in us. Fixed signs tend to take up a specific street corner & plant a soapbox they preach from until the crowd leaves because we’ve said it ad nauseum. Uranus just got goosed by Mars so it’s primed to let go…and free the Fixed! Saturn rewards us for doing the adult thing & our culture has been putting up with and/or rewarding entitlement for too long. Where am I rewarding myself for entitlement when I haven’t done the work? Entitlement looks to me like the shadow side of Leo which is the polarity of Aquarius, our new Age where we are taking baby steps. A new Fixed age. Another word for Uranus is individuation. Sometimes just be being who we are, we create a little chaos. That’s okay & good to remember but we also have to let others be themselves too. If we can’t, the chaos of restructuring -from our thoughts to our life….Saturn time. Thus we grow into our charts, into who we truly are – and that feels pretty darn good. Just have to watch the stories we tell ourselves, especially the poor me ones. 😉

  8. I’m in for the two-year job. One thing I’m doing to cope is deleting 99% of my social media replies BEFORE I post them. Write it, see it, delete it.

    But, I’ve been trudging through my 2nd Saturn Return since 2018, plus Saturn and Pluto grinding back & forth over my Sun, and now both of them headed to do the same over my Moon-Venus conjunction in early Aquarius. So the pace and pressure are really nothing new. I just keep going. Because the sky keeps changing!

  9. i have this aspect natally… and will be going through both a natal saturn and natal uranus opposition next year. should be quite a ride!! thanks for the warning!

  10. Wow,, my venus is 12,aqua. Mars 12 taurus.,

    Stressed out., I cannot sleep well. No matter what I do. It seems they not always square this year. Loosen up. Rx and direct.

    Lol. I look at the full moon chart and think of earth quakes. Looks rather ominous.
    My uranus trine Saturn Natal.

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