Neptune On The Midheaven: Status Comes And Goes

round Neptune gid pendantHi Elsa.

My question suits you well: what is beneficial about Neptune conjunct midheaven placement, and what are the challenges? I know you’ve said you face a lot of people’s projections on you. How is this placement a strength or advantage.

I love the comments related to this tonite, about flakiness and disappearing. In what way are these scenarios valuable? Are they only afflictions?


Hi, Wondering.

I feel every gift is a curse, in exact proportion. Conversely, every curse is a gift.

Consequently, I think that the afflictions and the benefits this aspect denotes are one in the same.  I’ll give you an example.

With Neptune on the midheaven, you’re public image is clouded. You tend to be thrown up as a saint…and then crash down a sinner.  Or you’re seen as a sinner and raised up like a saint, which only means you’ll be plummeting down…probably very soon!

The tide is in..and out and then it comes in again.

But what are some of the benefits of this?  There are a lot of them!  Here’s a short list:

1. You learn to transcend things you can’t control.
2. You learn that status comes and goes.
3. If you’re having the worst day of your life and you want to conceal it, you’ll probably be able to.

These things are minuscule, in the sea of what this aspect brings to a person’s life. But these are valuable abilities. I can’t imagine life without them.  If this means I’ll be seen as a saint/sinner, so what?

Do you have Neptune conjunct your Midheaven? What do you love (or hate) about it?

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24 thoughts on “Neptune On The Midheaven: Status Comes And Goes”

  1. I don’t hate anything about it, I tend to sit back & observe at this point. I find it interesting that people never see me as I am. But, I’m fine with that because that means I can be all things to different people…just not to one person. I’m often surprised at how people see me, but I almost never take anything personally anymore. I’ll come back if I think of anything else that relates.

    1. I also have Neptune on my MC in my Natal and ive been told my whole life by many many ppl that “I can’t put my finger on you”. I could never figure that out until I realiZed that as a Pisces Asc and having Neptune on the MC that we perceive the world through a different lens. Imagine a fish coming out of water for the first time. They know nothing of the world above and vice versa of human s relating to our watery world. I hope this makes sense. ive pondered this for a long time

      1. Interesting! I am an Aquarius rising, but Pisces and my Pisces moon are intercepted in my 1st house. My sun, Mercury, Neptune, and MC are all conjunct in my 10th house (Sagittarius)

    2. That used to really bother me. And I have been a scapegoat, and subject to scandal, as well as elevated to some kind of guru or gifted one. Yikes. 🙂 If it were not for astrology, I would not have found peace with this placement. Namaste.

  2. I love that Neptune is the higher aspect of Venus, so love that can’t be bought, bartered, or traded is what shines on my path!

  3. I find that people born with Neptune on the Midheaven are fascinating but a little hard to peg, like Lily says. That’s what makes them fascinating! If I could I’d like to talk a little about Neptune transiting the Midheaven. I’ve been experiencing this for a number of years. I have Mars and Venus and Uranus in the 12th so all of that is affected and in just a couple of years it will square my ascendant.(I have the sign of Aquarius on the MC with Pisces intercepted in the 10th.) If one is born with Neptune on MC, it naturally squares the ascendant/descendant. And of course in opposition to the IC. I like the idea that Neptune dissolves and so I would imagine what I’m experiencing is similar to a natal aspect it that it almost feels like, at its highest expression, that one is in the world but not of the world. Not a bad thing at all really if one can be aware of the possibility of delusion at times. I was born with Neptune squaring the Moon’s Nodes so for me there is something definitely to work out with regard to Neptune. I like to think I’m resolving that now as Neptune transits the MC/10th. The people I know with Neptune on the MC are highly imaginative and creative people.

    1. “one is in the world but not of the world.”
      Yup. It’s a very Pisces thing too.

      “Not a bag thing at all really if one can be aware of the possibility of delusion at times”
      What is meant by this?

    2. What if there sun, mercury, and Uranus are also in the 10th house, but only Neptune is conjunct the mc?

  4. People develop opinions about me without knowing me, then act shocked when I contradict what they thought. More than anyone I know, I can go into unknown situations and find ways of relating to strangers from all walks of life. I enjoy this, because it takes energy to deal with the expectations people have formed about me.

    Sometimes I catch people thinking they’re successfully deceiving me, but that’s because they think they know me as the projection they’ve formed. I see the power trip they are on without them realizing it.

    1. Indeed. Lots of projections occur. Neptune in the 10th / conjunct MC, Pisces on MC are the scapegoats and receptacles of other people’s garbage. We can be seen as weak, passive, and people to take advantage of but we see people, and things deeply.

      Note: Scorpios, Pluto on MC or in MC, Scorpio MC are the janitors of the zodiac. We throw away the trash. I have Neptune in 10th, Scorpio MC. So while people dump on / attempt to scapegoat me – I’m very good at throwing that trash out. LOL They get quite the rude awakening when it’s realized I’m not so passive afterall. 😉

      1. OMG, you just described my husband. He has Neptune in the 10th and Scorpio MC also. People are trying to deceive him and scapegoat him right now. But he has Scorpio–he will sniff that shit out and call them on it!

  5. I have an Aqua MC w/ Pisces in the 10th and Neptune in the 6th. I agree w/ Elsa that my public image is clouded, often to the point of being invisible. The downside is that I’m stuck in a ‘service’ career when I’m capable of doing more ‘professional’ work. The upside is that I’ve managed to keep my job thru many, many company layoffs mainly, I think, because I am largely invisible to the higher ups. I’ve recently come to think of this invisibility as my super power *wink*.

  6. Wow, I am a native Mc Neptune @ 21, 44′ Sag. Also Pisces Asc. GEM sun Libra moon. I’m so isolated and lonely now and feel like I have no one to have meaningful conversations about what toils through me 24/7. I’ve been swimming deep in my Pisces waters lately and I came across this wonderful blog tonight while do my constent and ongoing research into the abyss. Ive been told my whole life that ” I can’t put my finger on you” and ive always wondered why that was until ive discovered my Natal chart and I’m able to expand my perception of myself rather then just view me through my emotions . If there is anyone that can relate or offer any advice I welcome tour comments or remarks. Thank you and have a gr8 day

  7. Hello All!

    I have Neptune conjunct my MC and Moon in Sagittarius. Libra Sun.

    I am SUPER sensitive… which is part of the reason I am Vegan. Since I was a kid, I could literally FEEL the pain of another Animal… which is probably why I’m such a great Healer (Reiki) because I can feel the pain of my clients… and know exactly where to go. So whenever I see cheese or milk or “steak” or whatever… I feel what that actually is… which is immense suffering.

    This alignment trines my Mars in Leo which is what makes me such a great Activist for Animals! VERY passionate about anything I put my heart into.

  8. No one truly knows the real me, and yes, having the mantra about going with the flow does help a lot. Neptune in Scorpio at 28* is right up there with my MC at 1* Sag. And there are times when I feel spacey and it annoys me, since I have a lot of Virgo. On my favorite side, I can trance to just about any music without needing any artificial stimulants. And I find it very easy to visualize things. My imagination is off the charts!

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