How To Keep Your Gemini Friends

I have a little drama going at the moment (don’t we all) and I was going to email a pal about this> She’s a double Gemini.

Contemplating this as I walked into the kitchen to feed, Dora, I asked myself, yeah it’s happening but is it interesting? Should you be bothering her with this? Because if it is not interesting you should probably not bother, cf. Only call her when you know you’ve got meat and not going to bore her…”

Ha ha ha

It was my double Aquarian mother who said it was a sin to bore people. I heard her, therefore Geminis like me. πŸ˜‰

(that’s my daughter, years ago. A Gemini on the phone of course)

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  1. *snert* I don’t know many people who would even consider that in the middle of drama. πŸ™‚ You’re one of a kind, E.

  2. “I don’t know many people who would even consider that in the middle of drama. πŸ™‚ You’re one of a kind, E.”

    Well thanks but actually I am just your basic co-dependent MF’er always thinkin’ of the other – damn me all to hell!

  3. I have Moon/Venus/South Node in Gemini, and that’s why I hardly ever tell anybody anything when something is wrong. If I have a problem, I figure I shouldn’t bother anyone with it unless they can help me, and as long as I won’t be too much of a burden. People kept encouraging me to open up more, and for a while I was spilling everywhere. That stopped until last night.

    A few weeks ago, I started a handwritten letter to a friend I haven’t written to in a while. A lot has happened, but until I wrote a list, I thought that I had nothing to write about, because I didn’t want to fill her letter full of the different things that have been stressing me out since late last year. I wondered if I should even mention what happened with the Taurus, or just say “We’re no longer together.” She’s one of the few people I know, who wouldn’t probe for more details, so I’m thinking of leaving it at that. I’ve bored myself with the spewing, and am going back to being a hermit until I’m not tempted to blab. I’m hardly ever bored by anyone else, though.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Gemini likes to be fed a lot of unconnected dots, and will happily connect them for you. And seeing as unconnected dots are everywhere to be found, keeping your Gemini happy should be an easy task;)
    My Jupiter is in Gemini, trine Mercury and Pluto… Anything at all can catch my interest, although sustained interest is obviously a totally different matter;)
    In general [sic!] – depending on the subject and context – it should be quite possible to bore a member of any sign to death!;) And i think I just might have..!?!;)
    Fun topic, let’s do all the signs:) Or will we lose interest…?;D

  5. Sometimes, and only in retrospect, I find that I have gotten invested in somthing I don’t even really care much about myself. I am trying to pull from that and learn, and apply that learning, namely, if I don’t really care about something, just leave it alone to begin with, and also, recognize where it is something that really matters to me (or not) lest I end up even boring myself. Anything that involves boredom is too much to me and I think that is my Jup/Ur 1 deg conj. functioning similar to Aqu energy.

  6. Kashmiri, I adore you for saying that!
    To add my own paean: I have zip-zero-no Gemini, but boy-howdy do I love my Gem buds! I’m surrounded by them and they never fail to lift me up. And, apparently, although I’m almost always the same I don’t bore them — they keep me around, too! Cheeze bless ’em. πŸ˜€

    Must be Gemini in 12th, eh?

  7. Hey, let me know how the consult goes! I’m gonna have to suck it up before too long and “git er dun” myself, lol.

    Couldn’t be any more painful than electrolysis…

    Geeze Maureen, I thought you were high on yourself there, for a moment. Then I realized you meant you were a Gemini, lol.

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